New Book- Vintage Bows

New Book- Vintage Bows

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New Book- Vintage Bows :

yorktown5 Store 3/05/13 (March 5th is Fred Bear's birthday BTW)Sorry folks, had to bump up the mail cost to cover recent rate hikes. I've also cancelled my long running "Old Bow Rehabilitation Service" listing. I still offer an old bow fix-up service however. Inquire.

Well, I’ve done it! So much interest in finding, collecting, fixing up and shooting old bows; that I thought an introductory book on classic, vintage bows would be of interest. It took me 100 pages and a fair number of photos for an overview that should interest new archers and old hands too. I take the reader through the evolution of the bow quickly, and then focus most attention on bows built post WW2 until the mid 1970’s, considered the “golden age” of the production bow and the time period when the best selection of “classic shooters” were built. I also make some mention of current “old bow” technology and contemporary custom models. I help the reader understand bow designs and what to expect from each and offer hints, suggestions and a few cautions.

There are ten chapters:

  1. The History of the Bow
  2. Definitions of Archery Terms
  3. Bow Styles
  4. The Classic Makers
  5. Lets Choose a Bow
  6. The Arrow
  7. Thoughts On Collecting
  8. Refinish Tips
  9. Tuning, Shooting
  10. Summing Up

I also wanted to make the book affordable, and chose to self-publish and announce availability here on to test the waters. BOTH print and download versions can be found at by searching for my name or book title.

OR, simply click “but-it-now” and on payment (Paypal), I’ll enter the order on your behalf, drop shipped/mailed directly to you from the printer.

response on how you like the book or suggestions for improvement are much appreciated.


Rick Rappe’


I wish to thank the initial purchasers of my book for all the great response about how much they liked it. I learned a great deal about publication, marketing and hidden costs with my listing and the sale of the first 100 copies:

  1. I didn’t charge enough to sufficiently cover fees. No slam intended (well, maybe a little), just an eye opener as to how the system really works.
  2. Because the books are mailed directly from the printer’s ( Tennessee location, and Tennessee has sales tax agreements with some States and not others, I had to eat that cost.
  3. Every sale generates an average of EIGHT e-mails and duplicates. Order entries, Paypal, and printer shipping notices fill my inbox quickly and it is easy to have a hiccup with so much to track for each transaction.
  4. Inquiries for mail cost outside the USA added pricing complexity too, since the postage is based on Lulu's location and I have to guess.

I made typo and some edit corrections to the books now being delivered. Not enough to call it a revised edition, only to clean up spellings and clarify some points. But I’m also receiving many good suggestions for added material. Enough that I am beginning to think a “Vintage Bows-2” is in the future. So it made sense that since I was changing the book’s price to recover points 1-4 above, to re-title the book as “Vintage Bows-I” just in case. (3/26/11 update. Ok, I found six new typos, drat. They'll just have to remain for now.)

Thanks, especially the wonderful response and the latest compliments that the edit made the book better.



New Book- Vintage Bows :

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