Outstanding Antique Caucasian 4-medallion "cloud-band Kazak" Runner. Natural Dye

Outstanding Antique Caucasian 4-medallion

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Outstanding Antique Caucasian 4-medallion "cloud-band Kazak" Runner. Natural Dye:

BOLDandCOLORFUL ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN "CLOUD-BAND" CHONDZORESK RUNNER, Kazak or Karabagh district,SouthernCaucasus Mountains, last quarter of the19th century, and coming invery good overall condition for the collector or decorator. The size is:3'-8" x 9'-9" (112 x 297cm). This colorful and quite decorative 19th century Caucasian weaving is all wool in construction with mixed natural light anddark brown wool warpsand wool wefts dyed red. All of the bright and cheerful dye lots are natural and derived from plant sources.The dark brown dye lot is oxidized. The side cord over-castings are all original and complete. Both the top and the bottom endings are original and complete and are now sewn back secure to prevent any future loss of structure. The pile is evenly medium low (see photo 10) with a couple areas exhibiting lower pile condition. Still, for its age, the carpet comes in a rather remarkable state of preservation. It is clean and collection ready. NO rips, holes, tears, stains, moth damage, dryness, odors, color fading, or bleeding of dyes. With a high quality rug pad underneath, it is immediately ready to be placed down as a decorative floor covering. With a tall wall space, itwill makea dramatic, bold, marvelous antique tribal textile art hanging display. Ifyou have any questions concerning thislovely antiqueCaucasian weaving, feel free to callMichael Phillips at(303) 885-7599 or email me (READ: phillipsrugs at comcast dot net).Please takea littleextra time to review all ofthe other fine antique rugsand weavings of merit I have posted exclusively with sale this week and do remember to bookmark my seller ID: imokub2 (I am okay, you be too) to your "favorite sellers list" to seemy weekly future offerings of antique oriental rugs, carpets, tribal bags, kilim weavings,and textiles of merit. NOTICE All of my offerings come with an unconditional 100% money back refund guarantee (includingall initial s/h/ins. fees) if for ANY reason the winning buyer isnot happy with their antique oriental rug or textile art purchase from me.GOOD LUCK offerDING. GREAT COLORS AND

Outstanding Antique Caucasian 4-medallion "cloud-band Kazak" Runner. Natural Dye:

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