On Salecomplete Haunted House For Sale Over 8000sq/ft Set Up Make Money This Yr

On Salecomplete Haunted House For Sale Over 8000sq/ft Set Up Make Money This Yr

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On Salecomplete Haunted House For Sale Over 8000sq/ft Set Up Make Money This Yr:


Make your Offer! You never know what might be accepted.

But....Before you ask.....this sale willNOT be pieced out, itisto besold only asa complete haunted house package.

No exceptions. This is not your ordinary home haunt!, its up to National Fire Code Standards including flame retardant plastic and flame retardant clear coat on all the props, although everything could probably use a new clear coat, and guess what we will include 10 gallons of flame retardant clear coat paint. The only items that would need to be upgraded would be some of the extension cords if you choose to use them because you do not have an electrical system set up.

It is Close to the time of needing to move this to a new storage area, Lets move it to your location!!!

Jurassic Park Description

Let's start with the sign / entrance which is approximately a 1/5 scale replica.The columns at their base measures 38" wide, 26" deep and each one stands 96" high. The sign portion of the entrance screws into the back of the columns and add about another 24" in height overall, the individual smallerletters average about 11" in height. On the columns are two battery operated torches, and a "Baby" T-Rex that are included, the black plasticyou see in the pictures is not included.

Next, the Velociraptor Head with attached meat in its mouth. Although it has been removed from the apparatus for storage it is easily put back on. This manually turns left to right or right to left to bring the head into view as people pass by. The head itselfmeasures from the back of the head to the front of the nose 3'2", the approximate height is 30". Theapparatus for movement is 9'8" in height overall with the head attached it is at 10' high.

Next, is the T-Rex head that rolls forward and dips down towards the unsuspecting dinner snacks. This manually rolls forward and back, it isvery very easy to push and pull on its tracks. The head itselfmeasures from the back of the head to the front of the nose it is just under 7', and the overall height isjust under 6', the width of the head is 33". Mounted on the rolling rig it stands 11' to the top. The rolling rig is overall is 5'2" wide by 12' long and very very stable.You also get the two 15' long tracks. Just this prop head and apparatus cost me $3700.00

The two above dinosaur heads were purchased from a very large company that ships museum quality products.

Next is a "Walking Dinosaur Costume" in which it gives the illusion of a man sitting on a saddle on the dinosaur as it walks around. The man actually is standing inside the dinosaurs feet for the movement and the "sitting legs" are fake.This costume is old and could use some repairs.

Finally, a whole bunch of silk trees, plants, ivy, leaves, etc. and some camo netting to complete a jungle scene. There are also some smaller items included that will be included but this is all the larger items of importance.

We have a Pirate themed area that has the front end of a ship complete with a ships wheel anda spitter mechanism to spray water at the unsuspecting victims,we alsohave two 15' tall masts with Flags & sails, we have a bunch of uniquestreasure chests made by us that include gems, jewelry, glass crystals, and more, some have rotating lights that illuminate the gems, and one very large one has a fog machine and a rotating light inside it! We also have a cannon that has an air blaster that shoots fog rings, and of course many pirate themed props and costumes.

We also have a section called "The Monster House" in we have a bunch of props that would make up a home. Sofa, Big Screen TV Shell, A Cocktail Table with an Animated Glow in the DarkOuija Board,(it moves in apath that will alwaysgo to the word no), we usually asked the Ouija Board if the patrons will leave the Monster House and it answered "NO",a Stove, Refrigerator that has an air power remote controlled arm that pops out to unsuspecting guests, a Microwave, two Kitchen Cabinets one with a cutting board & knife, Toilet, Shower with Sump Pump for circulating bloody water, and more. We usually had 4-6 Creature Reacher Monsters in there to scare people. (Costumes are Included)

Also in another section is an area that covers 40-70 foot walkway area depending on how far you seperate it.It has6 homemade tables that are over 6ft long thatget covered in surgical cloth and many, many props, & real hospital items, and more. Also included in this section is the dental area which includes a salon chair that doubles as our patient chair, a real dental tool station with hoses and some pick hand tools glued to the adjustable table, and a very old dental xray machine. Overall this was one of the more gory and horrifying areas of the haunt that was usually talked about a lot. We usually staffed this area with a dentist & patient, and two-three doctors, (those costumes are inluded with all the costumes).

