Outstanding A/o 20" Mechanical Steiner Gigoteur Kicking/crying Character Girl

Outstanding A/o 20

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Outstanding A/o 20" Mechanical Steiner Gigoteur Kicking/crying Character Girl:

Here is a stunning, largest size made, all original mechanical Steiner Gigoteur with 2 rows of teeth, original mint body, original mohair wig, original dress with original matching bonnet, original pantaloons, slips and socks but her shoes are not original but they are nice. She is in wonderful condition and the best Steiner Gigoteur I have had in years. Usually the kid legs are ripped or the body is torn and been worked on but this body is mint and has never been touched. She is absolutely gorgeous and was born in the mid 1800's by the Jules Steiner Factory. She is the biggest size made at 20" tall and as with the Gigoteur's there are no marks on the head. She has beautiful pale smooth, creamy bisque with no chips, cracks or hairline and her coloring is fantastic. She has huge sparkling blue, almond shaped, spiral thread flat paperweight eyes along with painted upper and lower lashes. I’m told the early Gigoteur has flat eyes in stead of bulge paperweight eye and she has light light mauve coloring above her eyes. The sculpting and detail to her face is marvelous and her lips are wonderful. She has 2 rows of tiny teeth with a delicate nose and dimple in her chin along with a flange neck. She has her original curly mohair or lambs wool wig that is soft and full and the curls frame her face perfectly. Her original body is pretty much perfect with no holes, rips and it has never been taken apart. Usually there are holes in the chest where the voice box is and the kid leather on the tops of the legs is ripped or gone but not so with his girl. Her lower composition lower legs are almost mint and the detail to the knees and her separate toes is fabulous. There is no flaking chips or crazing but there a little discoloration on the side. Her composition arms are excellent and as with all Steiner's her big hands and thick fingers are perfect. She has the original gold fancy key with on/off lever that winds freely. When wound her head should move from side to side, her arms should go up and down, her legs kick and she cries. Now this girl does very slowly except the legs as I have not seen them move. As you can see this body has never been worked on and toes wind great. It also unwinds and you can see the arms moving and the head sort of jerks a little but that seems to be it. I have a feeling maybe something is caught somewhere inside but I have never taken one these apart. It seems to me, it has to be something simple considering it winds and runs down like it should so I’m sure someone could it, just not me. She is wearing her original French dress with lace, hand tied eyelets and silk trims in excellent excellent condition. She has short sleeves that are full with a tight cuff and a V shaped panel of the hand tied eyelet designs with baby blue silk in the front. It fitted to right above the waist when gathered so it flair’s out beautifully over the key and around the bottom. I’m not sure what kind of material it is but I know it’s covered with the baby blue silk. Her original pantaloons are excellent with the slit on the side for the key. Her original slip is great and she came with a sheer lacy long sleeve slip or dress. If it was a dress there should have been some other kind of material under it but since it doesn’t it helps her dress to hold the shape. It has long sleeves with gathers around the edge and looks fabulous with the sleeves on her dress. The matching big brim bonnet is amazing and wire around the edges. Its almost shaped like a heart with gathers and the baby blue silk around the edges and in back. This is a stunning outfit in perfect condition but I think it’s a bit soiled with age from being packed away for decades. I never wash or iron any of the cloths so I’ll leave that to you. Her socks are original but her shoes aren’t. They are more like boots I guess and look nice plus I didn’t have anything that fit her. She is a gorgeous and rare size original Steiner Gigoteur and would make a fabulous surprise for that someone special on Christmas morning and a wonderful addition to any collection. This fare size, exquisite, 20" all original Kicking Crying Steiner Gigoteur French Character Girl seems to book for well over $4500.00 but my reserve is less so don't let her walk away. Lucky winner pays 47.00 S/I and international would be more. Email any questions and thanks for looking. Check out my other sales for more wood jointed, composition character and antique bisque dolls.

Outstanding A/o 20" Mechanical Steiner Gigoteur Kicking/crying Character Girl:

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