Old Britains Lead, Danish Army Hussars Galadragt, 8 Piece Set #2018, Tied-in-box

Old Britains Lead, Danish Army Hussars Galadragt, 8 Piece Set #2018, Tied-in-box

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Old Britains Lead, Danish Army Hussars Galadragt, 8 Piece Set #2018, Tied-in-box:

STILL TIED IN THE BOX!!! Old BRITAINS Ltd,Army of Denmark Cavalry, 54mm size hollow-cast lead, made 1950s. Britains set#2018 "Danish Army Gardehusarregimente (Galadragt)". (Danish all original Britains castings and painting.Set consists of6 troopers with drawn swords, officer with drawn sword and trumpeter on white horse, all with moveable arms but painted not to move. The setappears tobe inMINToverall condition. No damage,breaks,repairs or repainting noted. The original Britains Regiments Of All Nations (ROAN)BOX is inVery wear on high spots and edges. All 4 corners are nowtight on the top and bottom. The box has some minor lidrepairs. The bottom has the original tie-card, still stapled in place. Made in England.See photos for details. Do not confuse photo flash for paint chips.Ask if you are not sure, but do not wait until the last day. Thislot weighsover2pounds boxed for shipping. Delivery Confirmation will be included in the final S&H costs.

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TOY SOLDIER SHOWS: We will be attending the following Toy Soldier Shows and highly recommend them.

September 22, 2013 – Old Toy Soldier Newsletter (OTSN) Chicago show, held at the Hyatt Woodfield in Schaumburg, Il. Room trading there starts on Wednesday, four days before the Sunday show! Check out their website for more info www.toysoldiershow.com .


Dimestore authority Don Pielin has released his new book The American Toy Soldier Art of J. Edward Jones. I do not yet own a copy of this book, but one can be obtained directly from the author. Contact Don via his website, www.toysoldiershow.com.

William Britains authority Joe Wallis has re-released his book Regiments of All Nations in hard-back. This book, one of my favorites, now has over 400 pages with 500 full-color photographs along with revisions. This book is the standard reference on postwar Britains and I highly recommend it. Now you can get a copy directly from the author by sending $60 for U.S. delivery to: Joe Wallis, P.O. Box 3407, Arlington, VA 2220-3407. Mention that you heard about it from me and ask for your copy to be autographed.

We are always in the market to purchase old toy soldier collections. If you have a collection you want to sell, please send us an email. Millerfigs at speedbeam.com.

Old Britains Lead, Danish Army Hussars Galadragt, 8 Piece Set #2018, Tied-in-box:

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