Another area was simply a graveyard area that was about 16ft x 30ft we had enough props to fill this large of an areaalmost twice so we usually just used half every other year, or this could be expanded to a larger graveyard. It hadthe usual propitems you would suspect, tombstones, body parts, zombie props, bats, bugs, etc, &tree stands that we would put large dead tree branches paint them white put glitter on them and place black lights and strobe lights on them. We would usually put two live actors in this area motionless and get some unsuspecting patrons to jump literally out of their shoes. Unfortunately, the fencing did not stand the test of time, but there are so many cheap viable options it can be easily replaced.

Another area, The Zombie School of Death was a new addition this past year. It was basically about 350 square feet that was set up like a school classroom. We had a very large dry erase board, (board only no frame),screwed to the wall, it is not a freestanding one, (approximately 4'x7'), Four student desks, eight stacked lockers which basically made an area just under five feet wide by a little over six feet tall, one of the lockers has the back cut out so at the right time a live actor can come through the locker to grab at an unsuspecting patron,an Animated6ft Tall Bookcase with three shelves and a drawer, each of the three shelves has three books that move in & out looking like a ghost is grabbing at the top of the book then putting it back, and a drawer below the shelves moves in & out, and a set of old encyclopedias that we just scattered in the area along with some loose leaf paper(paper not included), and of course some bloody body parts props. This area was very effective with three live actors, two at the desks and one behind the lockers.

Also included is a 1980 Cadillac Hearse, it did run about 2 years ago but that is the last time we started it, you can contact us about the general condition of it if you wish. Also, a last minute inclusion are about 90% of the parts to put together a 16' long vortex tunnel again you can contact us for more information about the vortex. There are many, many cool props that don't show up in pictures or on the videos on the website, one example is a pirate cannon that has an air blaster that shoots smoke rings.

Now the above was just the description of the Jurassic Park Scene, ThePirate Scene, The Monster House, The Doctors Area, The Graveyard, Zombie School of Deathparts of the haunt, needless to say there are wellover a thousandstatic, animated props, some unique one of a kind props built by us. This haunt has evolved for nine years and has accumulated tons of items,many, manyfog machines,a bunch ofstrobe lights, tons of other lighting, air compressors, extension cords, over 65 costumes,and so on and so on......You can go to our website (our name)and look through our past events pages to find 2006-2009 props for more pictures but there is still a ton more than you will see in the pictures. Some props have been reused and refashioned into other props throughout the years, some props just did not stand the test of time and were disposed of, some props need repairs. Overall this is a complete haunted house that was packed into 8000sq/ft and could be expanded to easily fill 10,000sq/ft, by purchasing this package deal you could easily be in the haunted house business immediately and recoup your money inone season.

Needless to say this is for pickup only, The haunted house will require eithera complete semi trailer load, and an additional trailer for the T-Rex prop abd a trailer for the hearse, or two 24' box truck rentalswith a towedflatbed car hauler behind each one. ANon Refundable Paypal deposit of $3,000.00 is duewithin 24hrs of the end of the sale and the balance isduevia Paypal within 30 daysorbefore pickup or cash at the time of pickup. I will be able to store this as long as it has been paid for in full for two months at no additional charge.

I am willing to come to your site in the ContinentalUnited Statesand help set up the haunt the first yearto help everything go smoothly. This can be negotiated separately from the sales price of the haunt. Also available are the name of the haunt "Moroffer Manor" and its associated website and materials used for the haunt. Please contact us about these separate options if you are interested in either of them.

Ask all your questions before offerding! and before you ask,No I will not break this saleapart. Please, Please..... Serious inquiries only..... Anyone and everyone who is seriously interested in this sale is welcome to come by and inspectwhat is visible in the storage area.

On Salecomplete Haunted House For Sale Over 8000sq/ft Set Up Make Money This Yr:

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