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Northwood Raspberry Antique Carnival Glass Water Pitcher~purple~beautiful Piece For Sale

Northwood Raspberry Antique Carnival Glass Water Pitcher~purple~beautiful Piece



This is anAntiqueNorthwood RASPBERRYWater Pitchermade to go with a 7 piece Water Setfrom theearly1900's.This is NOT the smaller Milk Pitcher. This is the LARGE WATER PITCHER. The Base Glass color isPURPLE.The iridescence throughout this Beauty is Golden overall with Rainbow Multi-Color highlights.The pattern details themselves stand out over the Golden backgroundgiving it impressivevisual qualities.The pieceshimmers in natural light making itso verypleasing to view on display.If you have been searching for an Eye CatchingPurpleexample to build a superb Water Set with...or perhaps you are fortunate to own a Water Set,but need to upgrade the pitcher...take a good look and give this oneserious consideration.The photographs show the piece well...please look them over and enjoy.Dark areas in the photographs are absolutely shadows only.The visual presentation isquite niceas the photos show and the condition matches it.The piece is marked. Not all of these were by any means, but this one was.Antique Northwood itsVERY Finest!It isevery bit as beautifulas the photos show. My photos are taken outside in natural indirect sunlight. Inever use a flash or props. I never enhance photos, never have, never will. I aim to show you the best iridescent color the piece offers. If the piece looks awesome in the photos...that is is! What you see is what you will get!


The piece is9 inches tall overall.7 3/4 inches wide approximately including the handle and




There are NOCHIPS, CRACKS or REPAIRSon Pitcher.An Exquisite piece of Antique Glass!

THE BASE:The mold seams are barely there to the touch...nice and smooth.I can make out just very lightshelf wear on the bottom of the base...absolutely common forthis antique glass and certainly nothing uncommon on this piece whatsoever. The piece sits flat andlevel on a flat surface.

THE INTERIOR:I can't make out anywear on the interiorsurface of this beauty and its clean.The piece displays some beautiful iridescent color around the top 1/3 of the piece enhancing the display qualities overall.Far above average condition for the shape and pattern.

THE EXTERIOR:I can't make out any wear on the exterior at all.Richiridescent qualities all the way around, quite nice and very attractive. All sides are shown in the photographs. THE EDGE: The Edge Treatment on the piece is quitewell done.The piece waswell formed in every aspect...the spout and handle were both well formed.Obviously the piece has been exceptionallywell maintained through thelast 100 of antique Northwood andanclassic and classypiece of this century old glass.

That is all I can find on thisexcellentAntique NorthwoodWater Pitcher.An outstandingexampleof thiselegant and highly glass color.Apiece that iscertainly apleasure to look at...thesuperb iridescentqualitiesand outstandingcondition makes this one stand out.It wouldcertainly enhance any display. If you appreciate richiridescence over willlove thisexample and others will glass that will addlovelyvisual splendor andinterestto your display as well asdollarvalue.It is everybit as beautifulas it fineexample of this antique glass!

I have been selling antiques on a long time. You may note that mysale format is very plain...I fully intendit to be that way, no glitz and glamour. I am an antique enthusiast and collector of old glass and pottery...I find it completelyfascinating. I'm selling fine antiques...not me. The historical pieces I sell are part of our history, as a country, and made right here in the good ole' USA unless I state otherwise. They represent a time when America made things, great things...before it was popular to sell this country out! Imagine...made in the USA...what a concept! They areawesome all by glitz and glamour isneeded to promote them...the photographs say it all! Please enjoy the many photos and detailed my opinion...nothing else needs to be done or said. You will find my descriptions much more detailed than you will get at any public sale...guaranteed! I do my best to point out damage or wear issues with the pieces I offer.I'm not perfect...but I am honest. True antique glass always has some manufacturing marks. It was made a century ago and mass produced...cheaply...well before quality was an idea. Well before Cell Phones, Computers or any technology at all. It is hard for people to comprehend that today, but it is fact. People still went to the corner drug store to use the phone! Imagine! The working conditions were unbearable by today's standards, yet the hard working American's of this era produced some of the most amazing items ever made. Manufacturing marks within the glass are part of the charm of this period in time. If there is a manufacturing mark that is out of the ordinary...such as excessive, contained,bubbles throughoutthe glass or a manufacturing heat check...I will mention it. Normal manufacturing marks such as straw marks, stretch marks, enclosed bubbles, light tool marks, though, will not be mentioned and should certainly be anticipated. Look over the many photos provided. Please educate yourself about the items you are buying and ask questions while the sale is in progress. If typical manufacturing marks bother you...please ask questions up front! I will readily answer questions as diligently as I can.


It is always a great idea to educate yourself about the antiques you are interested in purchasing before you buy from me or anyone else. I highly encourage it.It will further your appreciation and hone your interest. For Carnival Glass....I highly recommend David Doty's Carnival Glass Website. I also find his Field Guides extremely helpful if you can find them, there are several. They are the best guide to learning patterns, especially the 2000 updated version. Even used...they are well worth the money. I also recommend Edwards and Carwile's Carnival Glass Encyclopedia...there are several editions published. They cover the widest array of patterns of any guide I have seen and the text is excellent. The Mordini sale Price guide is also extremely useful. There are other very worthy materials out there that will help you learn and grow, as well as numerous clubs and organizations.


I ship USPS Priority exclusively and I usually ship only on Saturdays and Mondays. I use premium ONE INCH bubble wrap (not the cheap 1/4 inch) and foam peanuts to package the pieces exclusively. I take great pride in packaging these wonderful pieces of history VERY they deserve to be packaged and I like them packaged for me. I do apply a small handling fee to the Shipping Cost. I greatly apologize, but Shipping supplies are NOT cheap. Running sales doesn't mean I make money. I never know how an item will sell. I can't afford to take losses on items (which happens) AND pay for Shipping Materials. In order to maintain the sale format that many of you have told me repeatedly that you greatly appreciate...I must make sure Shipping Supplies are covered. SHIPPING INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THIS FEEin the unlikely event it is damaged in transit. My goal, however, is to NEVER have a damaged piece of glass...EVER! My response comments prove my diligence in that regard.


YOU BET! I always combine shipping costs on multiple purchases whenever I feel I can do so safely with no possible harm to the pieces!!! I also discount shipping for repeat buyers whenever I can, significantly if possible, up to and including Free Shipping. Running sales do not always allow me to do that...sometimes I lose money and can't...but if I can...for repeat buyers I certainly will! I don't advertise it...I just do it when I send the invoice. It is my way of saying THANK YOU!


All purchases are considered final. I run 7 to 10 day sales with plenty of photos, text and lots of time for questions if needed. I will accept returns if I have obviously misrepresented an item and I agree that I have. I will refund the original Purchase Price and the original Shipping Cost only.

Northwood Raspberry Antique Carnival Glass Water Pitcher~purple~beautiful Piece

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Northwood Raspberry Antique Carnival Glass Water Pitcher~purple~beautiful Piece:

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