New Quarter Pusher For Sale

Token in Token out!!!!!
Quarter in Quarter out!!!!!

We are offering a stand alone Prize Pusher with many key features including a tilt alarm with trap door.

While the game is in display mode (no one is playing) the trap door remains closed. After a player drops a coin in machine the trap door opens allowing all winnings to fall into the opening in the bottom of the front door. If, while in the play mode, the game is tipped or tilted a buzzer sounds to alert the attendant or clerk the trap door instantly closes sending anything that falls from the play field to the coin bucket inside the game. This machine only takes up 2 foot of space and can generate up to $ 2,000.00 per month in revenue. Revenue share available in some areas. Lease program available for 20 or more machines. Price $1687.00 Ask about quantity discounts. Some financing available.

This machine is designed to handle large watches, jewelry, ect. 1 year Guarantee on motor. Comes in Blue, Green, Orange, and Red. Hand created in U.S.A.

All payment must be received no later than 7 days after purchase!!!
It is up to buyer to check for legal usage in your area! Please know if you can use Tokens or Quarters

New Quarter Pusher

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New Quarter Pusher: