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Baby/white Onesie--nativity: Playmobil Dollhouse/jesus Mini/sh/sl/bh--*3b For Sale

Baby/white Onesie--nativity:  Playmobil  Dollhouse/jesus Mini/sh/sl/bh--*3b

The baby measures 1.25" H.Listing is for the baby only. Any additional photos are provided to show the items' size compared to other Playmobil items; a different view; or some other visually helpful info. All items are sold separately to allow buyers to replace lost/broken/doggy chewed pieces by ordering just the items they need. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
WANT FREE SHIPPING?--Order (10) of our listings using the shopping cart and the order will ship for FREE!
If you choose not to place items into the shopping cart, you will likely need to wait for me to send a combined invoice and someone else can purchase the items you selected. Using the cart allows you to pay more quickly, thereby ensuring your purchase. When less than 10 items are ordered, additional items will ship at 35 cents each. Once payment has been made and buyer wishes to purchase more items, a new order needs to be started and the 10 item minimum will be required on the new order to receive FREE Shipping.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
items, or their parts, can be small enough to be a choking hazard &
are NOT INTENDED for KIDS YOUNGER than 4 YEARS OLD.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Finally, we'd like to Welcome You to our store of Dollhouse Miniatures. Whether you are an avid miniature dollhouse collector; a parent looking for pieces for your child to build a diorama (book report or science project scene; or in need of fun toys for some good old-fashioned pretend sit-down play, our selection is one of the best. All of our listings are miniatures and most range in size from 3/4" to a few inches. Buildings of course are much larger. If an M & M is alongside the listed item, please use it to give you an idea of how large the item being sold is.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
will automatically open an unpaid case against each item not paid for after 4 days, as a reminder to pay for items that you may have forgotten about. If buyer still does not pay within the grace period given at time of notice, a non-payment strike will be placed against buyer's account for each unpaid item. Since it is that opens up the cases, I the seller, cannot remove the strikes. I can no longer honor delayed payment requests. Please select items only when you can pay for them within 4 days. If buyer sends an e-mail telling me they will pay by a date past the 4 days allowed, they will still receive the notice of "unpaid item case" because our settings automatically generate them.PLEASE NOTE---Un-paid items that are not paid for shortly after notice is given by may automatically be reverted by the system to separate invoices and all items will then have to be paid for individually. At this point, full price shipping for each listing will be in effect. I cannot prevent this from happening but YOU CAN by paying in a timely fashion. I will no longer use my time to calculate what the discounted shipping would be and to refund multiple orders. If items are not paid for, a strike goes against the buyers account for each item. Additional Seller Information:1 * New items have been removed from manufacturer sealed bags, boxes, or packages. The original packaging is not included and is no longer available.2 * If a quantity of more than one is ordered of any item, the shades of each may vary due to lot run. When an item is listed as "gold" in color, it could be either yellow gold or brassy gold. Any use of the word silver, bronze, brass, pewter, gold, etc. refers only to color as 99.9% of Playmobil is made of plastic. For the same reason, the words wood(en), wicker, straw, ruby, saphire, etc. refer to item's appearance, though made of plastic.3 * Any paper doilies, trays, stands, M & M candy, etc. used to photograph items are NOT included with purchase of Playmobil item.4 * WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE the U.S. Any international orders will be cancelled. Additionally, WE DO NOT offer free local pick-up (for buyers that live in my area) any longer since it proved to be problematic. All orders under 14 oz. are shipped with First Class by U.S. Postal Service. Heavier packages usually ship with Priority Mail. We DO NOT offer Flat Rate Boxes as an option. Our shipping fees reflect the fact that shipping FIRST CLASS requires a purchase of 3 oz. or more so tiny little items that weigh next to nothing are still shipped at a 3 oz. rate. We use First Class because it provides tracking information required by us from .5 * If a buyer chooses not to use the shopping cart or wait for a combined invoice and pays for multiple items individually, any over-payment in shipping will be refunded only upon request. However, a $2 processing fee (per additional payment transaction) will be deducted from the refund total. Issuing a refund is a time consuming process that is easily avoided on the buyer's part by following seller's procedures. The same $2 fee will apply if a buyer decides to order more items once they've paid an invoice and asks to add to it if the order has not yet been shipped. Seller reserves the right to combine
separate orders into 1 package to help be earth friendly and extra items may then be included with customer's order unless customer requested a shipping credit. Because of this, a refund is not available once an order has been packaged.6 * Returned item original & ship-back fee NOT Refundable, unless inaccurately listed. If a damaged claim is made, seller may ask buyer to take/send a photo of the defective item prior to refund being
7 * Requests for total cost estimates of any kind will not get a response. Buyers can just as easily calculate the costs and shipping of desired items as I can. At present, I prefer to spend my time photgraphing and listing items in order to make as many items as possible available for sale.8 * Once you have selected an item and need to ask or inform me of something, please select "contact seller" under the item instead of using the message center. 9 * We only ship to current addresses registered with . We will not change an address, even when requested. Buyer needs to register their new address with before buying from us or buy elsewhere. The purchase is only covered by the guarantee when the registered address is used. 10 * The green shades of all mini plants may vary. Measurements of items are often rounded to the nearest 1/4".

