Panavista Panoramic 3d Stereo Viewer - Must See

Panavista Panoramic 3d Stereo Viewer - Must See

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Panavista Panoramic 3d Stereo Viewer - Must See:

Nice vintage Photo Item PanaVista Panoramic Stereo 3D Slide Viewer

Makes a great 3D gift!

This is an interesting stereo product. It consists of the following:

Pana-Vista folding stereo slide viewer

One panoramic sample slide

One empty frame to mount your own stereo slide

As you can see above, the viewer can fold to a very compact package.The viewer folds to a compact size and comes with a carry plastic case that fits neatly the viewer and two slide mounts, as seen below.

The lenses are aspherical of good quality can be adjusted for different interocular distances

You can use this viewer to view the panoramic slide (25x54 mm image area x 2) that comes with it or your own (full frame) slide mounted in the empty mount. The outer dimensions of these slide mounts are 38 x 120 mm.

You can also use this viewer to view your standard "stereo realist" slides, mounted in 41x101 mm mounts. These are fed in the viewer from the top (see picture below) and not the slides. The mounts that come from the viewer are loaded from the side.

The inventor of this viewer and the photographer of the panoramic slides is Henry Chung one of Hong Kong's leading cinematographers, with a lot of experience in 3d (still and motion) photography.

I think you will enjoy the panoramic sample slide. This is a hyperstereo. One of our club members, when she saw the slide, she thought that it was a small scale model and not a real scene. I tried to convince her that this "small scale" impression is the result of viewing a hyperstereo, but I was not successful. She would not believe that this was a real scene!

Viewers come with different panoramic slides. You will receive a random slide. I cannot control which slide you get. I have more slides for sale for $5 each.

Here is what the 3-D Review OnLine Magazine has written about this viewer:

Pana-Vista is a stereo viewer foldable to compact-disc packing size. It comes with adjustable interocular aspherical lenses for an audience of all ages. This is the stereo viewer for the 21st Century. The viewer is well constructed and boasts a new "wide-screen" image viewing format.

Besides the interchangeable panoramic slides (image-format 25mm x 54mm), it can also be used to view traditional Realist size mounted 3-D Slides (slide-format 41 x 101 mm).

The viewer is immersed in the scene when viewing panoramic slides through the Pana-Vista stereo viewer. These "wide-angle" views have amazing depth and their extra width gives the viewer more to see, much like a widescreen movie gives the theatre patron more to see on the silver screen.

It's no surprise that the inventor of the viewer has a motion picture background. Henry Chung is one of Hong Kong's leading cinematographers shooting feature films, commercial films, corporate films, documentaries and short films. Besides his expertise in lighting and camera work, he has been creating three dimensional photographic and cinematographic arts.

The Pana-Vista stereo viewer is awarded a 3-D Review Online Magazine Must See 3-Dâ„¢ Editor's Choice Award.

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Panavista Panoramic 3d Stereo Viewer - Must See:

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