Placer Gold Mining Claim, Montana Famous Ruby River 10 Acres

Placer Gold Mining Claim, Montana Famous Ruby River 10 Acres

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Placer Gold Mining Claim, Montana Famous Ruby River 10 Acres:

PLACER GOLD MINING CLAIM, Montana!! FamousRuby River!! Description


We are offering for sale thisvery nicegold mining claim with Action!! This is neither a down payment nor shared sale. The highest buyer takes this wonderful claim with your highest offerding price plus a transfer & service fee $799.99. No hidden fee. Please read the entire description prior to placing a offer.

The BLM maintenance fees have been paid for 2013. You don’t have to pay any maintenance fees until September 1st 2013!!

Sec: 4, N½SW¼SW¼NW¼,
N½SE¼SW¼NW¼. Lot #11: (10 acres) 0.09 mile on
Ruby RiverNW: 45.256517N, -112.108811W
NE: 45.256541N, -112.103794W
SW: 45.255574N, -112.108868W
SE: 45.255546N, -112.103769W
Park: 45.258328N, -112.102156W

PROSPECTS:Without doubt the single most important incident in the history of Madison County was the discovery of one of the world’s richest deposits of placer gold. The story has often been told of the small group of prospectors who were delayed and failed to join James Stuart’s disastrous Yellowstone Expedition of 1863. But these seven men made their big discovery on May 26, 1863 in what is now called Alder Gulch and created the need for a new territory. The rich deposits of placer gold extended some seventeen miles along the gulch which was within a year settled by some 10,000 energetic miners. Often working waist deep in rushing ice cold waters they wrested an estimated $30,000,000 in gold in less than three years. Virginia City was for a decade the financial, the population and the governmental center of the Territory. Social institutions developed as soon as families settled in the mining claims. Thomas J. Dimsdale and J.B. Patch opened private schools in 1863 and the first public school was held from March until August 1866 with 81 students in attendance.The Ruby River is historically well-known for gold and other precious gems, such as ruby, etc. Within the property, the main Ruby River provide attractive mining area; as you can see on the photos, the river bends in the mid-section. For excelling mining areas, look for the bars at the inner curve, slack below the submerged boulders, shallow stretch along the shoreline. Those are the main areas where gold deposits tend to settle. Remember gold is one of the heaviest precious metals. This particular area is also well-known for a great Trout flying fishing. When we were visiting, one of the fishermen caught a few 20 inches Brown Trout within an hour or so.There is a nice gravel parking area with a restroom and picnic table, but NOT for overnight stay. We recommend you to stay in a motel or public or private campground nearby.

Our Guarantee

  • We will never post a mining claim for sale until either 90 days has gone by from the location date or BLM has adjudicated the claim.
  • We know some other dealers will sell a claim right after they locate it. This is very risky for a buyer because BLM hasn’t had the chance to adjudicate the claim. In essence, BLM could forfeit the claim anytime if there was an issue with the location. Thus, a buyer could be buying an invalid claim and not even know it!!

Payment Policy

  • Title Transfer and Segregation fees: This fee covers the cost of BLM fees, county fees, notary fees, supplies, postage and also labor cost of segregating your claim from the parent claim (you will receive your own serial number). The title transfer and segregation fees, $799.99 will be added to your offerding price.

  • Payment methods: No Paypal. We can accept personal checks, or cashier’s checks. We can also accept credit or debit cards via our merchant account. If you choose a card option, we can email or mail you a credit card authorization form. Credit Card transactions are subject to a 3% fee for all credit card transactions. Payment is due within 3 days of the sales end.

Shipping Policy

  • A Copy of the Transfer Paperwork will be Shipped by USPS first Class Mail on the Same or Next Business day of receiving full payment.
  • USPS Tracking Number will be provided.
  • The documentation process generally takes about 4 – 8 weeks to complete in full.

As part of the documentation process, we will need the following information from you:

· Legal name(s) of the person(s) or business that should be listed as owner(s) on the claim.

· Legal mailing address including the county of the person(s) or business that should be listed as owner(s) on the claim.

· A valid phone number to contact the person(s) or business listed as owner(s) on the claim should the BLM need to make any contact.

Email is the quickest way to contact us as we don’t have set office hours and are often off-site in exploration and documentation. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Returns Policy

Considering the nature of the sale, the complexity of the transfer process we cannot accept returns.

About response

's response system includes four rating categories. We work very hard to deserve top ratings in all response categories, and hope buyers will take a moment to reward us with 5 star response, which we always return in kind.

Some buyers do not understand the response system, and some buyers misuse the response system, which makes a worse marketplace for everyone. We ask buyers to consider the following before leaving response.

1) Item as described: Did you receive what you paid for? We don't bait and switch, we list the claim lot that you would be purchasing in the description of the listing.

2) Communication: All buyers receive a purchase confirmation at time of purchase, and a tracking number within one to two business days which includes estimated delivery date. Your order page will also show the estimated delivery date. We also respond to emails very quickly, often in a matter of minutes or hours, even on weekends (though on weekends it sometimes takes a bit longer).

3) Shipping time: Every listing and order page shows standard handling times and estimated delivery dates. Very often items ship and arrive even sooner than this. If your item arrives within the stated delivery estimate, we ask you to leave us a good rating in this category. Some buyers are very unreasonable and expect their transfer paperwork to arrive 10 minutes after they buy it, and unfairly punish sellers who deliver what they promised when they promised. We trust that our customers will not act that way, just as we don't take advantage of them.

4) County Recorder: We will process your quit claim deed and send the transfer paperwork to the county recorder and BLM within two business days from receiving full payment. Please understand that we cannot control how long it takes for the county recorder to process, record, microfilm, and mail back the original to us. The only thing we can control is that we processed the transfer when we said we would. The transfer and segregation is a very complicated process and doesn’t happen overnight.

5) Transfer fee and Segregation fees charges: Clearly noted in all listings - so if you don't agree with it, don't offer on it! Our total prices are always very competitive.

If you feel that for some reason we fell short of our goal to receive 5 stars in all categories, please let us know why so we can improve our business. And even if we aren't perfect, please remember that we are human just like you, and we try our best to do things right - so cut us some slack. We're a small business trying to make it, not a huge company that doesn't care.

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Placer Gold Mining Claim, Montana Famous Ruby River 10 Acres:

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