Ohio Prepaid Sales Tax, Dual Receipts 30¢ - Issued Prior To 1962

Ohio Prepaid Sales Tax, Dual Receipts 30¢ - Issued Prior To 1962

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Ohio Prepaid Sales Tax, Dual Receipts 30¢ - Issued Prior To 1962:



IssuedPrior to 1962.

TYPE OF SCRIPOPHILY, EXONUMIA, NOTAPHILY: Ohio Pre-Paid Sales Tax Stamps (later replaced by a standard "sales tax").

SPECIAL FEATURES: Both halves of the stamp are included! Both the merchant's half of the stamp and the customer's half of the stamp! This means, these stamps were purchased by a merchant, but never issued (making them even more unique - - - as you will receive both halves of the stamp!). You will receive ONE FULL prepaid sales tax stamp, (the left [vendor] half and right [customer] half).



STAMP COLORS: Green and Orange.

MEASUREMENT: 1 11/32" tall by 3" wide.

FORM PRINTED BY: Reserve Litho, Cleveland, Ohio.

PERFORATIONS: Yes. One row, running from top to bottom.

NUMBER OF RECEIPTS: Two. Both merchants and customers.

NUMBER OF YEARS OLD: At least 49 years old. Ohio terminated this form of sales tax collection in 1962.


TYPE OF ADHESIVE: Non-glued, non-adhesive.

TAXATION/REVENUE/OTHER STAMPS: Yes, prepaid sales tax.

FOLDS: None. Purchased by merchant but never used / circulated.

CORNERS: Excellent condition.

HOLES, TEARS, DAMAGE: Standard perforations.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:We werefortunate enough to purchase a large quantity of these stamps. There is a pleasant "perfume" type smell associated with the stamps.We have no idea why or how this aroma became associated with the stamps.

ABOUT THE ITEM: Although referred to as sales tax "stamps," these stamps had/have no adhesive on the back. Ohio issued their prepaid sales tax stamps in various colors based upon the denomination. Ohio issued these stamps in 12 denominations, being: 1¢, 2¢,3¢, 6¢, 9¢, 12¢, 15¢, 30¢, 60¢, $1.50, $3, and $15.

Ohio enacted its first sales tax in 1935. The rate was 3%; two-thirds of the tax was to go to schools.

Ohioans were resistant to the new tax. Merchants were reluctant to charge it, and customers were reluctant to pay it. There was a real possibility that a merchant would do his customer a favor by letting him make his purchase tax-free. If the merchant never reported the sale to the state, the state would never know that it should have gotten its 3%.

To enforce compliance, the State of Ohio introduced these stamps. Merchants were required to buy them in various denominations from the State of Ohio and required to issue them with each purchase. By purchasing the stamps from the state, the state would get the sales tax in advance, and the merchant would receive the "Prepaid Sales Tax" stamps to issue upon completing each sale.

Suppose a customer made a $10.00 purchase. The tax would be 3%, or 30¢, according to the printed charts that were posted near every cash register. The customer would pay $10.30 and receive a 30¢ prepaid sales tax receipt from the merchant. The state depended upon the customer to demand his [half] of the stamp. They were marked, "Always obtain from vendor . . . consumer's receipt on all taxable purchases." But why should the customer care whether the merchant was buying and distributing stamps? These little pieces of paper were just a nuisance.

To handle that problem, Ohio encouraged consumers to collect the stamps and give them to schools or charities. These organizations could then have their volunteers sort the stamps, count them, bundle them up, turn them in to the state, and collect three per cent of the face value. This added a little to the expense of collecting the tax, but it was worth it.

After being conditioned to pay sales tax for twenty-seven years, Ohio discontinued the stamp program in 1962. In 1967, Ohio's sales tax increased to 4%. (Credit to oocities.com)

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Ohio Prepaid Sales Tax, Dual Receipts 30¢ - Issued Prior To 1962:

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