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Dynamic Balancer

EI BALANCE is a balancing software for single and two planes, based on a laptop; this equipment was specially designed for outdoor works as well as for updating old balancing machines.

Thanks to its automated tracking filter, the system identifies the RPM in a selected range to avoid inaccuracies in case of slightly changes of speed.

The balancing speed range varies from 100 to 120.000 RPM with signal recording times of up to 5 minutes.

The EI BALANCE can be used by users with minimal knowledge in the dynamic balancing field, as it has a very intuitive platform as well as a tutorial video and an operation manual.

The system shows in all time the following data:

  • Maximum amplitude
  • RMS value
  • Tachometer
  • Polar graphs.
  • Real-time graph amplitude versus time.
  • FFT graphs (amplitude versus frequency graphs).

This allows the user to have a complete description of the machine's vibration at any time during the balancing process.

Balancing Calculator

EI Balance has a calculator for single plane and two planes balancing, this calculator uses the influence coefficients method. Therefore it is not necessary to establish the dimensions of your rotor and their bearings position (cantilever, between bearings, etc.)

  • Single and two planes balancing
  • Split and Combine weights
  • Drill weights, Plate sizes and Trial Mass
  • Radius changing
  • Serial balancing (No trial mass needed)
  • Residual Unbalance and Quality calculator

Kit Includes
  • 1 Accelerometer (2nd accelerometer optional)
  • 1 Laser Sensor with magnetic base
  • 1 USB 2-Channel DAC Interface
  • 1 CD "EI-BALANCE: Balancing software"
  • 1 Calibration device
  • Connection cables
  • Soft Case and User manual
  • Version: Spanish / English
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

The EI BALANCE performs its calculations using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The resolution of its spectra is adjustable up to several million resolution lines.

The normal resolution with 5 seconds sampling is over 30,000 points, however you may take 1 minute to make a 400,000 points resolution spectrum. Sampling length is not limited to 1 minute, however it is important to know that the longer the signal is, the more requirements you will need in your computer. I.E. For a 5 minutes (2 million resolution points) length you should have at least 1 Gbyte RAM.

Universal File Format Support

The EI BALANCE lets the user import and export the following file formats:


2-Channel Interface
  • 3 Input connection: accelerometer (1), accelerometer (2), optical sensor.
  • Selector button (Ch 1 / Ch 2)
  • Cable with USB connector (15cm)
  • Weight 127g
  • Dimensions (cm): 6(d) x 7.5(w) x 2.5(h)
  • Accelerometer
  • 3 Axes
  • Range: 1 - 8000 Hz
  • Power supply: 3.5 - 7 V
  • Output: 330mV/G per channel
  • Short circuit , Reverse Voltage and Over-Voltage protection
  • Protection grade: IP 67, III
  • Impact Resistance: IEC 60028-27
  • Weight 45g
  • Aluminum body with magnetic base
  • Laser Optical Sensor
  • Analogic output
  • Range: 1 - 5000 Hz
  • Power supply: 5 V
  • Short circuit , Reverse current andOver-Voltage protection
  • Protection grade: IP 67, III
  • Impact Resistance: IEC 60028-27
  • Operation Distance: up to 15 cm
  • Weight : 60g
  • Nylamid body
  • System requirements
  • Intel® Celeron® (1.60GHz / 400MHz FSB) or higher
  • 1GB RAM DDR2 or higher
  • Windows Vista or higher (works on Windows 8.1*)
  • SVGA display or higher (touch enabled displays are supported)
  • 300 MB minimum free hard disk space
  • USB Port
  • *Windows RT devices are not supported.

    One year full warranty directly with ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS.

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    Pc Based Balancing Machine, Portable Easy To Use

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