New Portable Stainless Steel Bbq Lp Rv Grill Stove

New Portable Stainless Steel Bbq Lp Rv Grill Stove

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New Portable Stainless Steel Bbq Lp Rv Grill Stove:

New ALL Stainless Steel Portable LP Propane BBQ Grill We Ship To Canada Via US Postal Priority Mail We have shipped over 30 to Canada in the past 6 months. Based on previous shipments, transit time averages between 8-15 days. This is a 35lb package. Zero lost shipments and Zero damages!!

Brand New

All Stainless Steel Portable Propane Portable BBQ Grill

"Gr8 er, the SS Sportsman Series grill far exceeded my expectations Thank you"

This is ideal for your camper RV for cooking outside with a premium quality portable BBQ Grill. This uses a LP tank like your normal grills. It has a regulator which attaches to the propane tank. Tank NOT includes. It does not use the 1 LBsmall tanks you see.

With its legs you can sit it on your table, picnic table and it folds up when done. This is far from cheap. I have seen one at Lowes for $149 thats pretty cheap and weighs only 18lbs. This weighs 32LB due to its all stainless steel parts. Check out the pictures. Look at the stainless steel grate. Its one piece so you don't have to worry about it moving around during storage. PLUS its easier to clean and will last..

When searching for a good portable stainless steel grill, look for how much of it is stainless steel. As you can see from the actual pictures, this is a gem. The grates are high grade heavy duty stainless steel grates. The interior burner section is stainless steel. This will last with proper care.

Another way to check how good they are is by weight. This weights 32lbs. I have seen other that weight only 20lbs...

Also consider that this uses an actual LP regulator so you can utilize your own 20lb LP tanks.. This way you don't run out of propane during cooking as you would using those small 1lb tanks. Makes a huge difference!

This puts out 20,000 BTUS for excellent cooking. Most others I see out thereare only 12,000btu..The hood is stainless steel with a handle. The unit has legs that fold out so you don't have to install the legs, just fold down.

The heat distribution plates are stainless steel.

This BBQ grill is portable with a locking hood so you can carry via the hood handle. All you do isfold the legs up and snapinto locking place, then on each side of the grill isa locking device. Also with the one piece grate, you dont need to worry about this moving around.

Underneath is a grease drip traycatcher just like a big grill.

The grilling service as you can see is quality stainless steel grates that provide superior cooking. The grates are heavy duty and also makes it easier to clean. NOCheap metal grates here.

The surface has 272SQ inches of cooking space. Enough to provide 6 or more large T-Bone Steakes. The surface area is 19"x14"

This also comes with a cover so if your camping.. you can wait for it to cool down and cover..

The grill dimensions are approx 21"x18"x12"

On the front of the grill you have 2 controllers. Many portable grills only have one and that controller is on the regulator. NOTthese. You can adjust while your cooking and have different temperatures on each side. Compare to the grill your looking at. The front also has a automatic starter.

Some assembly required for intial setup. This sportmans Series Stainless Steel grill will be worth your investment. Comes with a complete instruction manual for setup and how to maintain your new grill properly.

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New Portable Stainless Steel Bbq Lp Rv Grill Stove:

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