Ooak Artist Bear Realistic Style Black Bear Cub By Joannelivingston

Ooak Artist Bear Realistic Style Black Bear Cub By Joannelivingston

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Ooak Artist Bear Realistic Style Black Bear Cub By Joannelivingston:

Miami, A Realistic Style Black Bear Cub

Miami, pronounced Miamah here in Arizona is an American black bear. I have given her the pink nose, and paw pads of a young cub. North American black bears come in a variety of colors, from black to white, Miami is dark brown. Like most of my bears she is named after a town out here in Arizona. Miami is a small copper mining town not too far from Phoenix.

She has been created from design to completion by me, Joanne Livingston of Desertmountainbear.

Miami's details are as follows:

Miami is 12" (30cm) tall standing, although she does not stand on her own, 6" (15cm) sitting, and 8" (20cm) from her nose to tail when on all fours.

She is made of Tissavel, which is a luxury faux fur, produced in France. Her fur is soft and very dense, and has a nice shine to it.

Her paws are leather, and her claws I sculpted of epoxy clay, (they are very hard, but not unbreakable.)

She has been filled with a combination of wool, polyester, and soft pellets, there are a few bbs added for weight. She has been softly stuffed for ease of movement.

She is four way jointed using disks, lock nuts, and bolts. There is no neck joint, instead a Lockline type plastic armature which runs from head to tail down the back like a spine. She can not turn his head like a traditional teddy bear, but she more than makes up for that by being able to move her head up and down, side to side and everywhere in between. Her arms and legs also have the same type armature to help with posing. This armature can be moved over and over again, and will not wear out.

Miami's whole face is firmly needle felted with Navajo-churro wool which has a special place in Arizona history, because of that is the only wool I use to felt with. Strands of mohair have then been rooted into her felted face, and trimmed to give a realistic look. They are firmly in there and not easily removed. Because the bears faces are created like this, without a pattern, they can never be recreated, giving each bear an individual personality.

Her nose has also been needle felted of wool at the same time I do the face, it is all one piece. I use a many step process of sealing, sanding, and finally shading the wool to make a realistic nose.

Miami has black glass eyes. Her eyelids are made of Ultrasuede fabric. They open and go very sleepy. They do not close all the way. They fold back nicely into eye sockets that I have felted and furred.

Her little well loved teddy bear friend has been made by me of mohair. He has glass eyes, and wool paw pads. He is filled with excelsior, I added a little stainless steel shot in his belly for weight.

Like all of the bears I make, both of the bears have their left foot signed.

She will be sent with a picture hang tag and a Certificate of Authenticity.

I live in a smoke free home.

At least sixty hours of work goes into the creation of each of my bears. I am a self taught bear maker, and many of the techniques I use to make the bears I have developed myself. They are time consuming techniques, but I think that these techniques help give the bears I create a look that is uniquely mine. I hope you agree.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

One more bit of news; I am so happy to say that two of my bears Camille and Rosa have been given the 2013 TOBY Industry's Choice Award. Thank you all for your continued support.

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2013 TOBY Industry Choice winners Camille and Rosa

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AZ residents will be charged sales tax of 7.3%

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Shipping is free in the United States for insured Priority Mail. If you are outside of the United States price for International Priority Mail Insured Shipping is $35.00. The US post office has recently done a major price increase on overseas packages, sadly I must increase too.

Shipping time: Shipping is done within 1-2 business days.

International customers; Please be aware of customs fees charged by your country. I will not devalue a bear, or change customs forms. This is for my protection as well as yours in case of loss or damage.

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Ooak Artist Bear Realistic Style Black Bear Cub By Joannelivingston:

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