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Ooak 2013 Janie Comito ~ Sweet Bella Rosina ~ Hedgehog Girl With Flower Basket For Sale

Ooak 2013 Janie Comito ~ Sweet  Bella Rosina ~ Hedgehog Girl  With Flower Basket

~*~ Bella Rosina ~*~A Little Hedgehog Janie Comito

~*~ Sweet Bella Rosina ~*~ is a little summer hedgehog creation ~ Janie loves creating hedgehogs and when she recently acquired the vintage 1940s apron all soft pinks and blues with with roses and forget-me-nots, she could see a little hedgehog girl in a dress made from the material carrying a basket of vintage 1940s velvet forget-me-not flowers.

~*~ Sweet Bella Rosina ~*~ is hand sewn (body) from upholstery velvet. Head is tipped mohair plush. Her lower body and legs are wire armatured and her head and arms are jointed. She is firmly stuffed with wool. Her face is hand detailed (clipped, needle sculpted, and softly tinted with fabric paints to give Rosina realistic character; the mohair is then stiffened to create her hedgehog prickles. Her eyes are black onyx. She wears hand sewn pantaloons and apron created from vintage handkerchiefs. The tiny basket is filled with sweet vintage velvet flowers. She stands 5 1/2" tall including the wooden base covered with rose garland hand embroidered wool felt fabric. Rosina's feet are firmly sewn to the fabric on top of the base.
This creation is intended for the adult collector and is not child safe.
*** Take care with items that include small parts around babies and small children ***All of Janie's creations are unique and original folk art pieces handmade and incorporated into a unique design by the artist herself; they are never mass produced. Janie is proud that each one is made in Washington State - by an American artist.

~*~ Sweet Bella Rosina ~*~
comes gift boxed
She is hand signed on the bottom of her base

~To Introduce the Artist ~

I’m Janie Comito, designer, collector, artisan and appreciator of lovely and fanciful objects. I have been known Internationally for 34 years for my miniature teddy bears and other animal and bird designs. I am also known for my sewing collectibles. Most of my offerings are one offs and all my creations are meticulously designed and hand sewn by me; they are made as beautifully as I can contrive to create them. I hope they speak to your heart as they spring from mine. They make terrific gifts for someone you love who simply loves beautifully crafted pieces ~ like you!

I hope you’ll enjoy offerding on this fanciful and unique object.

(Made by the hands of an American artist from Washington State.)

Please read the following carefully:

Before you offer, if you have any questions about this piece, please feel free to direct them to me. If you’re the high buyer, I will let you know immediately by email invoice after which I will expect you to respond and confirm within three days. I would appreciate payment within a week or 7 business days of the sale closing . I offer Pay Pal for your convenience; I do ask you to use PayPal to make your payment. If you haven't arranged to pay by PayPal please notify me and I'll allow time for you to do so. After receipt of your item please post response as soon as possible... it's how sellers know that the item has arrived and that the buyer is we hope pleased and satisfied.


Shipping on wins over $100.00 or combined wins over a seven day period equaling $100.00 will be shipped for free.

If you have won an item of mine that was started below but has been been offer up to, or over $100.00, PLEASE DO NOT PAY until I have had the opportunity to add a seller discount to your total to cancel out the shipping amount. It will show up at the end of the invoice total as a ( - ) minus the postal cost.


Subtotal:US $114.49Shipping & handling:US $5.65Seller discounts (-) or charges (+):-US $5.65Total:US $114.49
When free shipping is applicable, I always send USPS Priority.Dear customer~
In 2013 please consider buying from an artist or crafts person in the community or in your own local community; keep handmade arts and crafts alive in America and Worldwide. We can win together with the power of creative hands and creative thinking and the simple, can-do word ~

Occasionally other sellers offer my past creations on . I wish these sellers well of course ~ I am the only source of my current creations that are offered under the user name: jraggedybear and are available only from me ~
Janie Comito

Ooak 2013 Janie Comito ~ Sweet  Bella Rosina ~ Hedgehog Girl  With Flower Basket

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Ooak 2013 Janie Comito ~ Sweet Bella Rosina ~ Hedgehog Girl With Flower Basket:

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