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Perm Pmg-132 Permanent Magnet Dc Electric Motor 19.1hp For Sale

Perm Pmg-132 Permanent Magnet Dc Electric Motor 19.1hp

Untitled Document

Perm PMG-132 PERM PMG-132 24-72 Volt Pancake Motor. Similar in size and weight to a Briggs & Stratton ETEK, but at the same voltage it has a 50% higher peak power output, a 40% higher torque constant and 120% more stall torque.

The PMG-132 is a "pancake" style neutrally-timed, brushed, permanent magnet DC motor manufactured by Perm Motor in Germany. It is similar in design to the Lynch/LEMCO LEM-200 and Briggs & Stratton ETEK motors but more powerful. The armature is made of flat copper strips stacked together so there's no stack of steel laminations like in a traditional motor which gives the motor low cogging. Its high power, high efficiency and comparably small size make it a good choice for small electric vehicles, Electrathon vehicles, generators, go-kart's and robots. These Perm PMG-132 motors being offered exclusively by Electric Motorsport are designed to be more rugged than standard Perms. They are banded, making them them better suited for racing at high RPMs and feature a shorter and stronger 35mm shaft. Specifications

Voltage: 24-72V
Weight: 24.8 lb
Angular-velocity constant: 50.2 rpm/V
Torque constant: 27 ozf·in/A
Terminal resistance: 0.025 Ohm
No-load current: 6A
Rotor Inertia: 1370 oz·in_
Inductance: 19 µH
Continuous current: 110A
10 minute current: 200A
Terminals: 8mm

48V Performance Peak efficiency: 86%
Peak power: 19.1 hp
No-load angular velocity: 2380 r/min
Stall current: 960 A
Stall torque: 25600 ozf·in

72 V Performance Peak efficiency: 88.6% *
Peak power: 34.3 hp
No-load angular velocity: 3590 r/min
Stall current: 1440 A
Stall torque: 38500 ozf·I
Click on an image above to enlarge in a new window ^ Voltage 24 36 48 60 72 Current 110 A 110 A 110 A 110 A 110 A Power 2.2KW 3.5KW 4.7KW 5.97KW 7.22KW Speed 1080 1700 2300 2870 3480 Torque 20.5Nm 20.5Nm 20.5Nm 20.5Nm 20.5Nm

The motor's body is 222 mm (8.75") in diameter and 120 mm (4.72") long. The shaft is 19 mm (0.748") in diameter and 35 mm (1.38") long with key and threaded hole. The shaft length of 35mm differs from what is shown in the mechanical drawing below.


Technical Data

Mechanical Drawing
& Performance Curves

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About Us

Electric Motorsport .com specializes in the sales and service of Personal Electric Vehicles as well supplying Electric Vehicle parts for EV Builders, Hobbyists, Educational institutions and Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM). These Electric Vehicle parts are used in electric motorcycles, cars, trucks, motor bikes, scooters, ATV's (quads), trikes, electrathon racers, bicycles, boats, plains, trains, robotics, as well as the film and television industry.

Electric Motorsport .com's Electric Vehicles us NO gas, and have NO exhaust, which means NO emissions. That's right, NO smoke, NO fumes, and NO pollution. These vehicles are also quite which means NO noise pollution. Another advantage of pure electric vehicles is that they have much lower maintenance. There are No Oil changes, NO filters to change and NO carburetor to clean. It is also a lot easier to start and run these pure Electric Vehicles. There are NO starters to kick or engage and there is NO warm up required, just turn the key on and they are ready to ride.

Perm Pmg-132 Permanent Magnet Dc Electric Motor 19.1hp

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Perm Pmg-132 Permanent Magnet Dc Electric Motor 19.1hp:

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