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Nystamps Worldwide Large Old Stamp Collection Album Cv $50,000 For Sale

Nystamps Worldwide Large Old Stamp Collection Album Cv $50,000

Please use this link to view images 1-158 Please offer solely based on what is shown, with no assumptions, as most or all stamps were already shown. Large albums could be very sparse, or do NOT contain stamps (stamps could be removed by its former owner(s) before it reach our office). Additional enlarged/close up images is included in some lots to provide details of better value stamps. For lots with 10 or more stamps/items, mixed condition and duplications are to be expected. Some stamps could be expertly restored or repaired. Given the high cost on international shipping, we do not ship the binders/blank pages etc to buyer outside USA. Please email us for shipping rate if you need the album binders/pages. If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way, please let us know. We always want you to be able to give us 5 Stars in response. Our contact info is inside our store, "about the seller" link at the bottom left panel, or via message.

Please Visit NYStamps

Largest selection high end US & WW stamps. We Ship Worldwide!

Consignment Accepted
Consignment fee only 10%, and $2000 minimal total cash value! We are leading stamp dealers, with extensive experience, regular worldwide customer, each item with large number of photos, to realized the full potential of your material. We also make on the spot cash purchases. Our contact info is inside our store, "about the seller" link at the bottom left panel, or via message.

Overall View Images


Most items were shipped in 1 business day. The tracking #s are inside paypal, within the paypal page, that you paid for your item(s). Please track it directly at the UPS or USPS websites and look out for the package when it arrive.

If you pay by eCheck through Paypal, it usually takes 7-14 days to clear (3-6 weeks if outside USA). To avoid shipping delay, Please email us after your eCheck is cleared because many times we did not received notification from paypal that your eCheck was cleared.

Details & Abbreviations
We are life APS members with above 50,000+ positive response. With millions of stamps sold every week, it is impossible to provide detail description on every stamp. But we are committed to do the best we possibly can on description. 'Mint" is unused stamp and hinged. 'NH' is mint never hinged. 'NC' is not counted. For higher value US stamp marked with a retail value, we check gum condition, grill size, shade, secret mark, watermark etc. For example, a stamp with no gum, are quoted Scott retail value for no gum. We will try to include Scott # and above details when time permit. We do examine perforation, type, WMK, and size for US W/F stamps within a US stamp collection, but do not provide guarantee, and we do not count W/F stamps within a large US stamp collection in our estimated value. The W/F stamps within a US stamp collection will be at your risk. We will verify the Scott retail value mentioned in the description, or examine any higher value US stamps marked with a retail value. Given the large volumes of stamps that we sell every week, for a US stamp collection/large lots, we may NOT examine every US stamp unless marked with a retail value. For example, a US stamp placed in the position of Scott #599A, or marked as such by its former owner in an album, may NOT be examined by us. However, we will check this stamp if it was marked #599A, $120. Furthermore, we be more than happy to check any particular stamp for you upon request. In average, we receive hundreds of emails every day, and we usually will answer every mail within hours during business hours. Our office for customer service are closed on Wednesday and Sunday. So an email message sent to us after 5PM Tuesday won't be answered until Thursday morning. The stamps we are offering come from wide range of sources. Most lots are offered intact as received. For large collection lots, some stamps could be removed by its former owner(s) before consigned to us. All items with obvious faults, or questionable items noted by us are usually not counted in estimated value. Such items usually are offered as a bonus. For lots with 10 or more stamps, that are 60 years old or older, typical mixed condition are to be expected. The stamps pre-1940 are usually hinged unless mentioned otherwise. In general, we use the most current Scott catalog for US/Canada stamps, Gibbons for British stamps, and Michel or Yvert for the rest of the countries. With 40,000 or more new images every week, we only keep the images for one week after the item was sold. So please save the images in your computer after the sale close. We can also put it back upon request. Shipping Charges for buyers within mainland USA:
We using UPS Ground service, because it is insured (required by paypal) and are more reliable. While USPS (not as reliable) and other shipping service is also available upon request. In general, small package is about $10 to $14, large package is about $16 to $35 depend on distance to NYS. Please use the Shipping Calculator to calculate the actual shipping cost or visit for details.

New York resident please add 8.875% sales taxes.

Shipping Charges for buyers in Canada:
We ship to Canada using UPS. It is more reliable than US Postal Service. However, if you must have the package shipped by US Postal Service, please including your shipping requirement inside the paypal message, so the shipping staff will know. Shipping charges for buyers outside mainland USA/Canada:
Buyer please expecting to pay the Custom's duties of your respective country. The declared value is also required by the insurance company.

The minimal charge for most packages are $30 or more (insured and including a tracking #, both are required by paypal). Larger or heavy items will cost much more on shipping(about $4 to $5 per extra pound). For more details on the actual shipping cost, please visit the US Post Service website at As per new paypal regulations, any packages value $400 or more must be shipped by UPS or FedEx (Please provide your UPS street address and phone number with payment). It will cost more than the Post Office Express mail. You can check details shipping rates at or For orders under $150 AND can fit into a 12inch X 9inches envelope: We can ship by register mail. It has a tracking # (required by paypal) but NOT insured. We are not responsible for any items lost or stolen in shipment that are not insured. Given the high cost on international shipping, the shipping charge in invoice usually do NOT including binders/blank pages etc. And most buyers outside USA do ask us to remove binders/empty pages etc to save shipping cost. If you need the binders etc. please do contact us for estimated shipping rates.

Nystamps Worldwide Large Old Stamp Collection Album Cv $50,000

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Nystamps Worldwide Large Old Stamp Collection Album Cv $50,000:

Lot Of Different Stamps picture
Lot Of Different Stamps

Lots Of Portugal Stamps Collection picture
Lots Of Portugal Stamps Collection

1935 Straits Settlement Malaysia Cover picture
1935 Straits Settlement Malaysia Cover

Russia Unused Stamps-3 picture
Russia Unused Stamps-3

Russia Unused Stamps-2 picture
Russia Unused Stamps-2

Nice Group Of Switzerland Used Stamps picture
Nice Group Of Switzerland Used Stamps

Us Stamps 'eaton Fine' Unused Set picture
Us Stamps 'eaton Fine' Unused Set

Revenues 19 picture
Revenues 19

Monaco Numbers 303-305 Never Hinged Issued In 1953 picture
Monaco Numbers 303-305 Never Hinged Issued In 1953

Revenues 16 picture
Revenues 16