Master Toneoil Antique A M20+ Antonio Stradivari 1721 "the Kruse" Copy

Master Toneoil Antique  A M20+ Antonio Stradivari 1721

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Master Toneoil Antique A M20+ Antonio Stradivari 1721 "the Kruse" Copy :

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oil varnish,A m20+ !

Antonio Stradivari 1721 "The kruse" Copy !

Best model ,Auaber bridge

master tone , same as master medel performance

free case, no bow

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Winner of this sale can choose bows and cases in the following tables for upgrade. Please send us an email to request a revised invoice if you win the sale, enclosing a note about the model name of upgraded items.

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Top Snakewood Bow

5Star Top Pernambuco Violin Bow

Upgrade Price 38USD 68USD 83USD 98USD 12USD 125USD




Model Name #57 #57A #58F #58E #54 #60A


#I65 Top Snakewood

Top AAA Pernambuco

Description Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber GraphicCarbon OX Horn SilverCarbon OX Horn Brazilwood Top Pernambuco

Ironwood Silver

IPE Silver Top Snakewood Silver

Top AAA Pernambuco Silver

Pictures (Click picture for the details)         Upgrade Price 15USD 89USD 288USD 12USD 70USD 42USD 30USD 30USD 12EUR 66EUR 245EUR 9EUR 50EUR 30eur 22EUR 22EUR 10GBP 59GBP 175GBP 8GBP 44GBP 27GBP 20GBP 20GBP Model Name HZV04-Black HZV12 HZV13 Violin Shoulder VN-S07 VN-S06-135B VN-BG03-A


Description Standard Case Plywood Double Case Carbon Fiber Case Violin Shoulder evah pirazzi set strings Upgrade Dominant set Strings 135B Upgrade


Bridge(We will cut the bridge for the violin)


Bridge(We will cut the bridge for the violin) Item Description & Specifications

Item Description

This violin is a nice Antonio Stradivari 1721"Kruse" copy.Professional level The purpose of this violin is to make an exactly copy. It follows original violin's arching, f hole style, edge thickness, outline, rib heights and the thickness distribution. Oil antique varnish is used,very skillful . We left the belly a little thicker. Professional set up,!The tone is already very nice for new violin, in my option the tone performance better than some master model violins

  • 100% hand made by one maker from the beginning till the end
  • Well air dried maple and spruce
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Label reads: Ma Zhibin workshop. (Buyer can request to remove label by enclosing a note with payment)

This listing includes:

  • One listed violin, one case , no bow

YITAMUSIC Violin Series Yitamusic violin series have three levels.


(MV3000 Violins)


(MV5000 Violins/T19)

Best Model (Fine & Rare)

(MV7000 Violins/T20)

Master Model

(MV9000 Violins)

For advanced students or players.

This is an instrument that looks, feels and sounds just right. The traditional craftsmanship makes it a solid choice for any student.

The violins are hand made by our skilled makers, from aged maple and spruce tonewoods.

For advanced to professional players

This range of violins is one of our most popular violins. It has a rich and powerful tone, and it is very easy to play on. We are focused on getting 3 things right:

  • Great Quality selected tonewoods.
  • Consistently outstanding hand craftsmanship.
  • Emulating the high quality standards of traditional varnishes.
For professional players

This is our best models. Violins are handmade using high quality wood which has been dried for over 12 years. The craftsmanship of the instrument, the sound quality and the price offered are hard to match anywhere else.

For soloists

Limited quantity every year. Made by our maker maker from the beginning to the end.

The master level violin series achieves many highs in terms of tone and playbility: strong, resonant, mellow, quick response, balaced volume, and rich coloured overtones. A dreamed violin at afforad price.


What you see is what you will get! No color correction is done to process these images. But the color you see may differ from the actual color because of different pc monitors.

What makes our instruments different with others?

Dry tonewood. Nowdays, it seems every seller/maker claims they use 10+ or 20+ seasoned tonewoods. We are in this business for many years. We know the secrets and see a different story. We can say that less than 10% instruments from China use 5+ years seasoned tonewood. We have seen more and more small factory/workshop use green wood(seasoned less than one year) due to price and time pressure. We stocked enough tonewood for at least 5 years usage. We guranttee all of our instruments use 5+ years seasoned wood. How to judge a fresh wood and well seasoned wood? 1. Use electronic wood moisture scanner. 2. Fresh wood smells sour. 3. Take your instruments to local violin shop. They may know. Warning: violins made from fresh woods have high risk of cracking, losing glue joints and neck wraping.

Tone quality. Our instruments have better controlled plate thickness, about 5% thicker than standard thickness. The tone of our instruments will be better and better as time goes on. Some makers use overly thinned plates. Those instruments will lost tone after several years. How to check thin/normal plates? Use your thumb to press the areas near purfling, and you will know.

Shop standard setup.

  • Most of makers just throw factory size fingerboard on violins. They don't know those fingerboard is raw, and need to be adjusted. Ebony fingerboard directly from factory are always too thick. bumps on surface. Inaccurate radius.

