Poison Dart Frogs~set Of 6 ~ Safari Ltd.=free Ship $25+ For Sale

A Safe Toy for Your Child - Builds Imagination !

Poison Dart Frogs

Set of 6 2" L X 2" H

From Safari's "Incredible Creatures" Collection

Realistic Quality CollectibleReplicas

  • Unique & most unusual Poison Dart Frogs
  • You will receive 6 different frogs.
  • Hand-painted, phthalate free and safety tested replicas

The Indians of South America dip the tips of their arrows or blowgun darts into the poison found on the skin of these frogs. When a wild animal is shot with a poison-tipped arrow or dart, it will die within minutes from the powerful neurotoxin.

For over 25 years Safari,Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of innovative, educational toys that have been inspired by nature and that fuel our childrens's imagination. Their goal is to enrich the lives of children by providing enduring and captivating toys that also provide real value for the money. And...they're safe !! They are free of phthalate -which is a chemical softening agentcommonly added to PVC plastic. Phthalate is now banned in toys in Europe, Japan, San Francisco and will be banned in California by 2009.

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Poison Dart Frogs~set Of 6 ~ Safari Ltd.=free Ship $25+

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Poison Dart Frogs~set Of 6 ~ Safari Ltd.=free Ship $25+: