Pro In-ceiling Speakers - Home Theater Or Wall

Pro In-ceiling Speakers - Home Theater Or Wall

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Pro In-ceiling Speakers - Home Theater Or Wall:

At we sell the top 3 models of brand new in-ceiling speakers plus a few others. This particular buy-it-now is for the #1 BEST unit we tested, sell & install. Its Specs Can't be beat. To view other models, click here.

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model 80 series

Buy 2 or 4 for Stereo sound in any room, or 5 or 7 for Home Theater & Media rooms. This model is the very best we've ever used - we use them in $30,000 installations. Featuring the best sound with highs up to 22kz with its large & aimable 1" tweeter and built-in crossover, high bass with its extra large magnet & 300w power rating, and the easiest installation. It simply cannot be beat by anything remotely in its price range. Each buy-it-now is for one unit, purchase the exact number you need.
· Color: Brightest White
· Style: Round Flush Mount
· 8 Ohm (can wire 4 per room)
· 150 watts RMS, 300 watt Max
· Mica Cone Rubber Edge Woofer
· Ferrite Magnet
· 1 " Directional Dome Tweeter
· Response: 55 - 22k Hz
· Hardware Needed: None
· Cut-out dimensions: 9 3/8"
(cardboard template included)
· Depth: 3 1/2" (fits anywhere)
We've been in the professional Home theater Installation business for 23 years, and have been a speaker wholesaler for the past 10. We know speakers, and currently use only three different models of speakers for 90% of all our home theater and home stereo installations. This particular 8" in-ceiling speaker is used for our highest-end home theater installations. It is very efficient and out performs the more than 20 other models we've tested. This speaker has it all - see the photos below.

These TOP-OF-THE-LINE 8 INCH speakers (SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - BUY THE EXACT NUMBER YOU NEED) have incredible sound. They feature a built-in crossover for both the woofer and the extra large one inch directional tweeter. The extra large magnet and voice coil makes for a very efficient unit. For stereo applications there is NO NEED even for a subwoofer, as these units can reproduce a surprisingly low bottom end - in our showroom we actually shake the floor below, without a subwoofer. Unlike the other models we sell, these units feature a tweeter TWICE the size of the others - the one inch Mylar tweeter is mounted on the exterior so that if it is aimed towards a particular direction the grill doesn't interfere (see photos below). With a 300watt rating, four of these units can reproduce 1,200 watts of Hi-Quality power, all while being concealed in the ceiling. For home theater applications many installers recommend using a separate CENTER channel speaker, different from the left, right and rear speakers. This is because the center channel speaker must be of excellent quality as it reproduces the main vocals. This speaker, however, has the quality rating of an excellent center channel speaker - so it can be used for all the speakers - center, left, right, and surrounds. Also, because these units are 8-ohm loads, you can wire two speakers on to each channel without overloading a receiver. This is useful since it is highly recommended that four speakers be installed into each room to eliminate hotspots. With less than four speakers in an average room with a <10' ceiling, the corners with speakers would be too loud in comparison with the corners without. This is why for entertainment purposes where background music is to remain "in the background", four speakers per room are recommended. To give you an idea of the power ratings on these units, for one of our installations we used 6 of these for a youth center - for teen dances - without a subwoofer.

Important Two-Year Warranty Note:
Buying online can sometimes make it difficult in the event of getting something repaired or replaced under warranty. Because of this I include one warranty registration card with every 2 speakers ordered, so that if you need this 2 year warranty, you can send your unit right back to the manufacturer without having to track us down here on . We thought of everything - if you read our response you'll see that we truly care about our customers and strive to treat them as we would want treated ourselves. On a separate note: These speakers have a high rating, and it is NOT often we find these going bad. I seriously doubt with this speaker, you'll ever need the warranty, but it is nice to have.
The Easiest Installation:
These units could not be easier to install. Use the heavy 9 3/8" cardboard template circle, which we include with your order, to make a circle on the the ceiling. Then cut the hole and run the wire. Then put the speaker in the hole, and tighten the attached screws. Four thick wings on the back of the speaker (see the photos below) fly out and securely hold the unit in place and prevent the unit from vibrating or moving in anyway. The lip of the speaker (see the photos below) is extra wide to cover any imperfections in your cutting. Then snap on the included white grill and you're done. Since these are 8-ohms, you can use 18 gauge wire for runs <50', or 16 gauge for 50-100'. Unlike with other speakers, NO HARDWARE IS NEEDED in anyway whatsoever, it is all attached to the speaker itself (see the photos). The speaker hardware can hold the speaker securely to drywall, plaster, drop-ceiling tiles, or anything else. We've been installing these for years now, and are totally pleased with the mounting system - it is the best we've found.

Our Policies and why you should TRUST ME with your order:
This item ships for free (see below). We always ship the SAME DAY or the VERY NEXT day (mon-fri). We value your business
and understand you need your order "as soon as possible.". WE PAY FOR INSURANCE, at no charge to you.
response: Providing you leave us 5 Star positive response, we always leave VERY STRONG positive response you will be proud of.
We send warranty card(s) with orders, with the service center address on them, so you'll always have access
to them. But in the case of receiving damaged merchandise, we do all the leg work for handling speedy
Technical Help and advice: We understand you may have questions. I'm here "before & after the sell" for help/advice. Call 724-523-3667 x41
On a personal note, my name is Ken Garris, and I'm the person here responsible for all sales listings, I'm also an electrical and sound engineer for the company and have been here since 1986. I am a Christian and believe in treating customers the way I wish to be treated. I am always here to answer questions, both by email to and by phone at 724-523-3667 ext.41. I maintain a 100% positive response by serving customers beyond expectations.


Pro In-ceiling Speakers - Home Theater Or Wall:

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