Pioneer Ct-f1250 Offer To Restore Your Cassette Deck

Pioneer Ct-f1250 Offer To Restore Your Cassette Deck

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Pioneer Ct-f1250 Offer To Restore Your Cassette Deck:


Why spent 450+ Dollars on an IFFY deck when you can have your own unitFACTORY SPEC RESTORED for a mere 325 DOLLARS

And ... FULLY Guaranteed forTWO whole Years

The full set of: How to RESTORE your CT-F1250 Instructional DVD's is supplied with the

RESTORATION. This gives you a 3.5 hours viewinginsight of what this RESTORATION is all about.

This alone is a$100.00 Value

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This much sought after gem of the dim anddistant past is often seen on , and here is some sound advice from the European Master Technician: Be aware!!! These adds typically state something like "The lights work and the tape runs", or "no fast forward and rewind, but a few belts will do the trick", with a link to a belt seller.

Be careful, this machine requires an extraordinary experienced technician to bring it up to specs. One of the reasons why the ff/rew does not work after30 years of playing is, that the rubber tire hardens caused by free radical attack, and consequently loses its friction properties. Yet another reason is, that the rubber belt between the ff/rewind motor, and an idler shaft stretches, and that is not all folks, the tire on the idler wheel needs replacement.

So here are already not one, but three reasons to have this problem, and you know what, there is only one single belt in this ff/rew mechanism, and of course a motor, and...guess what, this ff/rew motor needs to be taken apart, as well in order that the bearings can be lubricated, and the commutator machined andpolished, the brushes reshaped and the centrifugal switches in the regulator be adjusted.

Yet the guys who try to sell you these units say: "Replace the belts, and that will cure it" Of course there are other belts, like the capstan belt that drives the left hand dual capstan, and there is one counter belt. By the way, all of these I will replace and... Not with the Taiwanese El-Cheapo belts, but...with American precision ground Highly Dimensionally Stable belts, and idlers costing Wholesale 3 times the price of these cheap advertised belts, and idlers! Why such belts you may ask? Well it lowers Wow & Flutter. I have the instruments and test cassettes to measure it!

Moreover if you look at the armature (a part of the ff/rew motor), you also see a before and after view of the commutator. You see the shining difference. Technicians as a rule never repair motors, they just replace them, but unfortunately, these motors are no longer available and need servicing. Your run of the mill tech gives up at this point and says "sorry but trash it".

Well to make a long story even longer, this unit was completely overhauled for one of my repair customers, and then the unit was calibrated, and brought up to snuff, and finally tested for a full week to make sure that there were no hidden problems left. I have done hundreds of these machines, and can promise you that you have a gorgeous unit when I am done with it. It is not without reason that people call me the finicky "European Master Technician"

To give you a taste how I go about disassembling your unit, click on the following YouTube link:

to TouTube and put "CT-F1250" in the search engine. You find me near the top listings!


April 20, 2013

Im shocked! I just got around to plugging in the 1250 you restored for me last summer.Youll remember, I purchased a 1250 off as a spare to use till the original deck got fixed and sent back to me.It cost $700. and advertised "replaced the belts".Well yesterday I thought I would pull the deck you fixed out and fire it up. I was able to compare 35 year old cassettes played on either machine. I knew you were gonna tear the motors apart,etc,but I had no idea you would make such a dramatic difference in the play-back. Holy shit! Those old cassttes sound for all intents and purposes as good or maybe even BETTER THAN CDS!. Im astonishedthat you got so much TREBLE out of those old 30 year old circuits. God bless you Thomas. youre one in a million. I really appreciate the effort. One day soon I will be sending you this other 1250 for you to fix. I cant seem to give you a comment on the response right now, But I have a feeling you are neck-deep in machines in need of repairs anyway, You really ARE that good. Bill

February 11, 2013

Dear euromastertech,

Hi Thomas. Received the 1250 and it is perfect! The sound is beautiful and the unit functions like a gem. I am very happy and I would like to know how to leave a message with you that other people can see. Thanks again! Best Regards, Chris Pavlick, aka, nutballpepper.

- nutballpepper

January 7, 2013

Hello Tom,

Fist let me wish you and your family the very best for the New Year 2013!

I received the CT-F1000 this past Friday. Thankfully it arrived undamaged.

I would like to thank you very much for the excellent work you did on this machine.

I performs like it was brand new! The transport is great and the sound quality is fantastic.

I have not had it run like this for over 10 years and the work you did was superb.

I can even play cassettes that for years just would not run because of the worn tape transport.

Now I can start transferring all my old cassettes.

Sometime in the next few months I will send you my CT-F9191 and the RT-707 for rebuild.

Just one thing.

Canada Customs made a mistake and marked the papers indicating that I had bought this item from you. Consequently they charged me import taxes. The USPS papers correctly stated that this was a repaired cassette deck.

I will call Canada customs tomorrow for a refund and depending on what they tell me I might need you to send me a declaration stating that you had repaired my unit.



December 10, 2012

Dear euromastertech,

Hi tom thank you for fixing my pioneer ct-f1250 it works great now.sounds like new to you again some time.thank you,jim.

- bigred21055

February 23, 2011

anyone who uses or has a reel to reel recorder, should know about tom.i have two 909s that he rebuilt, and what a wonderful job. these units are better now then when they were studio is whole again thanks tom,,skip franco

February 6, 2011

Tom,Just checking in. I have my cassette deck back and played it all weekend. I have to let you know your workmanship and expertise are second to none. When I first saw your ad on I didn't give it much thought. I had a local "expert" that was going to tune up my Pioneer CT-F1000 for me. I was very anxious to get the deck back and add to my collection of vintage equipment. The local tune up did not work out so well. After that, I decided to talk to you about your service. After our discussion, I knew that you were the person I was looking for. I would like to thank you for your professional, courteous service. I couldn't be happier with the performance of my cassette deck. I feel very fortunate to have found a person that still has the old world craftsmanship that you have. It was a pleasure doing business with you.Best Regards,Pat O
Novi, MI

January 22, 2011

If you want the perfect deck from the perfectseller you need to ask euromastertech. This guy (Tomas) is the number 1 in pionner decks. I bought one from him completed restored and the deck works like it came fron the factory. You can deal with him because he is very serious about the service he offer. He is a trusted person. Difficult to find in this days. Thanks Tomas for make my day.
Ivan S.

November 27, 2010

After approx. 12 years of neglect (30 years+ of possession!) andmoves from Montreal to Toronto (Canada), and then toMesa (AZ), I decided to revive mydear old Pioneer CT-F1000 deck - by now totally dead! But being apiece of nostalgia and great emotional attachment (and rather expensive in its prime), I hesitated to entrust the deckto a "yellow page specialist". However, the internet agesaved the day: I found Tom on , and, as they say, the rest is history. Tom performed miracles on my CT-F1000, restoring it FULLY to its former glory, all for what I would say a most reasonable fee. What's the price of regaining the enjoymentof hundreds of carefully recorded (w. Dolby on CrO2) old cassesttes... I kept them all!

Sofor all you (lucky!) owners of top of the line Pioneer cassette decks in need ofrepair (or even only a thorough maintenance job) Tom Possche is the address - I can't recommend him highly enough! Thorough European craftmanship & attention to detail is alive and well in Utah!

Joseph Varadi, Mesa AZ 85204

November 15, 2010

Hi Tom just checking in with you to let you know that I received my RT 909 last Friday and immediately set it up when I brought it home. I must say that you did a fantastic job getting the deck back up and running. I’ve been using it all weekend and I must admit that this thing performs amazingly. I haven’t recorded with it yet but I expect that the results will be the same. I’ll follow up with you when I do.

Also I wanted to thank you for the video tutorials you sent. Great job on this. I now know how much work actually goes into the restoration of these machines. Thanks for all your help with both my CT F1250 and the RT 909. Both of these machines are working superbly thanks to your expertise and diligence.

I’m now considering sending you my PL 1000 linear tracking turntable. Let me know if this is also a job you can tackle. Great Job and thanks for everything. You do excellent work and I would recommend your services to anyone that’s considering having their equipment repaired.


August 6, 2010

Hi Thomas--I received the unit today and its gorgeous in all respects.

The sound quality on pre-recorded and newly recorded tapes is fantastic--the unit is as close to perfection as one could imagine.

Thank you for the great communication and the attention to service. My highest compliments!


Michael Murphy

1604 Masters Way

Chadds Ford, PA 19317

July 3,2010

Thomas here is a testimonial on the repair work you did on my CT F-1250. I hope you might find this helpful. Still loving this cassette deck and using it regularly. Looks great in the rack also and I'd like to get my RT 909 working and mounted with it.

