Pawtrait Bears O.o.a.k Life Size Realistic Siamese Cat

Pawtrait Bears O.o.a.k  Life Size  Realistic Siamese Cat

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Pawtrait Bears O.o.a.k Life Size Realistic Siamese Cat:

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Pawtrait bears O.O.A.K Life size Realistic Siamese cat

Pawtrait bears

{award winning artist bears}



From the

"Animal Totem collection"

The word totem is derived from the Algonquian word nto'tem meaning "my kin"

An animal totem is the creature we feel most drawn towards. Native americans believe that each individual is connected with nine animals that will accompany each person through life. Different animals come in and out of ours lives when we are in need of their particular strengths .

The cat totem is a very powerful healer, which brings magic and mystery into your life.

She is a symbol of courage and confidence, and is a fearless and strong guide

Those with a cat spirit guide are likely to have a cat

in the material world, and will understand how they

can encourage rest and meditation,

....As well as playfulness and fun :)

Mia is one of a kind !

I designed her working totally from sketches and

photographs, so he has no pattern and cannot be


While she poses for her photographs

I will tell you a little more about her :)

Mia is a life size Siamese measuring 12 inches from the tip of her paws to the top of her ears whilst standing..

and 18 inches in length from her nose to the base of her tail.

Mia is a very dainty cat . Her elegant one piece body has a flexible skeletal frame which carries right through to the tip of her tail.

It is said that a Siamese princess once looked for a safe place to leave her rings while she bathed in a stream. She noticed that her favourite cat had crooked his tail for her benefit.

Mia's tail can be posed to enable her to guard three gold rings.

She has a beautiful mixture of faux furs ,to which I have added lots of extra detail and shading to give definition and realism

I made Mia a mystical headdress which is set with two pieces of turquoise and painted in shades of gold.

She has very soulful blue glass eyes.

Long term layaway is available at no

extra charge.


***Layaway terms***

A deposit of 25% of Mia's sale price would be required within 7 days of the sales end.

Further payments can be arranged to suit for

a period of up to 6 months.

Please note that layaway deposits and paid instalments are not refundable.

Mia is

not suitable for children

I ALWAYS charge less than it actually costs to ship parcels over seas. If I should miscalculate and you are overcharged I will refund the difference. All bears/animals are fully insured and tracked on their journey and will require a signature upon delivery. They usually reach their new homes within 3 working days of dispatch :) Any questions please drop Siam and I a line,we would both love to hear from you.


If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.

Chief Seattle.


Pawtrait Bears O.o.a.k Life Size Realistic Siamese Cat:

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