Original Alamo Bowie Knife Armor Vintage Army Military Silver Gun Civil War Rare

Original Alamo Bowie Knife Armor Vintage Army Military Silver Gun Civil War Rare

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Original Alamo Bowie Knife Armor Vintage Army Military Silver Gun Civil War Rare:

This knife has not been publicly seen in nearly two decades!Thought to be lost forever, this important historically accurate
replica of the Alamo Bowie Knife has not only an interesting
and sordid history, but significant bloodlines. It is being offered
by a private collector to celebrate the return of the infamous
Travis 'Victory or Death' Letter to the sacred Alamo grounds.Meticulously fabricated by renown weapon's historian and
artisan Tony Swatton over two decades ago, it was built
from original blueprints drawn up for it's creation by
acclaimed knife expert and Alamo artifacts collector Joe Musso
-- owner of the long-analyzed and scientifically tested Alamo
Bowie Knife. It is believed that Phil Collins has since purchased
this Musso Bowie Knife for an undisclosed sum, as it is featured
in his book 'The Alamo and Beyond: A Collectors Journey'. To our
knowledge, the knife being offered for sale today is the very first,
original replica of the famous Musso Bowie Knife ever fabricated.Made to exacting detail from accurate blueprints and exclusive,
unprecedented access to the original, this artistic grade museum
quality Bowie knife is the only one of its kind in the world.
Only a single knife was made. Supervised by a team of historians
and private collectors from San Antonio, Texas, and hand-crafted
with an eye for accuracy, it possesses all the important hallmarks
of the original. From the JB initials stamped along the brass width
to star stamped pommel end, and other details of the original.
The level of detail was important as this was designed for an
historically significant motion picture production across from the
Alamo mission itself, on the grounds of Texas & American history. The knife played a primary role in a patented holographic theater
which told the story of the days leading up to the siege of the
Alamo by Santa Anna's immense Mexican Army against defenders
like Davy Crockett, Col. William Barret Travis, who penned the
infamous 'Victory or Death" letter, and was used both in production
of the motion picture elements as well as the reference for in-
theater props and animated effects which tied the armament into
the story.Incorporating response and notes from noted Alamo historian
Henry Guerra, the Texas Adventure project was helmed by a powerful
team of designers, engineers and artisans from Disney,
Universal Studios, Soundelux, Infinity Filmworks and a host of other
important entities, tasked with telling the tale of the 13 days of
the Battle of the Alamo - February 23– March 6, 1836.Once thought lost, the original production knife was first discovered
in secure storage along with other artifacts from the historic
'Dawn at the Alamo' production, including early papers, character
and theater artwork and actual film stock and unreleased footage of
the film. The production costs were close to 5 million dollars and the
emotional story of the Alamo presented on the actual grounds where
the battle was fought gives this piece extra historical significance.
It was soon after the opening of the theater across from the actual
Alamo Mission itself that a private collector acquired the knife along
with other important artifacts.The craftsmanship and attention to detail are great! It is no surprise
as the craftsman responsible for the knife has fabricated weapons,
jewelry and props for a host of important Hollywood motion pictures,
including Oscar winners:National Treasure
Spiderman I & II
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Van Helsing
The Last Samurai
The Patriot
The Legend of Zorro
The Mask of Zorro
The Alamo
Blade I & II
Blade: Trinity
Wild Wild West
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Trek: Insurrection
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
The Crow: City of Angels
Ocean's 11
HookAlso having done impressive work for ComicCon, he also has
fabricated specialty costumes, awards and designs for Rihanna,
Ciara, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Katy Perry,
50 Cent, Maria Menounos among many others.
MORE INFO:Dimensions on the knife:
over 19 1/4 inches long
5" wideDimensions on leather sheath / scabbard:
13 3/4 inches long
4" ring to ring widthCombined length:
just under 20" with knife in sheath
Year of Bowie Knife knife fabrication: '92
(20+ years old)Can be sharpened - sent soft-edged as originally used
Note: color of sheath is natural brown while photos on some
browsers may make it appear more reddish.
The knife and its brass & hand-stitched leather sheath come
with Certificate of Authenticity (verified by the original show
producer of the Dawn at the Alamo, Texas Adventure project)
which is foil stamped and hand signed on parchment paper.Insurance is included in shipping costs.If someone is interested in having Certificate of Authenticity posted,
please send a request and it can be added as part of a response.BONUS: In addition to the twenty-year-old knife & sheath,
the winner will ALSO receive a copy of the original
Bowie Knife 'blueprint' drawings from which this knife
was constructed, providing details drawn from all the
original Musso specs.A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the knife as well as a
copy of the drawings that helped make it.Thanks for looking and good luck & RELATED READING:
1. Great spot on The Travis Letter... YouTube video:

