Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats - 100% Chicken, Made In Usa, No Chemicals

Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats - 100% Chicken, Made In Usa, No Chemicals

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Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats - 100% Chicken, Made In Usa, No Chemicals:

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100 % Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats That Your Dogs Will Absolutely Love!
*Our Original Price* 8oz Bag: $10.50 | 1lb Bag: $20.99 *Our Original Price*
Our homemade chicken jerky is made from ACTUAL CHICKEN. Not "chicken parts" or "mystery meat with chicken flavoring"
or "chicken by-products", like so many of the other brands out there. There are no chemicals, no preservatives, and no fillers.
Every single piece of jerky we make comes from a REAL piece of chicken breast. 100% Natural. 100% Healthy. 100% Safe. How is the Jerky Made?

The chicken is first washed, cleaned, and dried thoroughly. After that, the fat is completely removed; not a trace of it remains.
We then take the chicken breast and thinly slice it into fillets and place them inside our dehydrator for 5 to 6 hours.
Once removed from the dehydrator, the jerky is allowed to cool and then it'stested for quality by our very eager testing team; Molly & Pippy.
If the jerky meets their approval, it is then ready to be packaged.
How Is The Jerky Packaged, And How Long Will It Last?

Our chicken jerky is vacuum sealed to lock in freshness & flavor. It will easily last months inside it's vacuum sealed pouch.
When opened, the chicken jerky will last about 1 week on the counter, much longer if refrigerated. We highly recommend refrigerating it.If not refrigerated, the chicken jerky will develop a very pungent order after a few days. It's still perfectly fine for the dogs, but the smell is
far from pleasant for us humans.

Our vacuum sealed bags are NOT resealable, but we do include a double ziplock bag with your order.
Just remove the jerky from the vacuum bag, break it apart (takes about 30 seconds), and then put it in the provided bag and shake.
Our dogs know the sound of that bag being shaked, and once they hear it, they immediately come running. Yours will too... guaranteed!
Is The Jerky Hard & Brittle OR Is It Soft & Chewy?

This is where we differ greatly from the competition, as we take the soft and chewy route. A lot of chicken jerky products are dehydrated to the extreme,
often resulting in very hard, very brittle jerky. Our product is the exact opposite! Rather than let the chicken dehydrate until it becomes as hard as stone,
we've managed to refine the timing to get something far more enjoyable for our most precious canines. It's still jerky, just a softer, more flexible version.

We let our dogs decide which style of jerky is superior and they've ALWAYS picked the softer, chewy jerky first.
They'll eat the hard jerky if offered, but it's obvious they like the softer version better and they gobble it up without hesitation.
How Many Pieces of Chicken Jerky Per 1 lb Bag?

It varies from bag to bag, but roughly 50 to 60 pieces per pound. Take a close look at the pictures at the top of the page to get an idea of what you're getting.
The size of that green oval plate is 16" by 12". As you can clearly see, there are A LOT of pieces in every bag.
Is It Safe For My Dogs?

Absolutely! Since there are no chemicals or preservatives added to our chicken, there aren't any "possible side effects"
like there are with other brands. The only ingredient we use is chicken -- that's it! It is completely natural and 100% safe!
If the ingredient's label on chicken jerky says something else besides chicken, you should think twice before buying!

The chicken that we use to make our jerky with is the very same chicken that our family eats all week long for dinner!
We've been eating this chicken for the past 6 years and we aren't stopping any time soon!
Satisfaction Guaranteed?

This is another area where we separate ourselves from the competition. While many chicken jerky products
do not have guarantees of any kind, we do! That's right; we are so confident that your dogs
will love our chicken jerky dog treats that we are offering a 14-day money back guarantee.

Just return the product and you'll get a full refund (minus shipping & handing of course).
Please don't take us for fools though. If the returned chicken jerky is well below the purchase weight,
then no refund will be given.
Shipping & Handling

We ship via USPS priority mail. The price of shipping is $4.99 and that is a flat rate for shipping anywhere in the continental US.
Orders are usually shipped the same day as they are placed, if not a day later, and they will arrive within 2 to 3 business days. We can ship up to 3lbs per order. Any more than 3lbs requires an additional shipping charge of $4.99.
We don't take any profit on shipping. We charge only what it costs to ship the item. Beware of Overseas Chicken Jerky Dog Treats!
Stay Safe With American-Made Products!

Our chicken jerky is made & packaged here in the USA; Cookeville, Tennessee to be exact.
And unlike other brands, the chicken we use is sourced entirely from the United States -- Amick Farms, Located in South Carolina.

Beware of any chicken jerky products that claim to be made in the USA yet do not reveal where the chicken actually comes from.
Just becausethe jerky is "Made in America", that doesn't mean they didn't use ingredients from China or some other country.With the recent reports of large amounts of dogs getting sick and being "poisoned" by imported dog treats,
it's more important than ever to buy all natural, American-Made dog treats -- which is exactly what we offer!If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, our inbox is always open!
Send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
-The Just Jerky Treats Crew
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Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats - 100% Chicken, Made In Usa, No Chemicals:

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