Pa 82nd Reg.civil War Letters-meade-wharton-hamblin Celebrate War End-petersburg For Sale

PA 82nd Reg.Civil War Letters-Meade-Wharton-Hamblin Celebrate War End-Petersburg 2 Letters-Petersburg-George W. Edwards,Fulton Co. PA Offered for your consideration are two Civil War letters written by George W. Edwards, Private, 82nd Regiment, Infantry, Company C. George W. Edwards is listed in the Civil War draft registration records, 1863-1865 as a carpenter, Wells, PA, Class 1, age 34 on July 1, 1863, born about 1829. Wife is listed in Fulton County, PA Census as Alice. The first letter is from "Camp in front of Petersburg", dated Monday, February 27, 1865. The writer tells of being on picket duty. The second letter is dated April 10, but no year is noted. It is a great letter telling of the end of the war. "Old Bob Lee surrendered"," Generals Meade, Wheaton & Hamblin riding through with their hats off", "loud cheering the old stars & stripes, the generals, and giving God the glory", "marching & pushing the Rebs hard for 5 days", ball lodged in knapsack amoung my clothes". This letter stirs the emotions.Letter #1:Camp in front of Petersburg, Monday Feb. 27th 1865
Dear Wife
I am still well and all in our tent are well. I received your letter written on 19 yesterday the 26th and the pins and stamps in it. I have not got the letter yet that Father sent me with the $ in but perhaps I will get it yet. I think we will be paid soon. I will send you $5 or $10 dollars at a time til I send you all bout 6 or 7 dollars, that will be as much as I will knead. I have not sent Amone Becks & Janes books yet but I will send them soon. I was on picket last Thursday and Thursday knight we ar out on picket one day and one knight at a time. It was pretty dark that knight and rainy. It did not rain hard that is the kind of a knight that the Rebs makes an attact on us and about one hour before daylight we expected an attact. That knight our men in camp was out at the breast works all knight . The breast works is near camp. The picket line is half a mile from the breast work. If we had bin attacted that knight we would stood a very good chance to be taken prisoner. The Rebs cold come up in fifty yards of us before we could see them and then if the wold charge on us we could hardly get away without being taken prisoner. We wold have to fire on them before we started and once or twist between that and camp to give the alarm. Thare was 50 or 60 Rebs came over that knight a long our division from 2 to 10 together and as the came over the Rebs wold fire on the runaways it wold commence like a battle from 20 to 60 shots one after another as fast as the cold on our right first and then on our left and after a while Wright in our front and the balls whistling over our heads we all jumped to our guns but it soon ceased, or we wold have commenced too. Some of us was behind a little pine brush set up against a pole and the others out and as soon as it was over we laughed about it and sat down by our fire again and some leyed down on the ground and went to sleep. Soon after the firing ceased five Rebs came into our lines just below us and came past us. That is what the firing was at the fired from thare picket post. The firing was all at thare own men. Thare is from 25 to 75 cames over every knight in this army in front of Petersburg and from 15 to 20 of our men goes to them. I think the war will close this summer and maybe this spring but I do not much expect to get home before next fall if the war does not close by that time I think I will enlist again after I come home if I can get a good bounty. People are not so frad of bullets after the get down here as the are before the come. Although we may be shot before our time is out. There has bin several shot in this regiment since we came to it and some taken prisoner. Broadstones wrote to John that the was sorry that he has had his feet froze so bad. I will just say that I do not believe that any man has got a foot or toe froze in this regiment this winter or if the have I know nothing of it. It is pleasant here now. The blue birds and hollowing and flying about. I would like to live about this far south. I must close. Geo W EdwardsLetter #2:April 10th 75 miles west of Petersburg
Glorious news to North America
Dear Wiffe
Old Bob Lee surrendered near this place yesterday in the afternoon. The war is over I give god the glory and honor forever for sparing our lives and saiving the nation. We have bin marching hard for 5 days and pushing the Rebs hard. I could not get a letter out from here while marching. I have not time to give you any of the particulars. I am live and well only my throat is a little sore from loud cheering yesterday. General Mead & Gen Wheaton and Gen Hamblin came riding through our army as hard as the could with thare hats off. I do not know whether General Hamblin had lost his hat or not tha ware wild and the whole army was wild, some cheering for the old stars and stripes and throwing hats thick in the air and some cheering for the Generals and some giving god glory and honor It was a day of rejoicing and praise to god by saints and by a great many sinners. I heard wicked men thank god for the glorious news. Schenck is well and Joseph and John Bridenstine I do not kno anything about John or Walt or all whether the ar living or dead perhaps I ma see them soon and I ma knot that is if the ar living. The balls has flew close to me and one lodged in my knapsack among my clothes while we was leying down in line of battle but it has pleased the lord to spair my life. I do not know whare we will go to from here or when we will be discharged. I think I can write regular after this. I must close for this time. Give god the glory
G. W. Edwards
to Aley EdwardsI want you to let me know whether John and Walt and all is alive and well or not if you know.
__________________Also included is an envelope addressed to Aley Edwards, Wells Tanerry, Fulton Co Penna. The postmark is March 28 (I cannot see the year). It was apparently from another letter because the date doesn't coincide with these 2 letters.
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Pa 82nd Reg.civil War Letters-meade-wharton-hamblin Celebrate War End-petersburg

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Pa 82nd Reg.civil War Letters-meade-wharton-hamblin Celebrate War End-petersburg:

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