Pipestone Springs, Montana Good For 12½¢ Very Rare Brunswick Balke Reverse Token For Sale


This is a Good For 12½¢ In Trade Token from what I believe was the Pipestone Hot Springs Resort of Pipestone Springs, Montana. Please see map below.

Today there is no town of Pipestone Springs and all that is left is an abandoned Hot Springs Resort with decaying buildings. A large Quonset Hut, about 200 yards east of the road, contains the Swimming Pool, which for a time was an open air facility. A steady stream of hot water can be seen flowing from the pool building area, past the old guesthouse, under a footbridge, and then under the gravel road. To the west of the road there was a Dancing Pavilion and a smaller Drinking Pavilion, located over one of the springs, probably where this token was "Good". There were 19 Guest Cabins downstream among the Cottonwoods. It was normal to offer a Drink and a Cigar for a Quarter so these were probably used as change.

This token was produced by the highly collected Brunswick, Balke, Collender Company and features a very rare reverse depiction of a Billiard Table. The company produced tokens for locations that featured its Pool Tables. More on Brunswick Balke below.

Weight: 4.82 Gram, 21 Millimeter, Brass.

THIS is THE PLATE TOKEN shown on the TokenCatalog.com database.

Obverse: GOOD FOR • 12½¢ • IN TRADE • PIPESTONE SPRINGS • All in a plain border.

Reverse: THE BRUNSWICK BALKE • COLLENDER • COMPY. • Billiard Table • CHECK • All in a dotted border.

This is a very rare reverse die type (#BBC-5.2) for the Brunswick, Balke, Collender Company.

The Brunswick Company was founded by John Moses Brunswick who came to the United States from Switzerland at the age of 15. The J. M. Brunswick Manufacturing Company opened for business on September 15, 1845, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally J. M. Brunswick intended his company to be mainly in the business of making Carriages, but soon after opening his machine shop, he became fascinated with Billiards and decided that making Billiard Tables would be more lucrative, as the better tables then in use in the United States were imported from England. Brunswick Billiard Tables were a commercial success, and the business expanded and opened up the first of what would become many branch offices in Chicago, Illinois in 1848. It was later renamed J. M. Brunswick & Brother by 1871, after a family member came on board, and the company's rather hyperbolic slogan at this time was: "The oldest and most extensive billiard table manufacturers in the United States".

In 1873, the Brunswick Company merged with competitor Great Western Billiard Manufactory owned by Julius Balke to become the Brunswick & Balke Company, incorporated with a capital stock of $275,000. In 1884, another competitor, H. W. Collender Company of New York (founded by Hugh W. Collender), was absorbed to form the Brunswick, Balke, Collender Company with capital of $1.5 million. Today it is the Brunswick Corporation of Lake Forest, Illinois.

Pipestone Springs, Montana.

The Token: A very presentable example of a very rare token. It is strictly original and even shows some original brassy luster. It has never been in the ground and it has never been cleaned. A choice piece, and sure be the highlight of a collection. As grading is subjective please see the pictures and judge for yourself.

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Pipestone Springs, Montana Good For 12½¢ Very Rare Brunswick Balke Reverse Token

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Pipestone Springs, Montana Good For 12½¢ Very Rare Brunswick Balke Reverse Token:

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