Nepal Tibetan Tara Buddha Buddhist Goddess Bronze Nepalese Pala Bengal Style Yqz

Nepal Tibetan Tara Buddha Buddhist Goddess Bronze Nepalese Pala Bengal Style Yqz

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Nepal Tibetan Tara Buddha Buddhist Goddess Bronze Nepalese Pala Bengal Style Yqz:

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Late 1800's Boddhisattva Avalokitesvara Female Aspect

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Description composed by world renowned Asian expert & appraiser, Mr. Anthony Lee. His bio is below.

Nepal, late 1800's to early 1900's. Tara Buddha Buddhist Goddess Bronze Nepalese Pala Bengal Style. A very antique styled image of the Boddhisattva Avalokitesvara in the female aspect of Tara with two arms, and seated in the position of royal ease (rajalilasana) with right leg extended and resting on a lotus. The left foot tucked in front of the body and the whole slightly leaning to the right with right hand extended in the gesture of wish granting (varadamudra) and the left raised in the gesture of teaching (vitarka mudra). Her body with chains over her breasts, with armlets, anklets, bracelets and large lotus form earrings, a five pointed diadem over her head holding back the high chignon and a large collar with lotus. Two large lotus bloom at each of her shoulders. The base of double lotus form and raised on a Hindu form temple plinth forming a yoni - female architectural aspect usually associated with the consort of Shiva, Parvati. The matching of Hindu and Buddhist symbolism is possible a Nepalese Newar idiosyncrasy as the population is largely Hindu. The very low positioning of eyes in the face is commonly seen in late Malla and post Malla bronze in Nepal, an interpretation of the proportions of Eastern Tibetan Buddhist sculpture. It measures aprpox. 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

From Wikipedia -

Whether the Tārā figure originated as a Buddhist or Hindu goddess is unclear and remains a source of dispute among scholars. Mallar Ghosh believes her to have originated as a form of the goddess Durga in the Hindu Puranas. Today, she is worshipped both in Buddhism and in Shaktism as one of the ten Mahavidyas. It may be true that goddesses entered Buddhism from Shaktism (i.e. the worship of local or folk goddesses prior to the more institutionalized Hinduism which had developed by the early medieval period (i.e. Middle Kingdoms of India) as Buddhism was originally a religion devoid of goddesses, and in fact deities, altogether.[dubious – discuss] Possibly the oldest text to mention a Buddhist goddess is the Prajnaparamita Sutra (translated into Chinese from the original Sanskrit ca. 2nd century CE), around the time that Mahayana was becoming the dominant school of thought in Indian and Chinese Buddhism.[dubious – discuss] Thus, it would seem that the feminine principle makes its first appearance in Buddhism as the goddess who personified the "Perfection of Wisdom" (Prajnaparamita). Tārā came to be seen as an expression of the compassion of perfected wisdom only later, with her earliest textual reference being the Mañjuśrī-mūla-kalpa (ca. 5th–8th centuries CE). The earliest, solidly identifiable image of Tārā is most likely that which is still found today at cave 6 within the rock-cut Buddhist monastic complex of the Ellora Caves in Maharashtra (ca. 7th century CE), with her worship being well established by the onset of the Pala Empire in Northeast India (8th c. CE).

Tārā became a very popular Vajrayana deity with the rise of Tantric Buddhism in 8th-century Pala India and, with the movement of Indian Buddhism into Tibet via Padmasambhava, the worship and practices of Tārā became incorporated into Tibetan Buddhism as well. She eventually came to be considered the "Mother of all Buddhas," which usually refers to the enlightened wisdom of the Buddhas, while simultaneously echoing the ancient concept of the Mother Goddess in India. Independent of whether she is classified as a deity, a Buddha, or a bodhisattva, Tārā remains very popular in Tibet (and Tibetan communities in exile in Northern India), Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, and is worshiped in a majority of Buddhist communities throughout the world (see also Guan Yin, the female aspect of Avalokitesvara in Chinese Buddhism).

For those not familiar with Anthony Lee here is his bio: Anthony M. Lee is an institutional, market and collection consultant specializing in the arts of China, Japan, Korea, Himalayan Kingdoms, South and Southeast Asia. Starting as a salesperson at age 14 in Chinese antiques in a family business, he went on to university studies in Asian arts, as well as receiving his licenses in tea ceremony, with further studies of ceramics and religious art over eight years in Japan. For several years he was an associate dealer with Sotheby's online site and consultant with various sale houses and museums. Anthony has acted as consultant to over 20 museums, government agencies and trusts including the largest museums in Canada and the US, as well as major collectors, dealers, insurance and transportation companies worldwide.

He is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts in the world in Asian Art & Artifacts.

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Nepal Tibetan Tara Buddha Buddhist Goddess Bronze Nepalese Pala Bengal Style Yqz:

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