Original Usmc Marine Corps 1944 Gas Can, Wwii Mb Gpw Jeep Military Vehicle

Original Usmc Marine Corps 1944 Gas Can, Wwii Mb Gpw Jeep Military Vehicle

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Original Usmc Marine Corps 1944 Gas Can, Wwii Mb Gpw Jeep Military Vehicle:


This is an original 1944 US Marine Corps gas can. The Marine Corps used a can with a similar closure to a German gas can and these were not as common as Army ones and distinctively Marine Corps. This one has been refinished and repainted. The interior is clean but has light rusting. A nice looking unique five gallon gas can for that USMC enthusiasts.

I will also combine sales and accept local pick up. I recently have been having good luck once again selling to some overseas locations. I have recently been shipping to many other countries, but will still not ship to certain countries nor will I ship to APO's. However, certain items CANNOT be shipped outside the United States such as military radio equipment. I will not bend, tweek or break any laws restricting the shipping of certain items.

Comes from a smoke free home, feel free to ask questions.

PAYPAL ONLY, I will ship within 1 business days of receipt of payment. I will only charge for shipping. I will NOT charge or pad my sale with handling charges. If there is an overcharge in shipping I will refund the difference.

ABOUT HANDLING CHARGES: I still hate handling charges and view them as a loop hole for some unreputable sellers to increase their profits. I won't use handling charges unless a buyer requests special services.

ABOUT POSTAGE RATES. I do refund any excess postage the shipping calculator charges if and when it happens and it does. If postage comes out to more, I eat that cost so I try to be careful about postage. I never deliberately try to increase profit by boosting postage. That has been suggested by a couple of people. You know what? Just because you had something shipped from somebody that came from someplace else cheaper doesn't mean it's that cost for all 50 states. And size of the box determines excess postage sometimes. When anything gets over 12 inches in width, length or depth some postage goes sky high. That's why I OFFER OPTIONS, because some postage will be much cheaper. I had one brainiack tell me something was outrageous and yes, the Priority shipping was very high, but if Dr. Spock there had bothered to look at the optional shipping he would have seen it could have been shipped three times cheaper via Parcel Post. Sometimes when this happens and I notice it I try to bring that to the attention of the buyer and will refund if they made a mistake after payment. You would be surprised to know how many people just accept Priority shipping without even thinking or looking at the optional shipping rates.

INTERNATIONAL POSTAL RATES I have been accused by more than one person that I am over charging on shipping for profit. Guess what! I DO NOT SET THE POSTAL RATES, THEY ARE COMPLETELY AUTOMATED BY THE SHIPPING CALCULATOR. After an sale is over I will do my best to try to cut the shipping down if I can and I am still somewhat new to international shipping at this point. I did ship internationally a couple years ago and for the last couple years after that experience completely REFUSED to ship internationally because of the problems involved and the money I lost. I keep my shipping costs down as much as I can so any time I get screwed it hurts a lot and if this should happen again I will again shut down my international sales, this time probably for good. has made shipping internationally far easier and safer than in the past but there are still problems. First the US Postal Service online customs forms will only print on half sheet sized paper and the envelopes the Post Office uses are even bigger so if the box is smaller, you have to hand fill out a new form, take it in and get charged MORE as you lose the online shipping discounts when that happens so to use the Online customs forms I have to use boxes that will fit the form. Sure some sale items will easily fit in a small flat rate Priority box or even smaller, but the Custom Form will not. That is Government at work. Thank you USPS. A few countries are much friendlier to ship to than others. A few I STILL refuse to ship to, not because I can't stand the people there but because I have had to many problems with the Postal Services on the recieving end. I just now had an sale end and postage was almost $40 but once I knew exactly where it was going I repacked into another package and was able to get that postage down to less than $5 and refunded the difference. That was an extreme example but I try my best. I am sorry if you feel I am gouging you on postage but I promise you I GET NOTHING FROM POSTAGE RATES IT IS COMPLETELY AUTOMATED THRU until its over and then I can try to reduce it and refund the difference if any. I will do my best to make the the cost go down, but it should never be more.

NO I WILL NOT GIVE A DAMAGE REFUND OR DISCOUNT if it's damaged in transit. You DO have a FOURTEEN DAY RIGHT OF INSPECTION and return it (at buyer's cost) for a full refund of the sale offer amount. I have had more than one person tell me they wanted some money back for damage they wouldn't prove. Basically they wanted to get a kick back for what they bought. It's doesn't mean I won't work with somebody if it's a reasonable request, but sometimes people just have to have a little something extra after all is said and done. I try to pack things as best I can, and if I feel I was amiss on that I will gladly work with somebody. Sometimes I forget people value boxes and packaging and I can feel their pain so if I feel I didn't package something good enough I am more than happy to work with someone. Most of the time I am very careful although I do try to use whatever boxes I can find instead of buying them to keep from charging a handling fee.

RESTRICTED INTERNATIONAL SALES AND NO APO ADDRESSES! I'm sorry, but I've had to many problems shipping out of the United States and will not do so any longer, SEE ABOVE FOR EXCEPTIONS. The last person I shipped to at an APO address turned out to be in Japan and that cost me $160.00. I am VERY sorry if your kid has a birthday and a rare uncurable disease (I really had a buyer tell me this), but I am not here to save the world, only sell an item and it may not be fair to you to exclude you from this sale or sell it out from under everyone else, but I don't think it's fair to change the rules of an sale and cut everyone else out. However, if I am offered enough to retire and buy an offshore island I might consider ending this sale early and ignoring my morals. I try to be honest and fair, please don't ask me to do otherwise.

PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 5 DAYS. Or I will file a claim with and relist item for sale.

Original Usmc Marine Corps 1944 Gas Can, Wwii Mb Gpw Jeep Military Vehicle:

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