New In Box Authentic Pandora Chicken Little Charm 790302 925 Sterling Silver

New In Box Authentic Pandora Chicken Little Charm 790302 925 Sterling Silver

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New In Box Authentic Pandora Chicken Little Charm 790302 925 Sterling Silver:

NEW IN BOX! Authentic Pandora CHICKEN LITTLE Charm Bead 790302 Sterling Silver

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  • Our apologies, but we are not going to respond to questions that are already answered in our ad. We ship anywhere from 400 - 500 orders daily and we pride ourselves in super fast shipping. It is not fair to those who have paid and are awaiting their order for us to stop to answer questions that have already been clearly answered right here. We spent the time to answer everything you could possibly want to know. Please take three minutes to read it. Everything you need to know is in this paragraph as well as the following paragraph with Frequently Asked Questions & their answers, and we have even highlighted the key words of each topic in PINK so you can skim through it quickly. Read the pink words and if it doesn't seem like something you are looking for then skip onto the next sentence. It doesn't get any easier than that! Thank you!

  • Ask questions BEFORE please, not AFTER! By this we mean please ask before the sale ends. Please do not place your offer with unanswered questions that may cause you to want to cancel your order. In most cases, we have more of what you are offerding on and you can offer again tomorrow after you have your answers. It costs us money to list items. We list them with the intention of selling them to someone who is sure they want the item.

  • Shipping charges are $2.67 for one item or ten! Shipping is combined as long as you check out with every item together and make a single, combined payment.

  • Only one Pandora charm box will be shipped per order. If you win more than one sale, and you need a Pandora charm box for each separate sale you won, you will need to pay separately for each sale, rendering separate shipping fees for each item. The Pandora box is given to you FREE of charge, but the shipping for each additional box is not free. Therefore, you will need to pay separately for each sale you win if you would like a free box for each one. We have to pay for the boxes, and while we do not mind giving them to you for free with your order, we cannot also afford to pay the shipping on the extra boxes given away. If you do not understand this, kindly inbox us BEFORE you offer. The reason we are being ever-so-careful to word this as "line item" and "sale item" is because our listings for a "pair of stopper clips", "set of two spacer beads", "Clear CZ Trio", and other sales offering a set or a pair of anything count as ONE ITEM because it is one sale. You get one box per sale listing if they are all paid for separately.

  • We ship ONLY to the 50 United States of America and Puerto Rico. Period. Not negotiable. We do ship to some countries from our website, but not through . Tried it several times in several ways but we always get screwed, so it is doubtful we will ever sell internationally on again unless they find a better way to protect sellers.
  • Please note that most of our Pandora products come to us in a Pandora zip poly bag with Pandora stock sticker, but we do not always have them available to send with your order because most of them come to us with three or four charms to one baggie. We try to remember to at least post a photo of the Pandora stock sticker with our charms though since not all of them will come to you that way and you may want to see the photo at least. We can't possibly send the baggies to everyone when we are shorted on them ourselves from Pandora. If your specific listing states in the description of the item in the ad that it definitely will come to you with the Pandora baggie, then it will. That comment trumps this one! This paragraph is on every listing on a template and the template does not change. We only change the "description" paragraph describing the unique item up for sale.

  • When we advertise a product as "AUTHENTIC", it is, indeed, AUTHENTIC! We encourage you to take our products to any authorized store and have the MANAGER authenticate it. Please do insist on speaking to a manager or at very least a very seasoned employee. Again, PLEASE DO TAKE OUR PRODUCTS TO A PANDORA STORE if there is any doubt in your mind whatsoever about the authenticity! We wouldn't have it any other way! In fact, if you will do this and then post response for us telling the community how your Pandora store authenticated the product, we will give you a nice coupon code to use on our website! But please only do so if you have indeed had the charm authenticated. We are not asking anyone to fudge.