Tony Swatton, Fabricator Background... YouTube video:

3. Video of Phil Collins Alamo book... original Bowie knife on cover:

4. Listen to the production's actual historical advisor Henry Guerra tell the Alamo story: My San Antonio/13-Days-of-the-Alamo
Also for more extensive discussion/information by Joe Musso on his Bowie:

Internet Picture of Joe Musso with his original knife: http://oi54.tinypic.com/1zhhci.jpg.
Interesting articles from Rolling Stone Magazine and The New Yorker:

RollingStone: Phil Collins' Alamo Obsession Article

New Yorker Magazine: Phil Collins Remembers The Alamo Trivia Tidbit 1: The Hollywood actor who wielded the knife
in production and played Colonel James Bowie in the Texas
Adventure was Barry Lynch, an accomplished theater and motion
picture actor who has also appeared in Star Trek: The Next
Generation as Ensign Stefan DeSeve. Mr. Lynch has a long 30+
year acting career in television and film. •• Trivia Tidbit 2: If you have visited Alamo Plaza in San Antonio
and pressed a penny at one of the many penny presses, you may
have a copy of this knife on your souvenir. A Jim Bowie die was
fashioned using this very knife and artwork created from the
production for it's design. A version of the penny is noted on the
final of the 12 sale pictures, along with artwork keyed to
the die. This was drawn from photographs of this original knife. •• Trivia Tidbit 3: A centerpiece of this production was The Travis Letter,
which holographically flies through the air of the theater, on the
winds of destiny. Colonel Travis' letter did not bring reinforcements.
The actual letter is being exhibited at the Alamo for the very first time
ever since it was penned during those fateful days of the fall of the Alamo
in 1836 -- 177 years ago. This exhibit is a rare opportunity to see
the actual letter and will only be at the Alamo from February 23 to
March 7, 2013.•• Trivia Tidbit 4: Joe Musso had a cameo in the 'Dawn at the Alamo'
where he is one of the men who chooses to stand with Col William
Barret Travis and 'cross the line' drawn in the sand with his sabre.
As Travis drags his sword, a fire ignites and from the smokey haze
we see Joe Musso step across the line dramatically.•• Trivia Tidbit 5: The musical score produced for the film in which
this Bowie Knife was used was written and conducted by the same
composer who did the music for Walt Disney World's EPCOT
American Adventure attraction in Background details:Phil Collins (Academy Award & Golden Globe winner) of Genesis has
been enchanted with the story of the Alamo since he was a boy and
saw the original John Wayne film and his financial success worldwide
has made it possible for him to assemble the largest private collection
of Alamo related artifacts outside of the United States of America. Collins visits San Antonio and the Alamo grounds quite frequently and
has given presentations on his extensive Alamo artifact collection on
many occasions. It has been widely reported that Phil Collins recently
purchased the Joe "Musso" Bowie knife which was extensively tested
and is believed by many to be the authentic Jim Bowie Knife.Musso is a well known Bowie collector who manages his own small
museum of artifacts and relics of the Alamo has been a successful artist
in the Hollywood motion picture industry for many years. Musso owned his Bowie Knife, from which this original film replica on
sale was made, for many years before discovering its amazing secret.
While trying to remove dirt from the handle, he revealed the tell-tale
stars on the hand guard as well as the initials J.B.Musso submitted the knife to a company for metallurgical testing and
they confirmed that the metal of the blade was consistent with hand
forged metals from Arkansas of the 1830's. Legend tells that an
Arkansas blacksmith by the name of James Black forged Bowie's most
