Original Wiring Harness For Atwater Kent Breadboard Radio For Sale

Make sure to check out all of my sales after you've looked at this one. I'm listing more than a dozen useful and hard-to-find antique radio and phonograph parts, and I suspect that there will be something of interest to almost everyone. Where possible, I'll combine shipping.Here's an original (shortened) wiring harness for an Atwater Kent breadboard radio. Measures approx. 34" long, with five sheathed, color-coded leads inside. Exterior cotton sheathing is in decent shape, with minor fraying in a few areas, but nothing too bad. Should work with any AK board configured for 4 or 5 leads.That's about it. Iwill package the stands carefully and properly, and Ican assure you thatit willshow upat your doorstepin the samefine condition in which it leaves mine. I have been shipping antique phonographs and radios for years, and if you check my response, you'll see that I know how to do it correctly. Buyer prepays and includes shipping. Paypal okay.

Original Wiring Harness For Atwater Kent Breadboard Radio

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Original Wiring Harness For Atwater Kent Breadboard Radio:

 2 X Ecc82-ediswan-tested-tubes. picture
2 X Ecc82-ediswan-tested-tubes.

1 X Ecc85-telefunken  Diamont-tested-tube.  picture
1 X Ecc85-telefunken Diamont-tested-tube.

1 X Ef86-brimar-tested-tube.  picture
1 X Ef86-brimar-tested-tube.

3 X Ecf80-haltron-rsd-nos/nib-tubes.  picture
3 X Ecf80-haltron-rsd-nos/nib-tubes.

1 X 6057-e83cc-ecc803s-brimar-box Plates -tested-tube.  picture
1 X 6057-e83cc-ecc803s-brimar-box Plates -tested-tube.

 1 X 5v4g-gz32-haltron-nos/nib-tube.  picture
1 X 5v4g-gz32-haltron-nos/nib-tube.

 1 X Gz32-5v4g-ultron-nos-tube.  picture
1 X Gz32-5v4g-ultron-nos-tube.

4 X -pcc88-miniwatt-same Codes Djf-Δ8a4-nos/nib- Audio Tubes. picture
4 X -pcc88-miniwatt-same Codes Djf-Δ8a4-nos/nib- Audio Tubes.

2 X Ecl86-rft-o Getter-nos/nib-tubes.  picture
2 X Ecl86-rft-o Getter-nos/nib-tubes.

2 X Ecc81-brimar-black Plates-tested-tubes.  picture
2 X Ecc81-brimar-black Plates-tested-tubes.