  • Everyone makes mistakes. Things happen. Duplicate gifts are given. Bottom line, just communicate with us if there is anything you need. We are not hard to work with. If you purchase an item and later find out that someone else bought the same item for you, please contact us before you pay, if possible. We can cancel the sale and all it costs us is the 25 cent listing fee. Once you pay, however, it costs us fees with PayPal as well as Final Value Fees with , so rather than canceling the sale, we would ask that you find a comparable item in our store to trade with so that we do not have to charge a restocking fee. Nothing is etched in stone though and many issues can be worked out in a way that will make everyone happy. Please just contact us either by phone or email and give us a chance to make some arrangements with you that will work out for the best for everyone.

  • We will combine shipping for you on anything in our store along with any products from our website, but you need to contact us before you pay for anything on either site so we can give you instructions. We will charge you $2.67 one time and you will be able to get all your winnings as well as any items on our website that you wish to purchase delivered to you in one package. On our website, you may also purchase additional postage of $1.75 for each extra Pandora charm box you will need rather than having to pay $2.67 in shipping charges for each one. We will only ship charm boxes to go with Pandora products you are purchasing. One comes with your order, so if you are purchasing 6 Pandora charms and you need a box for each charm, add FIVE "extra postage" products to your cart on our website to cover the postage for us to send you six boxes.

  • Our clips are sold in pairs only. We will not separate them and sell only one of any particular design because then we are stuck with one that we will have a hard time selling, since most people want a matching pair.

  • While supplies last, if you purchase three or more Pandora sales from us and would prefer we put them all into a bracelet box for you instead of a charm box, please contact us before you pay. Each sale is one product. In other words, one set of clips counts as one Pandora product. So if you win two sets of clips and one charm, we would throw in a bracelet box for you instead of a charm box, if you request. You just have to let us know before we ship. Do not put a note in the PayPal payment! We never see those PayPal notes as we only log into PayPal once a week to take a withdrawal! Instead, please send us a message through to let us know you are about to pay for your three Pandora winnings and that you would like the bracelet box instead of a charm box. This offer is subject to change without notice as we cannot foresee when we will run out of the bracelet boxes. We will try to remove this notice beforehand if possible.
  • The owner of Silverocity is a GIA Certified Gemologist and can make custom jewelry for you! She has been making beautiful custom pieces for 27 years. Contact us for further details.
  • If blocks you from offerding on our items,please note that this is due to some sort of blemish on your account. You have either not paid for items in the past, have too many offer retractions or cancelations of sales on items you have won, or some other derogatory mark on your account. We set up our sales so that ers with these bad marks on their account either cannot offer on our items or have very limited access to offerding on our items. We have not necessarily blocked you, personally. We just set up the criteria, and blocks ers when they see that the buyer does not meet our buyer standards. If you feel made an error, please take it up with them. There is no way for us to "unblock" you. The only way for you to be able to offer on our products would be for us to change our buyer requirements. If we did that, anyone at all could offer regardless of their credit history on , and there would be no guarantee that you would be the winner, so we will not change our buyer requirements. You are welcome to look at our website ( if has blocked you from offerding on items in our store.

  • response: Please be patient with us as we have a girl who posts response for us twice weekly, and she also does more than simply post your response. When she comes to work, she first finds all the new response comments posted for us and writes your ID on two separate slips of paper for every response comment you have posted.She then places these slips of paper into two separate fish bowls. One for this month and one for the following month. On the last Friday of every month, we hold a drawing to give away FREE MURANO GLASS BEADS WITH A STERLING SILVER CORE! So for each response comment you post for us, you are given two chances to win the free bead! One chance this month and one chance next month! Winners are notified by email. We pull five names each month, giving away five beads each month! This is one of many ways we show our Customer Appreciation! If you email us asking us to post response for you in a hurry, we will certainly do that for you, but there is a 95% chance your name will not be entered into our drawings. We have to allow Kacie to follow a precise system in order for her to be able to do this part of her job without a hitch. If it shows in our account that your response has already been posted by the icon for "response given" showing in bold, filled in color rather than ghosted out, Kacie will think she posted your response and that she entered you into the drawing already, and she won't enter your name into either drawing.We have a ton of things going on at all times for the person who posted your response upon request to remember to tell Kacie to enter your name into the drawings the next time that person sees her.
  • Check out our ME page for some interesting information and to learn how to earn free jewelry with!
  • Please check our response rating and offer with confidence! We have been in business for over 13 years and we have an excellent reputation for quality merchandise, quality craftsmanship of our personally designed products, extremely fast shipping, and superb customer service.


Q: How do I get a free LEA™ Bead? A: There are two ways customers can receive a free Limited Edition LEA™ Bead from Silverocity. First, you can WIN one! For every response comment you post for us on , your name will go into our monthly drawing for two consecutive months! We draw five names on the last Friday of every month. The names in this drawing are of all customers who posted response for us. If you post response for us twice, your name will go into the drawing twice this month and twice next month! Secondly, you can EARN free LEA™ Beads! For every TEN Pandora line items on your invoices, you will earn a free LEA™ Bead! A pair of clips or spacer beads sold in one sale and on one line on your invoice counts as one item. We include all purchases made from us on and from our website! If you are not familiar with our exclusive, limited edition LEA™ Beads, you may read about them on our "me" page, or on our website. There are only 100 of each design made....ever. Please contact us for further details!

Q: How long will it take for me to get my item after I pay you? A: We are located in North Carolina and South Carolina. Even if you live in California or Puerto Rico, you should receive your order within 4 mail days after you make cleared payment. If it takes longer than four days, contact us immediately through messaging! Please do not open a case, as this goes against our seller rating and can cause us to lose any listing fee discounts we may be receiving for being good citizens. Simply contact us through regular email and we will investigate the situation immediately for you. You will not have to wait for us to resolve any issues with you. We just ask that you please work with us, not against us. You may also text or call the owner on her cell phone any time. You can find her cell phone number on our website,

Q: Are your Pandora products authentic? A: Absolutely! We have been in business for 13 years and have earned an excellent reputation. Much of the jewelry we sell costs hundreds of dollars, and many pieces sell for thousands of dollars. We would not put our reputation on the line by advertising a $30 charm as an authentic Pandora piece if it were not authentic! That would hardly be worth ruining our reputation with our gemstone and gold buyers to be deceptive about a tiny charm. We actually use Pandora to get your attention. Pandora is not our bread and butter, but it is what people look for on . Pandora is the most widely searched term in 's jewelry department. You find us by searching Pandora. We sell you Pandora, of course, but we are hoping to also gain a new gemstone customer as well. The latest data polled shows us that 97.3% of our customers who started out as a Pandora customer have also purchased other jewelry from us over the past 18 months. We actually sometimes lose money on Pandora products, but we don't consider it to be a loss when we may gain other business from you. We call it advertising dollars well spent! We encourage you to have any Pandora product you purchase from us authenticated by a Pandora dealer, and we guarantee our Pandora products 100%! We have been in business since the year 2000, and we have an excellent reputation both online and locally. We didn't get here by ripping off our customers!

Q: Why do other sellers have this same item listed with a "Buy It Now" price for so much less? A: We would love it if you would please ask them that same question! We pay Pandora Silver Dealer price for our charms...the lowest possible wholesale price Pandora gives their dealers. We see charms listed on all the time for well under our cost. We know that they are not buying their charms from Pandora for less than what we pay, and we also know that they are not paying more but charging you less. You can't stay in business very long that way! I personally do not see how they can possibly be authentic. Send a message to us and we would be happy to tell you about ten ways you can spot a crooked Pandora seller on . This is a Word Document we published so we will need your email address to send it to you. We promise not to spam you afterwards. You have to request to be on our mailing list for us to send you anything further, such as our sales flyers and new product updates. :)

Up for sale is an adorable CHICKEN LITTLE Authentic Pandora charm bead. Have you tried If you haven't been there yet, you should check it out! And while you're there...look us up! We'd be happy to show you around our store! Search "Silverocity" :)

You will receive just one charm box per payment made to us, so if you opt for combined shipping and make a combined payment, you will receive all of your charms in one Pandora charm box. If you need a separate charm box for each charm you purchase, you will need to pay separately for each one so that you are paying the shipping to cover the weight and postage for each box. We can ship as many charms as you can buy in one package covered by the single shipping fee, but only one box will ship for that price.

You'll find that we mention this about a dozen times in this ad because we have had to deal with a few irate customers who didn't see the one-time message about this in our previous listings, and they were a little upset when they discovered that combining their payment for free shipping meant not getting a separate box for each charm. We think with all the times we mention this in our listings now, it can't possibly be overlooked!

All of our fine Pandora products are stamped appropriately with S925 ALE or 925 ALE, depending upon production date, and are GUARANTEED TO BE AUTHENTIC! We encourage you to take them to a Pandora store to have them authenticated! We have some great deals on Pandora charms, beads, clips, safety chains, and spacer beads, so take a peak into our store before you check out! There are many items in stock that are not yet published anywhere, as we have not yet had the time to sort through everything from our last large purchase yet. If there is something in particular you are in search of, just ask. If we have it in stock, we will list it for you to purchase. We have PANDORA GIFT WRAP in stock! Contact us for our gift wrap offers, including a FREE option!

We hope you don't mind the little bit of "Cross-Promoting" we are doing in some of our sales by taking photos of our products sitting on top of one of our jewelry catalogs! The jewelry shown in the background of some of our pics is not included in the sale of this listing, but it is available for purchase by contacting us! This is jewelry that we usually have in stock in our retail store but we don't normally have time to list it on . We are not taking sales from though. If you contact us for more information on any of these items, we will give you a quote on the item(s) and if you wish to purchase them, we will help you to Buy It Now!


Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00

Alternating Saturdays 9 - Noon

Hours are Eastern Standard Time

If you absolutely must have a question answered before an sale ends and it is outside of our business hours posted above, please go to our website's "About Us" page and find the email address and cell phone number for Kelly Sanford, the owner of, and if she is available when you contact her, you can get your answer immediately. We are not allowed to type this contact information on . Please look closely at all the photos though. Sometimes there are ways for you to reach us there. For better chances of reaching Kelly, use her cell phone email address posted on the website. It's the one that ends in iCloud dot com. She gets those emails immediately, so as long as she is not in a meeting or attending a trade show or something of that nature, she will respond immediately. Thanks for shopping with!

We are closed all major holidays, and we do also take family vacations periodically throughout the year. When we will not be around to process orders, we always post a vacation notification in our store, and posts this on every listing. Please read the details of our away message in our store. We may be away on a business trip but some of our Customer Service employees could be in our shop processing your orders. There are other occasions when we are all away. We may be limited to talking with you on the phone in the evening and depending on our hotel WiFi service, it may be difficult to reply to emails when we are out of town.

We also have occasional trouble with storms, wind, lightning, hurricanes, and tornadoes in the Carolinas, especially during the summer and in the fall during hurricane season. This often affects our internet service and/or our electricity. Please note that we ALWAYS reply to messages as quickly as possible, and when we have power and internet service, our response is always PDQ! When we do not have service, however, we are at the mercy of mother nature. Please be patient with us and know that your questions will be answered to as quickly as humanly possible! If we have been able to print your label and packing slip before the storm hit us, we will continue to work in the dark to process your orders! We are dedicated sellers, and we want you to come back to us for your next purchase! You may also call us. Our telephone numbers are listed on our website on our "About" page. There is an office number where we can be reached during business hours, and Kelly's Cell Number is also listed on that page. (The owner of Silverocity). She always responds to calls within a couple hours if you get her voice mail. Please be sure to leave a detailed message with your phone number and your ID so she will know how to look up your questions. How many business do you deal with where the owner gives you their personal cell phone number?


We cannot combine your shipping if we receive more than one payment from you! You do not need to ask for a combined shipping invoice. combines shipping for you automatically at checkout. Your shipping charges are the same price per order whether you won ten items or one.

Please keep in mind though, if you won more than one Pandora item and you wish to have a box for each one, you will have to pay separately for each order so that you are paying separate postage for each one.

We accept PayPal payments as well as your major credit card! (American Express, Discover, Visa & MasterCard). Checkout sometimes does not work with credit cards, so you may need to call us with your card information.

Payment is expected within 7 days of winning the first item. You do not need to contact us about your payment being late as long as you can pay within 7 days. On Day 8, will send a notice of opening a UIC if you have not yet paid, and they will give you four more days in which to pay before that UIC turns into a blemish on your buyer account, which will result in your account being banned from being able to offer on our items again, and may also result in other sellers not accepting your offers.

Be sure your shipping address is confirmed by PayPal as we will have no choice but to reject your payment if it is not. We are also required to ship only to the address that prints on your label by PayPal so please do not ask us to change your shipping address after you pay. Firstly, we would be looking for a needle in a haystack to find your order to change the address, but also, PayPal will not cover us under their Seller Protection Policy if we do not ship to the address you chose in your payment to us and the order gets lost in transit. Be sure your shipping address is current with PayPal as we are not responsible for inaccurate address information provided to us. We ship only to the CONFIRMED address on your PayPal payment notification. This is for our protection as well as yours.

Thank you so much for visiting us and viewing our products!

We hope you will continue to shop with!

We proudly accept your major credit card



We generally ship the following business day after receiving your payment if received by 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. We process your order the same day you pay and our courier picks those orders up at 5 pm same day and takes them to the post office. Our post office closes at 4:30, so your order will go out with the following mail day's mail. Payments made after 5 pm on a Friday and over the weekend will render a Tuesday shipment. Mondays mail will include all the orders that were processed on Friday.

We ship via USPS First Class Mail and we offer an upgrade to Priority Mail for you.

Please click the "Shipping/Payment" Tab at top of listing to determine your shipping fees and your shipping options. We encourage you to choose Priority Mail if you need to meet a deadline for a gift. We will always do whatever we can to ensure you receive your item in time for your birthday or anniversary deadline, but we ask that you do your part as well by opting for Priority Mail shipping. It's hard to feel encouraged to sort through 400 plus orders looking for a specific one to ensure it gets processed first when the buyer was not encouraged enough to pay for Priority Mail and do his/her part in speeding up the process! It is also much easier to find a Priority Mail label in our stack of labels because it will have a large, bold, black letter P on the label. You may choose this option from the drop-down menu at checkout.

If the deadline you are needing to meet is in the latter part of December for Christmas, however, we will not give anyone special priority upon request, as just about everyone who purchased from us is in a rush to receive their order by Christmas, and we have to ship orders in the order in which payment was received. It's Christmas for many others, as well! We strongly urge everyone to purchase Christmas gifts as early as possible this year.

All packages are insured and every order we process is recorded with our security cameras. PayPal has allowed us to use this footage as proof of what was shipped in the past. This is a great tool for your convenience and safety as well as ours. We are easily able to rewind to a specific day and time to find the order we processed for you and zoom in on what items were inserted into your package.

We no longer ship internationally! We ship to all of U.S.A. and its protectorates only. No exceptions. "All of U.S.A." includes Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, etc.. We also ship to PO Boxes and APO addresses.

On our website, we actually have a product to add to your cart that is "extra shipping for extra charm boxes" which will allow you to just pay a little extra for shipping to get more than one box shipped with your order when you purchase more than one charm. This item allows you to just pay for the little bit of extra weight we have to pay for on the original label of your order to include more than one box rather than paying the shipping twice by placing separate orders. We could not do that on here :(

New In Box Authentic Pandora Chicken Little Charm 790302 925 Sterling Silver:

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