Native American Navajo 36" War Bonnet Headdress "american Heritage Traditional"

Native American Navajo 36

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Native American Navajo 36" War Bonnet Headdress "american Heritage Traditional":

Native American Navajo 36" War Bonnet Headdress "AMERICAN HERITAGE TRADITIONAL"with hanging Coyote tail

Both wall and table mounts for the headdresses are available. The wall mount is able to accommodate both types of headdresses (Bonnets and Double Trailers). Please checkWall mountitem #231084594164orTable mountitem #221307723209

Breast Plates and stands pictured are not included but may be ordered separately.

The traditional headdress comes with the addition of a Coyote tail on one or both sides of the bonnet. Almost ALL have to be made to order.

News flash:We were just informed thatan all White Wedding double trailer was in the Rose Bowl and that a Choctaw double trailer is in the Smithsonian Museum both made by our Navajo ladies who make these for you.

Native American Navajo War Bonnet Headdress 36 inch diameter"AMERICAN HERITAGE TRADITIONAL HEADDRESS"one size genuine Navajo totally hand made with signatures of the and white feathers with rabbit fur adorn this one of a kind headdress.Most are in stock for immediate shipment some may have to be made which will take one to two weeks before shipping. Suggested retail price $625.00.

This bonnet is completely hand made by at least two women of the Navajo People. They use approximately 44 high quality main feathers tipped with colorful fluffs and genuine horse hair. The feather quills are wrapped & hand sewn onto a felt skull cap and is completely covered in matching fluffs. In the back center of the bonnet rests a single decorated honor feather especially cut in the middle of the skull cap. A thick row of feather fluffs are aligned on top of the wraps. Strips of rabbit fur is used for drops on either side of the front. The head band & matching rosettes are beaded by hand usually by the Zuni tribe. Colors & designs of the beads may vary according to the headdress colors and name.

Today this may be thought of as a crude wrapping but it is also quite costly as a treasured artifact. War bonnets can still be purchased with hanging coyote tails making this Navajo design unique and definitely a collector’s item. Coyote fur also hangs below Chickasaw turtle rattles.

Though the Native American Indians thought of the coyote as cunning and clever, able to weave his way out of difficult situations, today collectors of coyote items, claim that the coyote is the protector of the home. Since coyotes lived underground in dens, their homes were protected and so it is believed, you will be also.

These are are 100% hand made on the Navajo reservation north at least 2 or 3 native Americans.

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Native American Navajo 36" War Bonnet Headdress "american Heritage Traditional":

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