Philippines Bandilla Acoustic Laud + Hard Case New

Philippines Bandilla Acoustic Laud + Hard Case New

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Philippines Bandilla Acoustic Laud + Hard Case New:


Philippine Made BANDILLA Rosewood String Instrument


Laud is the Spanish term for the lute, which was introduced to Spain by Arabs during the 13th century. together with bandurias and guitars, it appears in folk ensembles knownas rondallas. The back of the instrument is flat, not pear-shaped as in the'ud. in Spain the instrument is played with pua (plectrum). The laud espanol appears also in Pueto Rican folk music. In Cuba a laud with seven courses of double strings may substitute for a guitar in the accompaniment ensemble for thedance punto guajiro.

34.5" length

Palochina front

Rosewood back and sides

BRAND: O.C. Bandilla instruments have been in the market for 57 years now. Schools, rondalla groups and other organizations when competing in various rondalla competitions here and overseas prefer O.C. Bandilla musical instruments. If LUMANOG is synonymous to guitars, BANDILLA is known for their rondalla instruments

Condition: BRAND NEW!

Weight after packaging: Estimated 6 kilos

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Philippines Bandilla Acoustic Laud + Hard Case New:

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