New Gold Angel Phantom Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point Amphibole Quartz Dow

New Gold Angel Phantom Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point Amphibole Quartz Dow

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New Gold Angel Phantom Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point Amphibole Quartz Dow:

New Extremely Rare Gold Angel Phantom Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point!

Creates Instant Meditation/Theta Wave State!

Enhances All of Your Psychic Abilities!

Supreme Protection!

Exclusive Find! Very Limited Amount! Very Powerful!

Very Rare Dow / Temple Heart Crystal!

Flawless Phantom!Keys!

---▬☼Incredible Energy!!☼▬---

You will love the incredibly powerful energy of thisgorgeous New Gold Angel Phantom Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point from Brazil aka Amphibole Quartz! She measures 1"longx 3/8" wide x well over 1/4" thick. In millimeters she measures 25.4mm long x 9.5mm wide x 7.9mm thick. She weighs 13.75carats. Please be aware that one of the three sided faces has been eroded away, however, it is very easy to see that this is a Dow and the Dow energy is very strong. This is an incredibly rare & gorgeousAngel Phantom Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point from a new exclusive very limited find in Brazil!I can honestly say that these are the most powerful crystals I have ever felt in my life! Angel Phantom Quartz is incredibly rare on it's own, and these Lemurian Gold Angel Phantoms are a once in a lifetime find!These came from a very small pocket in amine that hasnow been exhausted. There is no longer a supply available. There was only a small amountdiscovered and I was fortunate enoughto meet the miner of these crystalswho did not even have these available for sale. After speaking with him for a couple of hours he showed me his breathtaking private collection of Lemurian Angel Phantoms! When I felt the immediate rush of energy from these crystals from just being in their presence, I knew I had to have them! I was able to convince him to sell them to me and I bought all that he had!These are beyond rare and the highly refined energy and exotic beauty of these crystals leaves me feeling that words simply cannot do them justice. These are very high energy high vibration crystals!They are a pure joyto be aroundand the crisp high frequencyenergy is exciting and verypowerful!They are a pure joyto be aroundand the energy is exciting and verypowerful! I only have a very small amount of these and once they're gonewemay never see themagain!This crystal has been cleansed & charged in the recent full-moon, which is known to dramatically increase a crystal's power! The energy of thiscrystal is veryintense,and itfills the room with it's uplifting high-frequency energy!


This is a very recent discovery and not a lot is known about these specific crystals and their properties, so I will be working with them every day for a few months to find out for myself and I will be adding to my listings as I learn. I can tell you from just 1 day of being in their presence that they bring the joy back to your life in such a way that you feel excited as if you were just out of high school and have the whole world at your fingertips once again! They are filled with such high amounts of Earth energy that you feel the oneness of everything and the joy of just being! So much so that everything feels exciting again! Even the mundane things of life have now been infused with a child-like joy that many of us may not remember feeling for a long long time!

*Update* - The property above is shared with all red crystals, but I have never felt it like this before. This is that property magnified 100 times over! This property is shared by both my Red Aura Amethyst Points and my Red/Gold/Pink Angel Phantom Quartz & Lemurian Points. I just discovered that combining the two of them magnifies this property even more! I have literally been on cloud 9 ever since getting these crystals! Even though there have been some challenges in the past few days, everything negative seems to be bouncing right off of this cocoon of happiness that these crystals have created! I can't even describe this feeling of joy and optimism that has just saturated my entire being! It is not an ungrounded spacy feeling either. It is a very grounded happiness and optimism that subdues just enough when my mind is fixated on a task enough to concentrate on my goal and then it comes back a bit stronger. It seems to be a general raise in energy and optimism to a very comfortable and almost intoxicating (in a good way) degree. Stay tuned for more updates. I will be distinguishing characteristics of my red aura amethyst points and red/gold angel phantom quartz points in the next few days. Thanks for reading.

*Update* - I have discovered that these crystals have the unique ability to instantly put you into a meditative state! This does not happen when you do not intend it to though. These crystals are extremely responsive to our thoughts. More than any crystal I have ever worked with. When I hold this crystal and I intend to meditate with her I quickly feel myself relax and each time that I have tried this I entered a deep meditative state. More updates to come!


