Order Of Alexander Nevsky Rkka 1945 Ussr Nkvd Kgb Document Id Card Beria Signatu

Order Of Alexander Nevsky Rkka 1945 Ussr Nkvd Kgb Document Id Card Beria Signatu

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Order Of Alexander Nevsky Rkka 1945 Ussr Nkvd Kgb Document Id Card Beria Signatu:

Riga Film Studio Props = Guarantees authenticity can not give.This WORLD WAR II RKKA 1945 YEAR NKVD SMERH (СМЕРШ - СМЕРТЬ ШПИОНАМ - 1945г УДОСТОВЕРЕНИЕ ЗАОрден Александра - Death to Spies -1945 USSR NKVD KGB DOCUMENT ID CARDORDER OF ALEXANDER NEVSKY RKKA 1945 USSR NKVD KGB DOCUMENT ID CARD BERIA SIGNATUTUREThis WORLD WAR II 1945 YEAR NKVD SMERHПОДПИСЬ ЛАВРЕНТИЙ БЕРИЯ!SIGNATURE OF BERIA'S LAVRENTIES!Order of Alexander NevskyThe Order of Alexander Nevsky is one of the most beautiful orders of the times of the Soviet Union. it was established in July 1942 and, during the Great Patriotic War, became one of the most respected in the Soviet Army.Order of Alexander Nevsky "junior" from the orders, which awarded the generals. He, unlike the others, has no degrees. The approval was supposed to award division commanders from the platoon to the regiment. But then the circle of the rewards extended to the commanders of the divisions and brigades. The award was made by the decree of the Presidium of the Armed Forces of the USSR for the courage and personal courage shown in the battles, corresponding to the military task, the initiative to choose the right moment for attacking the enemy and causing him a major defeat with minimal losses for his troops. And also for the excellent performance of the set combat task, the proper organization of interaction with other parts for complete or partial destruction of the superior enemy forces. Great attention during the award was paid to the skillful and competent command, which resulted in the maximum possible preservation of technology and staffing of its units and units.
The Order of Alexander Nevsky, the history of the institutionThe birth of the Order began in March 1942. The technical committee of the Chief Quarterly Command of the Red Army received the instruction of Stalin to prepare projects for the orders of Alexander Nevsky, Suvorov and Kutuzov to reward the commanders of the Red Army. The projects were designed in just one day. Of all the sketches of the Order of Alexander Nevsky, Stalin chose the work of a young architect, Telyatnikov I. S. . The complexity of the work was that there were no lifetime portraits of Prince Alexander Nevsky, and Telyatnikov used the profile of the prince on the order of the profile of the actor Nikolai Cherkasov, who played the role of Prince Alexander in the movie "Alexander Nevsky". When considering the sketch, it was supposed to make the order originally stamped, which reduced its production. However, Telyatnikov insisted on the order was a team, because in this form looked more beautiful and original. It was supported by Stalin and, as a result, the first copy was made of a few parts. Later, since 1943, the mark began to be manufactured by the stamped ones.
The first award of the Order of Alexander Nevsky was held on November 5, 1942. That day the Knight of the Order of Alexander Nevsky became the assistant to the commander of the 1st individual infantry battalion of the 154th individual rifle brigade, Senior Lieutenant Ruban I.N. and the commander of the infantry battalion of the 124th individual rifle brigade captain Tsibulin Stepan Petrovich.
Over the years of the Great Patriotic War, more than forty two thousand awards were awarded to the Order of Alexander Nevsky. This order was handed almost twice as often as other generals' rewards, but it is much less common. The reason is that the cavalry was often killed in subsequent battles. The Order of Alexander Nevsky was rewarded again. It is known that 114 Red Army commanders were awarded twice, 3 people were awarded three signs. However, these figures are subject to clarification.
Cavalier of the Orders of Alexander Nevsky Sedoy Ivan MikhailovichGood example, illustrating the heroic deeds, for which the award was awarded the Order, can serve as an extract from the recipe sheets twice the Knight of the Order of Alexander Nevsky Sergey Ivan Mikhailovich, commander, rifle company 166 guards rifle regiment.
