New Safeclean Coin Cleaner Concentrate. No Risk Guarantee. 4oz. Makes 32oz.

New Safeclean Coin Cleaner Concentrate. No Risk Guarantee. 4oz. Makes 32oz.

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New Safeclean Coin Cleaner Concentrate. No Risk Guarantee. 4oz. Makes 32oz.:

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New! SafeClean Coin Cleaner Concentrate. 4oz. makes 32oz.
No Risk Guarantee.
(May also be purchased as TWO for $16.90!) Also available in larger 8 ounce size and two ready to use formulas! WORLD'S FIRST AND ONLY COMPLETELY NONTOXIC COIN CLEANER.
Made entirely from sustainably grown plants. Absolutely non polluting and non toxic. Works as well as and even better than any other coin cleaner.MORE AMAZING BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS BELOW!


New! SafeCleanTM Coin Cleaner Concentrate

World's First and only Non Toxic and Biodegradable cleaner for nickel, copper and silver coins.

Manufactured in the USA and sold only by us, Wonder Oil Products, Inc.

Nearly one in ten people who view this product page buy it and so far

no one has said they regretted it!

A new non toxic, non acidic, non caustic, non corrosive, non irritating, non abrasive and completely biodegradable coin cleaner. It is not a "quick dip" type cleaner.

One 4 ounce bottle will make up to 32 ounces of cleaner and can clean hundreds of coins.

Gently, Predictably, Quickly and Safely soaks most nickels clean in less than 24 hours.

Works well in ultrasonic cleaners.

Most copper and silver coins will clean in minutes.

Does not affect the metal base of the coin. It reveals what lies beneath oily dirt, oxidation, mild corrosion, most verdigris(copper carbonate), fingerprints, PVC film, mold, "coin folder rot" , "crud" and more. It can even help reveal some weak buffalo nickel dates obscured by greasy dirt and film without the use of acid (ferric chloride).

Absolutely NO negative or neutral response since we started selling this product.

Check the response. You'll be impressed.Thanks for looking.

  • The best product I have found so far, not perfect, but the most effective!!!
  • Really like this cleaner - thanks!
  • Great with ultrasonic cleaner on nickels and dirty cents.
  • Wow is all i can say, does wonders on silver, thanks again ill be back!! A++++++
  • Extremely honest!!!!!! Great item!!!!! Many thanks!!!!!!!
  • Used it today on a key nickel that I thought was ruined from crud. Thanks!!
  • Very fine coin cleaner, Quick service, Highly recommend, A+++++++
  • Amazing stuff. Won't use anything else. Thanks.
  • second order of this product. It works great
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  • quick delivery and product works as advertised
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  • Item as described, and quick shipping. Will do business again!
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  • Works Great. Works quickly on some coins keep an eye on them. Thank you. A+++
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  • satisfied
  • Seller is prompt reliable and professional.
  • great stuff, good price, fast shipping 5 stars
  • Shipped promptly, packaged well. Clear instructions. A+
  • nice! wonderful coin cleaner! thank you so much. A+++++
  • Here is a link to the full use instructions to give you some idea of what to expect with different types of coins. Copy/paste into your browser address Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.
Wholesale inquiries are welcome. Pricing and details provided upon request. Call 1-866-695-8994.

Please see the before and after photos below.

These results are typical and most of the photos represent the maximum cleaning ability of SafeClean but YOU can determine what level of cleaning you wish to achieve by how long the coins are immersed. Yes, I agree, some of the photos are unbelievable but they all represent actual results. The photos have not been modified in any way and are exactly as recorded by my camera. Results are fully guaranteed. See below.

Especially effective on copper/nickel coins such as three cent pieces, shield, liberty head, buffalo, Jefferson nickels and other US and foreign modern copper/nickel coins.

Can fully restore slightly spotty, grungy or finger printed mint state or even PROOF copper/nickel, copper and silver coins while leaving little or no evidence they have been cleaned. Will not dull brilliant mirror surfaces. Spotted or otherwise imperfect uncirculated wartime 35% silver Jefferson nickels also respond well.

Proprietary formula is made from 100% botanical extracts.

Includes thorough instructions for use. If you have any questions, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!

Wonder Oil products, Inc.

We ship Monday through Friday. Orders placed after noon Friday may ship Monday. If you are dissatisfied with this product in any way, please contact me within 14 days of receipt for return instructions BEFORE returning it. I will reship any purchase that is lost by the post office unless it is tracked as confirmed delivered to the addressee within a reasonable period of time.

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New Safeclean Coin Cleaner Concentrate. No Risk Guarantee. 4oz. Makes 32oz.:

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