Nt0117 - Son Tay Pow Raiders - Special Ops - Vietnam War Patch - 21st Nov 1970

Nt0117 - Son Tay Pow Raiders - Special Ops - Vietnam War Patch - 21st Nov 1970

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Nt0117 - Son Tay Pow Raiders - Special Ops - Vietnam War Patch - 21st Nov 1970:


Hanoi, North Vietnam

Special Operations

Flight Jacket Patch

November 1970

After two years of negotiations between the US Government and the Government of North Vietnam in Hanoi in relation to the exchange of prisoners not one prisoner had been exchanged.


On the 20th of November 1970 Units of the US Special Forces, transported by helicopter piloits of the United States Air Force, SPECIAL OPERATIONS left Thailand on a mission to rescue 100 prisoners of war believed to be held at Son Tay in North Vietnam. (30 Kilometres outside of Hanoi).

Probably the most famous operation of all that occured during the Vietnam War the Son Tay Raid was the one of thelargest joint operations to take place during the Vietnam with Naval Aircraft attacking locations throughout North vietnam as diversionary attacks through the night.

Over 140 men left the airbase in North Vietnam. On the 21st of November thePrison camp in Son Tay was attacked and taken but yielded no prisoners.

  • USAF, Special Operations, Flight Jacket Patch
  • Measures - 3.4 x 3 inches ( 8.5 x 7.5 cms )
  • Rare, Flight Jacket Piece
  • Excellent Condition

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Scutelliphily is not a new art, it was practised by Roman Legions and by the Knights Templar.

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Naturally where collectors operated, so did Combat Operatives supplementing their income via the designing and sale of these pieces.

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  • They are always machine made
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Nt0117 - Son Tay Pow Raiders - Special Ops - Vietnam War Patch - 21st Nov 1970:

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