I also wanted to follow up on our conversation from last month on my RT 909. I finally received the pinch rollers and capstan belt and installed them in the deck.HoweverI was dissappointed to find out thecapstan motor would notturn. Thinking that maybe the micro switches in the tension arms might not be allowing power to flow to the motor, I dismantled, cleaned and re-lubed the damping mechanisms using 10,000 CST silicone fluid. Still no power to the capstan motor so I was thinking that maybe the motor needs a re-build like the CT F1250 did. Anyway I wanted to pack up the deck and send it off to you but I want to make sure you still have time and stillwant to do the work before I do.

By the way I used this tutorial and a service manual to help me with the tension arms and thought you might want to take the time to read it. This guy is a former Pioneer technician and does restoration work on Pioneer equipment now. I found this to be a pretty good write up on the RT 909 with detailed photo's to go with it. It's pretty long but very interesting.


Anyway let me know if you can get to my reel to reel as I also have a PL 630 and a PL 1000 turntables that I need work on, so I have plenty of work for you. Call me if you'd like to discuss by phone ok?

thanks and best regards,

Ed Rials

Arlington TX

Feb 10, 2010


Received the Pioneer CT-F1250 Cassette Deck after your complete overhaul, it works perfectly, like new, I'm very happy I choose your repair service!

This cassette deck, one of many that I own, is special to me because I grew up overseas and this Cassette deck was ahead of its time, I could not afford it then

it was over a $1,000.00 but I finally purchased the unit years ago, and its extremely hard to find a repair person with the back ground you have in repairing

audio Equipment, but now thats solved,in the future you will be the Technician for all my all audio equipment repairs.

Thank you Tom.

Best wishes for continued success

Kindest regards,

Mr. Bill Page

Sep 27, 2009

This is really not a question, you worked on my CT-F1250 about 4 years ago, I had it serviced twice before I mailed it to you from Florida. This deck is working fantastically , it rivals CD in performance and low noise, since you fixed it. It had a lot of noise problems and problems with the transport mechanism. I just want to say thank you, and I hope you stay in business for a long time,you are the real thing my friend.

Sep 19, 2009

Hi my name is jack and I had my Pioneer CT-F900 repaired buy this man and I can tell you he knows what he is doing. Very nice to do business with and his work is outstanding, and the price is well worth it for the work he does. Check out this siteLINK REMOVED NO LONGER ALLOWED BY if you need to see for yourself .. member Jacksixxx......

2004 / 2005

"Hello, I am impressed by your sincerity and your obvious skill as a craftsman. I expect to offer on a 1250 in the very near future. May I have the seller send it directly to you for restoration and pay you when you receive it and begin work? This would be much more efficient than my looking at it and then sending it on to you. Also, I have a Pioneer TX-9800 that needs you work on tuners? An honest and trustworthy technician is a great find and I feel strongly from your writing that I have found one in you. Best regards, Donald Edwardson"

May be you are contemplating... to buy a "good deal" on , but are hesitant because the unit has mechanical or electrical flaws. Rests assure, we can take this "Fear" out of the equation. All you have to do now is take your unit out of your sound system, or from the basement or the closet. Pack it in a single sturdy carton surrounded by a two-inch layer of large size bubble wrap, and take it to FedEx ground also known as Kinko (they are the fastest, friendliest, cheapest and most courteous people on the surface of our planet).

For a Video of How I go aboutLINK REMOVED NO LONGER ALLOWED BY your unit click on the link.

If you are still not convinced yet, that I really do what I am saying, why not contact me at 801-824-5811with whatever question is on your mind. I am very friendly and totally, service oriented. I have been in this line of work for 58 years so I can say this with a great deal of authority.

One more thing I should mention here: I guarantee my repairs with an "UnconditionalTwo Year Warranty" on labor and parts that have been replaced


Ignore the information about shipping. These were meant for purchase transactions. Since the unit needs to be shipped to me and back to you again; you need to arrange for shipping to me, the shipping back to you is calculated by 's algorithm and included in the purchase price.If you have any questions about that call me at 801-824-5811

Again I had to put something in the postal fields otherwise the program that uploads the advertising would NOT let me upload it. What I put into these fields is not really relevant to this unique situation. I hope you and I are on the same logical level.


Pioneer Ct-f1250 Offer To Restore Your Cassette Deck:

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