From the awards letter signed on July 8, 1944: In the battles in the area of ​​crossing over the river Ptich on June 26, 1914, Comrade. The gray with his company approached the enemy at a distance of 50-100 meters and destroyed more than 50 soldiers and officers of the enemy from all types of weapons. Having firmly established itself on the achieved frontier, thanks to its skillful leadership and personal courage, it repelled six counterattacks of the enemy, where it caused great losses in the living power.
In the battles with the boating of the Ptich river on June 27, 1944, Comrade. Gray manifested resourcefulness and courage. Thanks to the skillful leadership, Comrade. Sedi on the boat threw a match, and along with the fighters crossed the river and suddenly attacked the enemy and destroyed 2 machine gun points enemy, which prevented the advance of our infantry forward, than provided, security for the transfer of other units of the regiment.
And already on July 9 (from the awards letter to the second order of Alexander Nevsky) In the battles for the village of Bestsyn Comrade. The gray-eyed with his mouth repulsed 3 violent counterattacks of the enemy by force to the battalion, while destroying 35 soldiers and 4 firing points. Reflecting enemy counterattacks on the flank, counterattacked and in a stubborn fight, he knocked out the enemy from the base, turning him into a panic escape, with the destruction of up to 30 soldiers and officers of the enemy. Owned the support point, Comrade. Sedi gave the opportunity to move the other parts forward and Bestsjin was taken.Sometimes the Knight of the Order also did not have an officer's rank, since in accordance with the Statute, officers and officers of the Red Army were presented to the award, sometimes due to the lack of officers, platoons, and sometimes the company commanded by sergeants and elders. Rarely, but there were occasions when the Knights of the Order were becoming ordinary people, exercising in the difficult times of the battle leadership unit.
Among the awards there are female officers, as well as 1473 rewards of military units, whose personnel have been somehow heroically manifested in hostilities. Among these, the awarded military units, the air regiment "Normandy Neman". Three officers of this regiment personally were awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky. This is Pierre Poiyad, Leon Cafo, Joseph Risso. Pierre Puyad is Colonel of the Normandy-Neman air regiment. In one of the air battles in August 1944, pilots under his command made one hundred flight departures, killed 29 German planes in the air and destroyed about fifty on the ground, while not losing any of their own. Pierre Poiyad himself destroyed eight enemy planes in these battles. Joseph Risso captain. During the air battles on the Soviet-German front, he shot down 11 German planes. In addition to the officers of the Normandy-Neman air regiment, more than seventy officers of foreign armies were awarded the title of the Knight of the Order of Alexander Nevsky for outstanding military activity shown during the war. The rewards of the post of the order and after the end of the war did not stop. For the manifested initiative and skillful command of the troops during the suppression of the rebellion in Hungary in 1956, a large number of officers of the Soviet Army were rewarded.
The awarding of the Order to veterans who did not receive it for reasons beyond their control during the years of the war continued until the sixtieth anniversary of the Victory in May 2005.
With the collapse of the USSR, the Order of Alexander Nevsky was not excluded from the Russian awards, but in 2010 it was substantially changed.

Состоит из трех деталей. Процесс изготовления знаков третьего типа был упрощен. Красная эмалевая звезда и десятиконечная серебряная звезда стали единой цельно штампованной деталью. Реверс вогнутый. На реверсе этого типа нет заклепок и центрального отверстия. Медальон припаян в центре аверса. Винт без фланца припаян к центру реверса. Клеймо "МОНЕТНЫЙ ДВОР" выбито в две строки и располагается ниже винта. Порядковый номер выгравирован штихелем под клеймом. Самый маленький известный номер — 10707, а самый большой — 50598.

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Order Of Alexander Nevsky Rkka 1945 Ussr Nkvd Kgb Document Id Card Beria Signatu:

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