Orrefors 1935 Vicke Lindstrand Norse Galleon Perfume Bottle -perfect

Orrefors 1935 Vicke Lindstrand Norse Galleon Perfume Bottle -perfect

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Orrefors 1935 Vicke Lindstrand Norse Galleon Perfume Bottle -perfect:

Superb crystal clear engraved optical perfume bottle from the prestigious and much acclaimed Swedish factory of Orrefors complete with copper wheel slice cut, engraved and sand blasted Norse Galleon. The piece was conceived, designed and executed by Vicke Lindstrand who was one of the 20th Century's most prolific and important innovative designers. Personally speaking he was responsible for my first tentative steps into collecting clear Scandinavian artglass over 35 years ago. He is in my all time top five and most respected designers along such other greats as Gunnar Nylund, Timo Sarpaneva, Kaj Frank, Gunnel Nyman and Goran Warff. The perfume bottle starts with a small highly polished base which surrounds a sunken pontil - both of which are in a pristine condition. The piece ascends to form a stunning spherical orb with curvaceous arcing side walls. The bottle's globular form eventually starts to recede and taper inwards as it meets a slightly squat turetted neck with a rounded mouthrim. The bottle's stopper fits snugly within this neck. The stopper appears cylindrical but in fact very slightly tapers from top to bottom. The spherical orb has two opposing circular portals that serve to magnify and optical reduce the size of the bottle internal well. Each highly polished window'd portal creates wonderful optical circles that mirror and magnify the piece's curvaceous arcs into a never ending series of crescents, circles and half moon optical patterns. The perfume bottles front fascia has been engraved with a superlative ancient Norse Galleon which sits upon an abstract copper wheel sliced depiction of waves. The ship's hull and sails are beautifully observed with a silky satin diffused colouration using the snad blasted technique. The reverse fascia has been left plain and unworked - please see photo 6. The latter was Vicke Lindstrands preffered stance as he opted in the majority of his designs to leave the internal and external areas of a design to ' speak for themselves '. In this respect design with the use of simplistic form, optics and various other innovative techniques were the hallmark of Lindstrands design ethic. Lindstrands perfume bottles and smaller pieces were often left unsigned as their respective smaller pontil bases allowed for little or no engraved details. The pieces attracts both natural and unnatural light, which penetrates, defracts and diffuses light, creating wonderful arcing crescents and starry accents which take the piece into another realm of superlatives. The bottles two window'd portals lead the viewer into the pieces inner core of sublime light filled arcs and spheres. From the opposing end, a single vertical shaft of light graces the stopper whereby the piece has all the hallmarks's of a very special 20th Century glass master. Vicke Lindstrand was born in 1904 and sadly passed away in 1983, leaving a suitable and prolific legacy of his superlative designs for the world to marvel at, collect and admire.


Condition of theperfume bottle and its accompanying stopperare both A1 perfect with no chips, dents, cracks, abrasions, nibbles, scratches orwater/ perfume damage. The piece ( inc. stopper )measures 4.25 "(10.5 cms ) in height and weighs in at248 gms. The highly polishedcircular basesurrounds a circularpontil - both of which are pristine and scratch free.


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Orrefors 1935 Vicke Lindstrand Norse Galleon Perfume Bottle -perfect:

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