Amphibole Quartz, is among the most dramatic-looking of the many types of Quartz crystals with inclusions of other minerals. The Amphibole group includes such metaphysically significant minerals as Tremolite, Actinolite, Hornblade and Riebeckite. The colored inclusions in Angel Phantom Quartz can consist of one or more of these. Angel Phantom Quartz crystals were discovered in a remote area of Brazil and are quite rare. The different colors exhibit unique properties of their own, however, they all share base properties described below. The colored phantoms are considered to be extremely rare and very few of them were ever found.
Angel Phantoms got their name not only because of the angel-wing-white formations inside them, they also emanate the soft, sweet, powerful energies of the angelic realm. These crystals resonate with the higher mind centers, including the third-eye and crown chakra. Touching the forehead with the tip of one of these crystals sends a stream of fine vibrations into the third eye and up through the crown, linking and activating both of these important energy centers. The awakening of the 'thousand-petaled lotus', the fully activated crown chakra, happens quite often with these stones.Of course, it is not only the stones at work here. The affinity of Angel Phantom Quartz with angelic entities means that these beings are attracted to work with the crystals and those who carry them. One can use these stones to connect and interact with one's 'guardian angels' as well as other beings of that domain. If one combines Seraphinite with Angel Phantom Quartz, there is the opportunity of commune with higher orders of angels as well.Another important quality of Angel Phantom Quartz is that it brings out in us the manifestation of our higher selves. When we allow ourselves to be influenced by the energies of these special crystals, we find we are acting from the heart more frequently. The higher perspective which is engendered by the energies of these stones leads us to act from a place of love for the benefit of all.Just as Angel Phantom Quartz can move us into a more enlightened perspective, it similarly influences everyone who comes near it. Thus it is an ideal stone for one's home or workspace. Keeping an Angel Phantom on one's desk or work table can subtly shift the energies and attitude of those who enter one's space, dissolving negativity and making positive interactions more likely. These crystals can fill an entire house with positive, joyful vibrations.Putting an Angel Phantom under your pillow engenders sweet dreams. Carrying it in your pocket can bring a sense of joy, kindness and well-being throughout the day. Meditating with one can open the inner doors to expand awareness. Using an Angel Phantom in a crystal body layout will cleanse and purify the physical and etheric bodies. Using one in each hand, one can sweep the entire energy field of oneself or another, purifying and bringing it into a higher vibration.Angel Phantom Quartz works especially well with Phenacite, Seraphinite, Azeztulite & Natrolite for connecting with the Angelic domain. It Harmonizes with Aqua Lemuria for remembrance of ancient knowledge, with Herderite for out of body travel and with Tibetan Black Quartz, Aqua Aura Crystals or Ajoite for spiritual protection.All Phantom Quartz has the ability to awaken one to one's Divinity. Angel Phantom Quartz is no exception. This ally has a unique energy that is not found in more common phantom Quartz formations. The mineral inclusion in Amphibole Quartz, or Angel Phantom Quartz, creates an overall energy that is highly stimulating to the
third eye and crown. This mineral ally is a strong Storm element awakener of the inner eye.Angel Phantom Quartz helps open the doors to the unconscious and subconscious mind. It is a powerful ally to employ in dream work, as it assists one in consciously navigating the dream world in order to receive guidance from the higher realms. It is an excellent mineral to use in lucid dreaming, as it assists in maintaining consciousness as one enters and navigates the dreamscape. It also assists you in remembering your dreams for later analysis.Amphibole Quartz can help one attain and maintain a meditative state. Its soothing and calming influence allows one to leave the worries of the day behind as one enters into divine communion with Divine Source. Its calming influence can also be employed to assist one in getting to sleep, particularly when stress, fears or worries are at the root of one's insomnia.Angel Phantom Quartz can help one in transcending one's mundane self-image and assists one in connecting with the Higher Self. It has a reassuring and comforting presence and it can help one regain connection to one's spiritual core when difficult circumstances or experiences cause one to feel separation or disempowerment.

This Is Lemurian Seed Quartz! A Very Rare &Ancient Crystal With Powerful Properties!

Legend has it thatLemurian Seed Quartz Crystalshave been imbued withthesecretsof the universe & allow those who work with them access to these secrets of healing, long life, developing psychic & paranormal abilities, with animals & plants, and the keys to travelling between worldsto meet and enlist the aid of enlightened beings! Theywere hidden thousands of years agoin specially chosen places throughout the world by the people of Lemuria to be rediscovered whenman would be readyto understand & use this knowledge once again! This legend is indeed true, as anyone who spends enough time with these crystals, including myself,will undoubtedlyattest to this. Theyare coded andprogrammed with the Lemurian consciousness vibrations. When you work with them in meditation, self-healing practices, or other modalities, these crystals can infuse you with the pure emotional, intellectual, intuitive, & spiritual awareness of the Lemurians! To access the information, in a meditative state gently rub the time lines, all the while remaining open and paying close attention to your thoughts, flashes of insight, pictures, feelings and sounds that come forth. With these powerful crystals, there can be wonderful experiences of heart opening and the healing of the physical & emotional bodies. You may feel the elation of the 'return to paradise,'the reconnection with the soul, and the sense of becoming more whole. There may be a feeling of increased sensuality, a delicious appreciation of physical & emotional life, as well as the incredible realization that you now possess knowledge and secrets known only to the Lemurians thousands of years ago! You may discover that your 'true self' has emerged at last, and that the Divine Presence is an almost tangible substance, especially when you are out in the world of nature. This is the gift of the Lemurian Seeds, the 'return to the Garden of Eden.'

Lemuria is the name of a fabled ancient civilization believed to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean many thousands of years ago. The volcanoes of Hawaii and the other Polynesian islands are thought by many to be tops of the ancient Lemurian mountains. Lemuria is remembered as a civilization with a different kind of consciousness, one much more centered upon the emotional and spiritual dimensions than is our mentally based modern world.Many say that Lemuria was the basis for the stories of theGarden of Eden▬ a paradise orstate of being in which we felt in touch with the Divine and at one with our fellow beings, from the blades of grass to the animals to our human family. A catastrophe, occurring on both the inner and outer levels, befell the Lemurian people and their level of consciousness, and humanity 'fell from grace.' TheAtlantean worldisone in which an attempt was madeto ascend once more to the level of the Divine, this timeusing the powers of the mind & invention. WhatAtlantean awareness lacked was the heart connection with Spirit and the deep emotionalcentering it invoked. Althoughpsychic and paranormal abilities in Atlantis were strong, without the inner knowingof the heart's truth, the Atlanteans were said to have brought about their own doom.

Our time and culture offer us a unique choice. Although we, like the Atlanteans, tend to rely tooheavily upon the mind & technology, there are many who have learned to connect with and trust the intuitive, emotional knowings of oursouls & Spirit. To reach the next rung on evolution's ladder and to save ourselves from yet another catastrophic 'fall,' we must learn to fully experience and integrate both the emotional/intuitive and the rational/mental aspects of ourselves and reach with all our intensity for theconnection with Spirit!

Lemurian Seed Crystals embody the soft, loving energies of the Angelic & Cosmic realms. The ladder-like striations present on all Lemurian Seed Crystals act as a 'stairway to heaven,' carrying you up increasingly higher frequencies to bridge the Earth plane and the higher astral and spiritual realms. These stones are powerful balancers of duality and assist you in finding the point of harmony within, which goes beyond polarity and joins us with the Divine energy of the creator. They allow you to access expanded states of Consciousness easily and comfortably, and enable you to receive guidance from your Higher Self, your Soul-level energy, and your highest guides.
They are also energy grid links from the Earth to the Stars and other dimensions, and are excellent for chakra clearing & balancing as well as dream work. They are wonderful for healing, and they will amplify the energy of other stones they are paired with. It's one of the best stones to use when you wish to access the protection and and council of the Seraphim and the highest Angelic entities. It opens the crown & soul star chakras, assisting you in opening to the energy of the soul!

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New Gold Angel Phantom Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point Amphibole Quartz Dow:

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