New Color Led Programmable Scrolling Message Display Sign 26"x4"

New Color Led Programmable Scrolling Message Display Sign 26

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New Color Led Programmable Scrolling Message Display Sign 26"x4" :



Both Wireless Remote & Software Included in the Package!!!

26"x4" One Line IndoorTri-Color LED Programmable Message Sign Boardwith Computer Function & Wireless Full Function Remote Control

Standard Size & Easy to Adapt to Any Location


- High Bright Dot Matrix Type LED Tri-Color (16 Combination Colors)- Resolution: 7x80 Dots- Power Consumption: 5-10W- Display Dimension: 2.1" Height x 24" Length- Total Dimension: 4" Height x 26" Length- Memory Storage: 7000 Characters with 100 Messages- Cyclic, Scroll, Explode, Pacman, Fall, Shoot, Flash, Random, Open from Right, Open from Left,etc., Up to 24 Modes

- 7 Fonts to Choose the Text Size

- 8 Scrolling Speeds

- Program with The Software/The Remote Control (Both Included)- Built-in Clock Display: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, and Minutely- Schedule Message Program Available

- TCP/IP PROTOCOL Available- Password Protection*Package Includes The Display, Power Supply, Remote Control, Software, Computer Cable (26' RS232), Brackets


Our LED Signs are Ideal for Retail Stores, Schools, Theaters, Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Warehouses, Church, Vehicles, Gas Stations, Exhibitions, Real Estate Open House, Parties, Conference & Presentation, etc..... Where You Want to Present Your Messages, Promote Your Specials, Advertise Your Needs, etc…


Our LED Products are Your Best Marketing Tool!!! You can Use Our LED Products to Attract the Attention of People and Promote Your Messages. It is the most COST-EFFECTIVE Method!!!

Our Indoor Programmable Display Signs are Using High Quality LEDs & Dot-MatrixbutNOT RecommendedUnder Direct Sunlight. If You Need to Use Our LED Programmable Signs under Direct Sunlight, please Choose from Our Semi-Outdoor Series in our selections, it is Visible under Direct Sunlight!!

Ask our technical support staff for more detail information about our products.

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    Low Wattage & Voltage = Save $$$$$ on Your Electric Bill andPrevent from Energy Crisis Extremely Low Heat = You Can Touch It and Feel No Heat. Also, Prevent from Global Warming Maintenance Free = Long Product Lifetime & Easy to Clean Light Weight & Slim Body = Easy to Move to Other Places Unbreakable compared to NEON = LED Lighting Device is Strong Simple Installation = Light Weight & Just Turn It ON Outstanding = Flashing, Running, Chasing, etc. on the Board, Get Your Customers' Attention


LED*SUPPLIER has revolutionized the LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and electronic industry by offering high quality new & excess electronic and LED, such as: LED components, LED Programmable Display Signs, LED Power Supplies, Power Adapters, and more items, available at lowest prices.

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New Color Led Programmable Scrolling Message Display Sign 26"x4" :

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