  • Our setup standard

Check thickness of fingerboard. I found most of Violins sold in eaby have bulky fingerboard thickness.

The radius of fingerboard need to be checked

High spot area need to be lowered .Check the smoothnee of fingerboard surface. A light concavity is perferred. More scoop on G string side. Less scoop on E string side

Linseed oil polished

Check the thickness of neck with fingerboard. I can say most of other chinese seller's violins have bulky neck thickness because they use raw fingerboard. The grooves on nut should be lubricated by a pencil. This is simple, but not everyone does it. Many violins' heel are too bulky. Check string clearance over the end of fingerboard. Bridge feet need to be fit perfectly Bridge cutting Pegs need to be shaped. Make sure the taper of reamer fits the taper of shaper. Peg compound applyied. Make sure pegs turns smoothly polished peg ends. You will find The pegs of many violins sold on eaby have rough saw ends. Dentist mirror used to check the fittness of soundpost. Full contact required. No minor gap are allowed.


Antonio Stradivari For some 200 years, Antonio Stradivari has been recognised as the greatest violin maker of all. His developments in violin design, combined with excellent workmanship and super materials, produced instruments that, both tonally and aesthetically, have never been surpassed. His career spanned 71 years.

He was born in or around Cremona in about 1644. He has traditionally been thought to have been a pupil of Nicolo Amati. Stradivari moved to Cremona's Piazza San Domenico in 1680, and from this point his work became more consistent and more prolific. Over the next 20 years he gradually moved away from Amati's influence, at first making violins based on Amati's model but slightly more robust in conception, and then experimenting with an entirely new form - the "Long Pattern" of the 1690s. This was no doubt an attempt to match the richness of tone that the Brescian makers of the 16th and 17th centuries had achieved.

It was in 1699 that Stradivari finally found the ideal model for which he had been searching, and the "Lady Tennant" is an early example of Stradivari's so-called "Golden Period". This peirod saw Stradivari at the height of his powers, making instruments that are characterised by an increased breadth of model and flatness of arch, combined with magnificently flamed maple backs, and glorious red varnish that is one of the trademakers of his best work.


If you are an experienced string instruments buyer, you may have noticed that yitamusic is one of the largest and best sellers in string instruments community. We thank each and every one of you for your support and your business. Without your responses and suggestions, we won't be able to improve the quality of our instruments so rapidly.

selling is only a part of our business. Our customers are resellers, violin shops, music schools, orchestra, violin teachers, luthiers, bow makers, individual buyers etc.. You are welcomed to contact us for any kind of business cooperation. In the last two years, school orders increased rapidly. And the response from them is very encouraging! If you are a purchase representative of music schools. Don't miss our products! We are 100% sure that our products have the best price/ performance ratio and will definitely meet your requirements.

chain of maker to importer to wholesaler to retail shop effectively

trebles the price of an instrument. We make them and supply them directly to you.

In the past few years, we have spent lots of funding and time in the researching and developing of new products, from making famous instruments replicas by studying antique European instruments, to copy well known bows based on the1:1 drawings of famous bow models purchased by us. By the end of 2009, we have achieved great success on both instruments and bows. Talking about instruments, we have developed Baroque Model, Jocob Stainer Model, Nicola Amati Model, Long Strad Model,.....Talking about bows, we not only improved the carbon stick quality, but developed several new wood materials for bow making along with new bow models. It is very exciting to see new products coming on market.

T M series,Jiang linwanworkshop J series, named by leading violin Our makers are well respected and frequently praised for the high quality of their work.

Snapshots of our violin workshops

See What Other Buyers Say About Our Products

"My bow arrived safely. Thanks you. I would really like to commend your staff for the excellent craftsmanship that has gone into this bow. Because I am a violin-maker my standards are extremely high, and I have to say this bow has been made without any flaws or problems. It is perfect. Please pass on this message to your bow-maker"-----------------Philip

"I wanted to tell you that I have found your instruments and bows to be amazing quality for the price. I bought a viola from your company last year through , and when I took it to have the bridge fitted, the Luthier said that the viola was worth more than 5 times what I paid for it. Your bows are beautiful and well made, too, and would cost probably 5 - 10 times more if bought from a local music shop. Thank you so much!"

"I Got my bow today, I love it!!! It's carbon fiber bow I've ever played and I played many brands in the past. Please tell the maker that he is one hell of a bow

"I want to tell you that this exquisite copy is one of your "Hallmark" pieces--a real "Grand AMATI" in every way. In a small but famous shop in Washington, D.C., about 37 years ago, I looked at 3 Nicolo Amati violins in this pattern and I can tell you that your maker has captured the pure essence of the Amati House of Violinmaking at its best! "-------------Mack

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  • Soundpost may fall in posting. Buyer is responsible for install it if this happes.
  • Bridge is sent unfitted to avoid damage in transit.

Master Toneoil Antique A M20+ Antonio Stradivari 1721 "the Kruse" Copy :

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