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Orthodox Silver Gold Cross Pendant Jc Jesus Christ Crucifix (t15) For Sale

Orthodox Silver Gold Cross Pendant Jc Jesus Christ Crucifix (t15)

About the item

Russian Orthodox Cross - JESUS CHRIST CRUCIFIX(T15)

This NEWOrthodox Cross Pendant is madein the Holy City of Jerusalem.


The cross is madefrom sterling silver (.925)

The Jesus ismade from a SOLID (not plated!)pieceof 9K gold

Dimensions including the bale:18 x35 mm,3/4 x 1 3/8 inch (the bale is9 mm, 3/8 inch)

Weight: 1.3 g

This is real solid .925 Silver and9K Gold - can be appraised and tested at any laboratory across the globe.

Similar crosseshaving different dimensions and weight can be found in our store.

Please note that the actual colors and brightness of the cross may be slightly different from those on the pictures below and this is due to your monitor’s age and display characteristics.

Good to know

The main symbol of Christianity, which concludes the entire content of the Christian faith, is definitely a cross.

The most numerous of all types of crosses were body crosses, which in the first centuries of Christian history constituted a sign that whoever worn them was a member of the Christian Church. For several centuries after the baptism of Russia believers were wearing such crosses not on the body but on top of their clothes, as a clear indication of practicing Orthodox faith.

Body crosses were preferably molded of copper and its alloys, as the main biblical glimpse Honest Living Cross of the Lord was considered copper snake built by Prophet Moses.

The earliest crosses of X-XI centuries that were found in the territory of Kiev, Hersones and other ancient Russian cities were four sided with equal sides and had no pictures, but simple geometric ornamentation.

In the XII century the forms of body crosses are becoming more diverse. On the front side appears a curved body of suffering crucified Christ, and in the medallions on the transverse bar appear images of Mother of God and St John the Divine.

The crosses of XIII-XVI centuries, along with the crucified Savior the images of Mother of God, Archangels, Apostles and a wide variety saints appeared.

The body crosses geometry evolutes from three ended to twelve ended crosses.

Body crosses or Pre-Mongolian era were often produced in the form of double-arks, in which the particles or remains of the saints were contained.

The crosses were often found, for example, in Uveka - city that was located the 13th century on the ground of Saratov.

In XVI and XVII century image of the Crucifixion on body crosses gradually disappearing, but the crosses themselvesobtain morecomplex and refined formunder the influence of "Moscow Baroque".

The average cross bar often portrayed crown of thorns, which over time becomes a special piece called “tsata”.

At the foot of the cross portrayed Calvary (Golgotha), in the depths of which located Adam’s skull, buried here.

It also placed the letters G-Calvary, A G - Adams Head, L R M B Place Where Crucifixion Happened.

The above letter T, indicating spear and walking stick - the means of passion.

This form of body crosses reported from the Old Believers that recognized as genuine the octagonal cross only.

However Old Believers’ body crosses were molded in quadrangular forms while quadrangularcross was embedded inside the octagonal one.

At the beginning of XIX century the form of Old Believers’ crosses, made from copper alloy, silver and gold and beautified by colorful enamel has been reduced to two types: male and female cross.

The back of the crosses always contained praying text (usually housed only a small part of it) -"Yes resurrection of God returns."

Currently a growing number of artists' workshops, manufacturing body crosses, are returning to past diversity of styles. Admirers of church antiques can buy crosses cast by the old forms and styles.


Shipping policy

Ø We ship Worldwide

Ø Shipping, handling and insurance charges are FREE for all items

Ø We DO NOT assume any responsibility for taxes and duties at thedestination

Ø All our items are shipped by airmail within 24 hours after the payment has been received

Ø In case you require XPRESS shipping with Tracking Number - please contact us for the quotes



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Delivery time depends on the destination and customs at buyer’s location.

In case your item is not received within 30 days we will fully reimburse your money. The waiting time is in accordance with Canada Post regulations for lost items.


Ø Once you get the item please inspect it and make sure you got exactly what you paid for. If all is well, please take a moment and leave us a positive response.

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Ø We will fully reimburse your money as soon as we receive the item - No further questions asked. Please note that due to the fact that we do not charge our buyers for the shipping, we can not assume responsibility for the costs associated with shipping the item back to us and therefore it will be at buyer’s expense.

We hope your new cross/medallion brings you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Orthodox Silver Gold Cross Pendant Jc Jesus Christ Crucifix (t15)

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Orthodox Silver Gold Cross Pendant Jc Jesus Christ Crucifix (t15):

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