Oldzisha-exquisite China Yixing Zisha Old Zhuni Small 130cc "egg-shell" Teapot

Oldzisha-exquisite China Yixing Zisha Old Zhuni Small 130cc

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Oldzisha-exquisite China Yixing Zisha Old Zhuni Small 130cc "egg-shell" Teapot:

新建网页 1   ZhuNiSmall"Egg-Shell Tripod ShuiPing" Teapot(朱泥小品-薄胎 三足水平壶)


Mark:BottomYiXing Curios(荆溪宝玩)

Size:L:4 1/2 inch W: 3 inch H: 2 1/2 inch


Clay: ZhuNi Clay


Spout Hole:One Hole,can offer gift of stainless steel ball holes

  Origin:Old teapot was collected decade years ago.New In Perfect Condition. Appreciation: is a smart teapot made of original old pure ZhuNi Zisha clay with egg-shell & light body,the texture of it is very fine and its has a great effect of visualization.Teapot is well made,the beautiful and simple line on this teapot creates an artistic realm of recovery of original purity and simplicity,and graceful nudity.With chop mark of shop's name on the bottom.This teapot is both greatly suitable for GongFu tea and display. YiXing Curios 荆溪宝玩,famous YiXing ZiSha shop in the early of 20 Centruy,who is expert in making small teapots for GongFu tea.

  This teapotdoesn't come With Free Certificate of Authentication

About certificate of authentication for vintage teapots:

Because the certification of authentication is limited,only high quality teapots come with free certification,we will show whether including certificate in description.For other teapots,if buyer want the certification,please contact us first and pay authentication fee.Thanks your consideration.

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Oldzisha-exquisite China Yixing Zisha Old Zhuni Small 130cc "egg-shell" Teapot:

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