Original Lionel 129 Terrace With Original Box, & 122 Station For Sale

Original Lionel 129 Terrace with Original Box.This sale also includes the Lionel 122 Station, and6 individual boxes for Lionel #40 Globe Light Bulbs.
The Original Terrace is in good condition.The top of the fence and the posts seem to be missing the metal cap piece.However,this does not have a big impact on the overall look of the terrace.The 6 nickel/silver light posts and the 8 nickel/silver balls that sit on top of the fence are reproductions. The base for the Flag pole is also nickel/silver.Please note that the light posts and the silver balls are just sitting on the fence for the photos.They will be packed separately to keep them from getting damaged during shipping.Each light post has a wire underneath that just needs to be connected to make the lights work.
The two plots and the urn appear to be originals, but it is hard to tell sometimes.Please look at the photos. The Flag pole is missing.
The original box is in good condition. There is some tape to help hold it together.The Lionel 122 Station is included in this sale.It is missing the internal light bracket.The six boxes for the #40 Light Bulbs have small amounts of tape, and are missing a couple flaps, but overall they display very nicely.
This is a great original item, and with a little TLC could look great on a layout.Note on shipping:Shipping will be a flat fee at check-out of $39.If you overpay for shipping at check-out, we will gladly refund the difference.You will only pay actual shipping to your notes:
Please study the photos carefully. This is an AS-IS sale. Ask questions BEFORE you offer. There are no returns. We would be happy to send you more information and/or photos.
offer with confidence!!! We have been on since 1999, and have excellent response. We ship all items promptly after payment is received, and we pack items very well. If you have any questions, please ask, but don't wait until the last day. We may not be able to answer in the last few hours before the sale ends.
There is no light bulb guarantee during shipping.Light bulbs sometimes break during shipping.
Shipping to 48 states only.

Thank you and good luck!!!!!

Original Lionel 129 Terrace With Original Box, & 122 Station

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Original Lionel 129 Terrace With Original Box, & 122 Station: