Pick 3 Pick 4 Lottery Code Breaker By Angela Lester

Pick 3 Pick 4 Lottery Code Breaker By Angela Lester

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Pick 3 Pick 4 Lottery Code Breaker By Angela Lester :



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Lottery Code Breaker by Angela Lester
24/7 Instant DownloadNOW ONLY $12.49*!


If you want to become an instant Pick 3 or Pick 4
Lottery Winner in any US State AND Canada
that offers*both of these games...buythis book!
***Before you buy,
please make sure your State offers "BOTH" Pick 3 AND Pick 4
games in order to achieve winning results.

Scanned Winning Tickets before cashing!

You Can Double Check Maryland's
Past Winning Pick 3/Pick 4 Numbers for 2010
Click Here:




"New Daily Pick 3 Pick 4 Pattern Formula Part 2"
in the Video Library from the VIP Members Area at my website!

This is no joke! This is not a scam! This is the "real deal"!
If you want to win and you play the Pick 3 or Pick 4 LotteryGames in any of the US - States and now Canada, you really want to get this book!

Recent Testimonials from Customers...

My name is Bruce. I've been playing numbers for many years and have never received the instant wins that I've been able to get this past couple of months. Angela is right! Once you see the patterns revealed, your eyes are forever open. You will get better with mastering playing the system instead of the system playing you!

I was able to hit the Pick 3 Midday and Evening all on the same day! I was able to isolate two numbers and those two numbers played for me to hit on both plays! I'm averaging a hit up to 4 to 5 times in one month! Usually, it has been maybe that many times in a year...if I'm lucky. Heck, no need for luck here. Its just skill.

Thanks Angela for sharing your secret. I am forever grateful and am looking forward to joining the Membership Site when it's complete!

Bruce B., Silver Spring, MD


Hi Angela, what a rush! I've purchased all kinds of books and gadgets in the past and NONE have given me the results your book has shown me. I've hit the number several times in the month of June and I can't wait for the membership site to see more reveals! Thank You, Thank You!

Loren W., Philidelphia, PA


Holy Cow! I couldn't believe it! I caught a patternand hit the Pick 4 for $200 and I only spent $10!You Rock Angela!

RoyL., Washington, DC


Angela, I thought I knewevery angle there was to hit the number. Boy was I wrong. You showed me the light and now my eyes are open to winning more than I've been spending. I mean, I really spend like hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month trying to hit the number. Sometimes I would do okay; but, most times zelch! Notany more! I've hit this one Pick 3 number 4 timeslast month (July)! Each time I saw when itwas coming back and I was able tohit itStraight THREE TIMES!I've told everyone I know to get this book.Shucks, with all the sales I'm sending your way,you need to offer stock options. LOL! That's ok. I'm getting PAID!

C.Lancaster, Baltimore, MD


This Testimony is special because a month ago, Dan sent me an email stating how disappointed he was with buying my book. He went on to say he couldn't see any patterns whatsoever. I tried to help him by responding with some suggestions for his State of North Carolina and he ignored my emails--until today. Please readDan's Testimony.

Initially I looked at it, and saw nothing to indicate any patterns. About a week ago, I opened it up again and started charting the numbers. This time I did see patterns, and more than 1 actually. I had a least 1 straight hit/2 box hits for the pick 3, a box for the pick 4, AND a possible STRAIGHT for the Pick 4 on Sept 23 (645). 645 played on Sept 21 in the pick 3, and these same digits also played at other times through out the month. If I`m reading it correctly, 64 seemed to be the pattern that repeated itself, starting Sept. 4. I `m still looking it over, not playing just yet. However, you definitely are on to something here. I `m now anticipating you teaching more of these patterns. My hat is off to you, for being such a smart lady and being able to discover these.

What got me to looking again ,was your scanning the Sept winning tickets. You had quite a month, and it adds great credibility to your C., Candler, NC

UPDATE 10-31-10:
Dan's first HIT and Straight! $250
Dan was so excited, he sent a scanned
copy of his winning ticket!


Your system is great love it hit the number in two days. Lets work together on the system for the big games ie.pick 5 6 and mega games. I seen some interesting patterns through your system for the bigger games.

Larry H., Carneys Point, NJ


EXCELLENT I see the pattern.This is the best ever
and so easy. A must have....

Theresa G., Goodlettsville, TN


Hi, Angela, Iwon!Thanks for sharing your system with me. I bought the code breaker monday (11/08/10)and i won with it friday (11/12/10). I used the 1up 1dwn strategy, if i had played it str/bx i would have won $290, but i bx it instead. Won $40. Can't wait till the other strategy you talked about i want to learn that one to, and thanks for your time. ps that was south carolina lottery i hit...

David C., South Carolina

UPDATE From David C., South Carolina

Hi, Angela I won again! I hit 966 tonight (12/2) straight/box for $330 bucks that the first time i hit a number straight in a long time thanks for sharing your lotto strategy with me...sc lottery what i hit...


I Won! Angela November was the best month for me ever. What a Christmas me and my family will have. I had 6 hits with my very first hit 9478 Pick 4 straight $2,500!!! I won a total of $3200 for the month! I'm so excited and so grateful to have read your book!I can get everything on my shopping list. Thanks so much Angela. Your a genius! Happy Holidays!

Jan L. Chicago, Illinois


Reply by greg 3/18/2011 3:02:43 PM i purchased lottery code breaker on March 12 Saturday night. I read the ebook and i applied the strategy to the ohio lottery and Virginia lottery. Well I hit the pick 3 evening in Virginia and hit the Ohio lottery the very next night 080!!! I have tried many pick 3 systems this one never goes cold ever and it does work fantastic. Angela is an excellent teacher of this system. This system works fantastic in Ohio. I highly reccomend this system to anyone and throw the others out cause your just wasting money. I won 225 dollars in two days off this system and I didnt spend over 20 bucks on the drawings to hit. Thanks again for coming up with a terrific strategy!!!!![][][][][][]

On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 1:51 PM, wardell wrote: Good Morning How are you? I want to let you know your system work. I stay up all night from Midnight to 6am working on the chart and following your advice. I play the Pick 3 of the pair of 67 from using the Pick 4 Midday from yesterday (Sunday), then I back track the 321 or 320 or 32. I found 706 & 588. I know 58 been coming out a lot. 76 was due for a hit! I went with the 67 pair. I use your Run-Down method. I spend $10 for 10 numbers. I waited patiently biting my nails watching the TV for the Illinois Lottery at 12:40pm. When I seen 7 came as the first number I was okay, next, then I seen 3 as the second number, I was getting nervous. When the 6 appear, I scream so loud, I know the neighbors heard me. I won $40, I never won the lottery before. I always lost money with the Pick 3 until now. $40 is better than nothing. I will take that $40 and invested back into playing this week. Thank you again.[][][][][][]

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 12:11 AM, Mz. Kecia wrote: I met you briefly at the liquor store by the Giant, I've discovered something mind boggling about this lottery. What is the best way to reach you by email? Can you talk on the telephone? You gave me your business card that I have since lost. After speaking with you that day, I feel like I’ve been bitten by a Vampire! I can’t sleep nights up looking for patterns! I've been hitting off of hunches & researching the history..and just saw patterns from last Saturday.. I hit straight today in dc.....my first straight hit. 6940

On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 8:45 PM, Ebony wrote: I am very excited about using your product! I live in Philadelphia,PA. I have charted down all of the past winning numbers for this month and I must say I see exactly what you mean by patterns and sequences! There are quite a few of them. In a way it is like having all of these psychic powers but you don't know how to use them to your benefit. It can be very confusing at times.

On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Ebony wrote: ANGELA!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! A MIlLION THANKS!

I tried your improved pick 3 formula and let me tell you..... I won both straight and boxes for today's midday!!!!!!!!! This is the most money I have ever won! Thank you so much! OMG! Angela! Thank You! Ebony Sent from my iPod. [][][][][][]

Tyeece HIT THE MOTHER LOAD OF REPEAT HITS in #Georgia's Cash 4 Games! How excited I was to read her emails with pics of her winning tickets and cash receipts and the BIG $3K CHECK from the #Georgia Lottery Board!

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 7:20 PM, TYEECE M. wrote: I've used your system since Jan and I've had winning tickets but I've graduated to the Cash 4 and I'm doing well....thanks
7/07/2012 789 Str & Box
7/16/2012 1000 Str & 4 Boxes
7/18/2012 2172 - 3 Boxes

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 7:20 PM, TYEECE M wrote: I'm doing pretty good..thanks

The email subject line was "Check" and she modestly said "I'm doing pretty good". I'll say she is doing AWESOME! Check out the receipts from cashing in her tickets! In a couple of days she made out with over $5,000 in winning tickets!
$1,000 $1,200

More Testimonies are on our website!

Hi, my name is Angela Lester and I am the author of the book Lottery Code Breaker. The scanned winning tickets are my own. I recently wrote the book because of friends and family members asking "how is it you're able to "hit" the number all the time?"

It was hard trying to explain my methods, so I decided in May 2010 toexplain it all inthis book "Lottery Code Breaker". I wishI had scanned all tickets won, but, I didn't know at the time I would beselling my secrets to the public.

Since the book was published through Lulu.com, I've scanned most of mywinning tickets, except for a few, to show proof of winnings since the last week in May 2010.

As you can see, dateson each ticket is highlighted. By using the methods described in the book, I've successfully "hit" the number at least once a week. Most people aren't able to "hit" the number at all--I on the other handam an exception. You can be too!

I've uncovered, with each participatingUS-State that offers Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery Games,a systematic sequence of number patternsthat once revealed, you can foresee two of the Pick 3 numbers or 3 of the Pick 4 numbers and then I show you how to play them so you can win either their Midday or Evening numbers or BOTH Pick 3 and Pick 4 in the same day as I have done! I won both in a Midday Drawing--how awesome is that!

It works so well, I've been able to "hit" the number repeatedly! You can too! It wasn't until recent months I was able to master my "hits" to predictability! My book shows you what to look for, when to play, how to play, and what to play! This is the first edition, with another edition to be introduced as new patterns and number sequences are revealed.

The paperback book cost $19.98 plus shipping in another sale as well as on Sale at Lulu.Com, Amazon.Com and other online mediums. But, today you can get the Adbobe PDF for only $12.49. You may feel $20 is a lot of money for this information, but, you've spent this much and more on little so call "wonder" books, software, and the likes and have gotten no where! From what I've seen with what's being sold these days, its a bunch of fluff and you still need "luck" not "skill". What I've mastered requires "skill"--and, I don't believe in luck because luck is not a controlled act. When you study to become an expert at anything, you become the captain of your own destiny. This book teaches you to be skillful when playing the lottery system that will only get better every single play! And, the best part about it, is once your eyes are open and you've mastered the lottery system's process, you can use these skills for as long as Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery Games are offered!

Plus, with my new Membership Website, www.lotterycodebreaker.com, you'll have access to video illustrations revealing new patterns. The book only illustrates one of the patterns--the most important one. It is also the easiest one to learn and very lucrative. You must understand this pattern in order to move forward with the others. If you're not a "numbers" person, it can be very confusing.

However, with the video illustrations, you will be guidedto revealeach pattern with complete confidence and understanding. You will be able to see, in real-time, how to isolate these numbers to win! Once your eyes are open to how these patterns are generated each month, you too will be asked by your friends and family members--how is it you're able to "hit" the number so often too!

(KEEP YOUR PURCHASE RECEIPT FOR LIMITED FREE ACCESS TO OUR MEMBERSHIP SITE!! Go to the website after purchase to get more information on how to receive your Discount Code!)

I really want you to understand something...it's not teaching you how to trick or cheatthe system. No, on the contrary. You will be "Playing the System" instead ofIT playing you for all of your hard earn dollars. No longer will you be playing hunches randomly. You will be able to see, first-hand, if you're hunch number will play and when it will play! It will be like writing your own paycheck whenever dollars are needed for you and your family.

With your winnings, don't forget to spread the wealth! You will enjoy a chain reaction that keeps right on giving!

Get the book! We want to hear from you!Send your correspondence to sales@lotterycodebreaker.com Don't you think it's time you start "Celebrating" your Good Fortune? I do! Get started today!


No matter what hour of the day or night, it can be 2am, you canget an Instant Adobe PDF Download of Lottery Code Breaker in eBook Format with 30 Bonus Pages not offer in the Paperback for only $12.49!

You must follow these instructions.

1 - Click 's "Buy It Now" at the top of this page.

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Pick 3 Pick 4 Lottery Code Breaker By Angela Lester :

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