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Nautical Sperm Whale Sky Hook Tin Balance Folk Art Toy Authentic Models New For Sale

Nautical Sperm Whale Sky Hook Tin Balance Folk Art Toy Authentic Models New

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Sperm Whale Sky Hook Tin Toy

Nautical Sperm Whale Sky Hook Tin Toy

This nautical Sperm Whale balance toy is 19.25" tall x 15.75" long and is brand new. The manufacturer is Authentic Models (please see below).

The Sperm Whale balance toy is hand painted and has an anitqued rich aged patina finish. This tetter totter toy is handmade of recycled hand cut heavy sheet iron metal. The counterweight is made of two halves which are molded on bronze cast molds then welded together.

Send the whale crashing through the waves by lifting and releasing the counter weight, he will then be spouting and swiming back & forth across the sea. This sky hook toy is gift boxed.

This nautical design is copyrighted and completely unique by Authentic Models. It is an authentic functioning skyhook replica of an 18th & early 19th century classic nautical accessory. Comes complete with a desktop stand and is gift boxed.

  • Size: 15.75" length x 4" width x 19.25'' height
  • Material: Hand cut heavy tin metal
  • Finish: Antiqued distressed finsh
  • Construction: Handmade & hand painted
  • Desktop stand is included
  • Gift boxed

The sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus, is a marine mammal species, order Cetacea, a toothed whale (odontocete) having the largest brain of any animal.A bull can grow up to 20.5 metres (67 ft) long. It is the largest living toothed animal. The head can take up to one-third of the animal's length. It has a cosmopolitan distribution across the oceans. The species feeds on squid and fish, diving as deep as 3 kilometres (9,800 ft), which makes it the deepest diving mammal. Its diet includes giant squid and colossal squid. The sperm whale's clicking vocalization is the loudest sound produced by any animal, but its functions are uncertain. These whales live in groups called pods. Pods of females and their young live separately from older males. The females cooperate to protect and nurse their young. Females give birth every three to six years, and care for the calves for more than a decade.Sperm whales are not the easiest of whales to watch, due to their long dive times and ability to travel long distances underwater. However, due to the distinctive look and large size of the whale, watching is increasingly popular. Sperm whale watchers often use hydrophones to listen to the clicks of the whales and locate them before they surface. Popular locations for sperm whale watching include the picturesque Kaikoura on New Zealand's South Island, where the continental shelf is so narrow that whales can be observed from the shore, Andenes and Tromsø in Arctic Norway and at the Azores where it can be seen throughout the year. Dominica is believed to be the only Caribbean island with a year-round residential pod of females and calves. The article "Sperm whale" is part of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Models Inc was created more than 40 years ago in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Authentic Model's expertise and interests go back many centuries. AM's collection of nautical ship models, furniture, artifacts and accessories is inspired by the age of exploration, maritime history, cartography and more…Learn more about Authentic Models Inc

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Nautical Sperm Whale Sky Hook Tin Balance Folk Art Toy Authentic Models New

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