famous knife, so the J.B. could represent either the owner or the maker.
This find was phenomenally important to the history of the knife.Mr. Musso made no claims that the knife belonged to Bowie but simply
let the facts speak for themselves. The knife is noted to be an authentic
period 1830's Bowie-style knife with the initials of J.B. and the symbol
for a Texan officer (stars) cast into the guard. Mr. Musso had been said to have stated that if his knife was proved to
be a fake, he would have it ground up. It seems no one has been able to
disprove its authenticity. Historical Alamo fanatic Phil Collins found
Mr. Musso's knife to be of importance and has been said to be the new
owner of this noteworthy piece of history.* more motion picture/television productions involved by knife fabricator:The Haunted Mansion
The Ring
Highlander: Endgame
The Scorpion King
The Hunted
The Devil's Rejects
Rush Hour 2series including:Bablyon 5
Birds of Prey
Conan the Adventurer
CSI Las Vegas & New York
Eli Stone
The Unit
The Office
Jason and the Argonauts
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Hannah Montana
Pushing Daisies
West Wing
This listing may be of interest to the following organizations
so feel free to share this information with them should they
wish to review this special sale:The Daughters of the Republic of Texas
The Sons of the Republic of Texas
The S. A. Children’s Museum
OASIS (Older Adult Service & Information System)
Tourism Council of the Greater S. A. Chamber of Commerce
The San Antonio Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
The U.T.S.A. Institute of Texan Cultures
The San Antonio Conservation Society
St. Peter’s/St. Joseph’s Children’s’ Home
U.T.S.A. Center for Archeological Research
M.A.U.C. Escuela de las Americas
Fine Arts Magnet at Jefferson High School
San Antonio Historical Society
Texas State Historical Association
San Antonio Missions Historical Park (NPS)
The National Living History Association
San Antonio Public Library
The Friends of Milam Park
Casa Navarro State Park
Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
The San Jacinto Museum Association
Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission
Pioneer Village in Gonzales
Presidio La Bahia in Goliad
The Landmark Inn in Castroville
Texian Market Days at George Ranch
Schools in the San Antonio, Dallas,
Ft. Worth, El Paso, Austin, Plano areas
The Buckhorn Museum
Lincoln Washington Army Museums
Houston Street Merchants
Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta Museums
Trinity University, UT, Texas Tech Longhorns
The Texas Ranger Museum
The Lone Star Hall of Horns
Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Guiness World Records
The Armoury
Alamo Wax Museum & Plaza
Fans, Family & Friends of David / Davey / Davy Crockett
Downtown San Antonio Riverwalk Association
Alamo ShrineA real Army Militia collectible and powerful symbol - like a samurai sword to the
Japanese, a battle axe to a knight, or hunting rifle to a cowboy. A hand-crafted
weapon with provenance and vintage Davy Crocket prop for movie. Related to
ammo, Spanish & Mexican uniform, and cannon war art. See also 'Cradle of Texas Liberty' dagger._______I have current plans to list other beautiful sterling silver,solid silver, books,
silverplate,gold watches, rare artifacts, theme park art, paintings, cut glass,
tin toys, vintage robots, sculptures, old sporting equipment and uniforms,
bronze statues, ironwork, pencil sketches, RPPC post cards, crystal, porcelain
and dinnerware in the future so please keep watching.Thanks for viewing and again, good luck with offerding!

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Original Alamo Bowie Knife Armor Vintage Army Military Silver Gun Civil War Rare:

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