Photoresist Dry Film A5 X 10 + Developer For Diy Pcb & Photo Etched Pe

Photoresist Dry Film A5 X 10 + Developer For Diy Pcb & Photo Etched Pe

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Photoresist Dry Film A5 X 10 + Developer For Diy Pcb & Photo Etched Pe:

Dry Film Photoresist Sheets

You can create incredibly fine, detailed circuit boards and Photo Etched Plates using this high quality Hitichi Photoresist Film. It is the same material that professional PCB factory using.


  • Ten sheets or Two rolls of Negative acting photoresist ( Means UV exposed area of film will stay on board ) . 15cm x 20cm (6x8 inches ) per sheet or 15cm x 100cm per roll
  • Developer (12g).
  • Resist Remover (10g).

Below is procedure for making of Copper Photo Etched Plate. It is much easy for Single/Double side PCB.

  1. Prepare: Clean both side of 0.2mm copper plate under running water with Ajax/Comet and nylon scrubber. Rinse well. In subdued lighting, precut dry film a little larger than your plate.
  2. Apply Photoresist: This Photoresist has 3 layers, the top and bottom layers are clear protective layer, the middle one is photoresist material. So at the first, you need to remove one protective layer, the easy way is to use a small piece of scotch tape. Then apply the middle layer on copper plate.
    A. Apply using a hot roll laminator, or...
    B. Apply using your hand. Starting from one corner and ending to the cross corner, use your thumb to remove all air bubble between film and copper plate.
    Repeat the procedure on the other side. Now, you have a copper plate/PCB applied with photoresist films and both sides are covered by protective layer.
    Turn a electric iron upside down and set the temperature about 100°C. Place the copper plate / PCB on top of hot plate 15 to 20 second. (last too long will result in over exposure effecitve)

  3. Expose: Align and fix the artworks in place by scotch tape. Place the copper plate in between the artworks. Use a weighted pane of glass to press the artwork snuggly to the board, and expose to UV-A light source. (Fluorescent black light, Florescent UV bug zapper light, Blacklight Blue(BLB), etc.) Light source should be about 8-12" away from the copper plate being exposed. Amount of time to expose depends on type of light used and intensity. (7 Min in this procedure). A dim image of artwork can be shown.

  4. Develop: Let rest for 10 minutes, remove clear cover layer with a small piece of tape, and develop plate in a mixture of around 1 cup warm water to 1/2 teaspoon developer (~1% by weight). Observe the image of resist, pull out of developer when image clear. Hold under running water, you can rub with fingers, moist paper towel or sponge. It can always be placed back in the developer if it needs more time. Carefully inspect in full light.

  5. Etch Plate (same way as etching PCB)

  6. Remove resist: To remove the resist, dip the plate in a mixture of around 1 cup water to 1/2 teaspoon remover or a teaspoon of ordinary drain cleaner dissolved in two cups of water.
  7. Part of my 8 spoke Rim
  8. My original and replicated 1/16 Rim for my scratch building Caterham superlight R500 sport car

Tips to Buyer:

  • Dark areas of your negative artwork should be completely black and block all light.
  • Use the darkest setting on your printer.
  • For transparencies, it is also possible to print two copies and double them up.
  • A cheap alternative to printable overhead transparencies is Vellum or Tracing paper. They are easily printed on and virtually transparent to UV light.
  • Choose a light source that gives short exposure times. Keeping the light a set distance from the copper/PCB during exposure will give sharper more defined image.
  • For Beginner, it is necessary to do several tests to accommodate the characteristic of resist and build up skill.

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Photoresist Dry Film A5 X 10 + Developer For Diy Pcb & Photo Etched Pe:

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