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Ornate Antique Searchlight The Ornate One Kerosene Petroleum Bicycle Lamp Parts For Sale

Ornate Antique Searchlight The Ornate One Kerosene Petroleum Bicycle Lamp Parts

Click on any image to enlarge! Please be patient while they download. (© Copyright 2012, by Peter Frei) (Item no. 8613)

Antique, very ornate SEARCH LIGHT petroleum kerosene Bicycle Lamp

Two models are know of the Search Light Bicycle lamp, this very ornate one and a plain one. Please look at the pictures, there are some parts missing. Good luck!

I have many other interesting items listed on right now. To see my other items on , click here!


Terms and Conditions. Please read before you offer! (V.11.29.04) My pictures are twice as large !
    After the sale:
  • In order to simplify and expedite transactions, here is my address and phone number: Peter Frei, 101 Maybrook Road, HOLLAND, MA 01521. Phone: 413 245 4660, (9:00 hours - 23:00 hours, Eastern Standard time). Do not hesitate to call me if you have a problem. Payment:
  • If you are the successful buyer, your payment should be received by me within seven days. If you are living outside the 48 lower states, I will email you an invoice with the cost for shipping to your destination.
  • Massachusetts residents are required to pay 6.25% sales tax unless you provide me with a signed copy of your "Sales Tax Resale Certificate," (Form ST-4).
  • High-buyers without a PayPal account can mail me their payment.
  • Non-paying buyers will get a warning after 7 days. At the same time I will initiate the "Unpaid item Process" with . If a "Non-paying buyer" fails to make payment in full within 7 more days, I will open an "unpaid item case" will file a request for a "Final Value Fee Credit" with in accordance with 's policies. To learn more about 's "Unpaid item Policy", click here! Shipping & Handling: High buyer within the lower 48 states will pay actual shipping.
    International High buyers and buyers outside the lower 48 states will pay actual shipping cost.
    The measurements of this parcel are: 10" by 10" by 9", and weighs 2.2 lbs.
    You can calculate shipping using the cost-calculator of the United States Parcel Service. response:
  • I guarantee to reciprocate the courtesy of posting response within ten days upon the successful buyer posting response. E-mail: English and German
  • Response guaranteed if received no later than 24 hours before end of sale. E-mail me any time, if I am on-line I certainly will be glad to answer any question you may have.
  • In fairness to all shoppers, I also will not end any sale early (regardless of price offered). Therefore, I will disregard e-mail with this request or any other question already answered in the description or fine print of this listing, including inquiries about shipping cost, as all information you need to figure it out yourself is included in this listing. Return Policy:
  • I offer an unconditional money-back refund on your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied. Items must be returned in the same package and in the same condition as they where shipped out, within 14 days upon receipt. Please notify me by e-mail before you return your item. If it is my fault, I will pay for shipping both ways. I will not accept any returns of packages shipped outside the US.

offer with confidence. I am a full-time professional antique dealer with 29 years of experience. My descriptions and my pictures are never designed to misrepresent or over-embellish my items. My response comments and rating attest to the quality, level and integrity of my customer service. My reputation is very important to me. I will try everything reasonable to make you happy! Please send e-mail if not totally satisfied, before leaving negative response. If should be down any time during the last two hours before the end of this sale, I will disregard all and any offers and declare this sale as void. In this case, I would re-list this item as soon as is up and running again. Good luck, and happy offerding!!

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Ornate Antique Searchlight The Ornate One Kerosene Petroleum Bicycle Lamp Parts

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Ornate Antique Searchlight The Ornate One Kerosene Petroleum Bicycle Lamp Parts:

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