11 * Requests for a quantity discount on the price of items and/or shipping will not be responded to. Also, buyers must make their own selections to generate an invoice instead of just e-mailing me their a wish list. Additionally, I am unable to check for availability of any item and requests for me to do so will not be responded to. I have literally been bombarded with such requests which takes away from my time to actually list items, making them available for buyers.

10 * Please do not order from me if you find my shipping fee rates to be unreasonable. Our fees not only cover the actual shipping cost but also 's 15% commission on the buyer's shipping fee, and the cost of supplies (pouch, label, ink, paper, tape, baggies, etc.). This leaves a small amount for a handling fee to cover the time and gas to package and deliver the order to the post office.

13* Any "jibberish" that may be at the end of the listing title is for seller's use in order to help locate any given item.

14* Buyer will need to inspect all packing material to be sure items are not mistakenly thrown out as some items are quite small and/or light in weight. Seller photographs each pulled order to help ensure all items purchased are actually shipped. If buyer seems to missing an item, seller can visually verify whether or not the item(s) was placed in baggie and this can help determine what the problem might be.

15* If an order or item needs to be cancelled for whatever reason, buyer will need to be the one to initiate the process by going to the selected item and clicking on "cancel transaction". Please do not e-mail me asking me to cancel the order prior to your doing as stated. When seller initiates the process, a glitch in the system can create huge problems that I know you would want to avoid. Also, if an order has already been paid, a $2 per item stocking fee will be deducted from the refund total as it is a timely process to re-enter the items. Shop with certainty to avoid this fee.

16* Please DO NOT open a case or file a complaint against us if the allotted time to receive your item has not elapsed. This date is included in the tracking info provided by the postal service. We cannot obtain any more information than what is provided to you in the tracking info. We have been inundated with requests to find out where packages are in transit and we are not given any further details than what is posted in tracking info.

17* By purchasing from this seller, buyer agrees to all terms stated above, even if they choose not to read them before purchase.

We apologize for the length of this but each statement made is a result of an issue in the past that we wish to avoid for you...One final but important note---In the event a purchased item cannot be located and the order includes many other items, seller reserves the right to tuck a small cash refund in the package with a note explaining the error. Such refunds are always accompanied by a little something extra as a token of our apology. We are not infallible and do make an occasional error. Usually the error is in an inaccurate quantity that we begin a listing with. When time allows, we will also send an e-mail explaining the situation but keep in mind, we are not always able to do so.

Baby/white Onesie--nativity:  Playmobil  Dollhouse/jesus Mini/sh/sl/bh--*3b

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Baby/white Onesie--nativity: Playmobil Dollhouse/jesus Mini/sh/sl/bh--*3b:

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