Original Vintage Cast Iron Sign C1940 Lner For Sale

For sale here is a genuine authentic cast iron sign by LNER.Its c 1940. This sign has several unique characteristics giving provenance to its originality.

The sign has 4 mounting holes, all of which are smooth with no "flash or burs etcwhere the bolts have secured it to the gate. Look carefully at the bolt holes...these are not symmetrical/uniform.

The total length is 103 cm (40.5 inches) as opposed to other "similar" signs at97 cm (36") is 9.5cm wide, and 9mm deep. There is only approx 10% original black paint left on the background, and approx the same amount of white painton the border and wording.The background shows pitting, flaking and small amounts of rust.

The rear/back of the sign alsoshows pitting and rust where its been fastened to a gate/post etc,and the white and black paint overspill from its original days is visible on the rear also.LNER in left corner and 090 in right hand corner.

Look carefully at the wording (ANY PERSON,PENALTY, FORTY SHILLINGS.) You will see that these words are in bolder/larger Italics and have been emphasised. A great original patina , gives credence to its authenticity.6kg in weight hence potage costs.

Please don't confuse this sign with other similar looking ones.

Original Vintage Cast Iron Sign C1940 Lner

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Original Vintage Cast Iron Sign C1940 Lner: