Ooak Primitive Folk Art Americana Doll Pfatt For Sale


Sweet Americana Doll

Emma is signed & #027-2013, her body is made of osnaburg fabric. She measures 16 inches from her hair bow to her feet. And 14 inches without bow.

Emma's facial features:

Blue glass eyes with my signature stitched eyelids & eye shading.

Pinched stitched nose, red floss stitched lips, and her face has a dusting of blush.

Emma's hair bow is made vintage Dennison crepe paper, and accented with tinsel garland.

Bow is pinned to her head with a hat pin and can be removed.

Emma's hair is red wavy mohair.

Emma's dress is made of red polka dot, blue floral fabric.

Hand stitched to dress neckline are vintage buttons and blue star. And ribbon, hand gathered to hem.

Her pantaloons are blue with white star fabric. And her legs are red and white stripe fabric, with painted black shoes.

Emma is holding her red, white and blue banner.

Banner has been made from stripe and star fabric. And stitched to silver garland with vintage buttons.

Banner can be removed from her hands.

As with all my dolls: Emma has stitched to her body a red flannel heart. So you can be assured you are getting a Grimitive Original!

I have been told that Grimitive Dolls are just so huggable, but Please Note: My items have been created for display purposes only: They are not intended for children.

Doll stand is not included in sale.


Cheers to the Red, White & Blue!!


Proud member of PFATT !

Also a Proud new member of EHAG!

PayPal only. Payment is due within 5 days of the close of the sale. Please feel free to email me with any questions.
Shipping: $6.25 Priority SHIPPING within the USA.

Will ship World Wide. Please email me for shipping cost for other COUNTRIES.

I'd like to thank all my wonderful customers, new & old ones!

Thanks for looking!

~Kaf Grimm

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Ooak Primitive Folk Art Americana Doll Pfatt

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Ooak Primitive Folk Art Americana Doll Pfatt :

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