Pneumatic~~jack In The Box~~ Halloween Prop Automated Clown Circus Scary Jib For Sale

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In this sale you are offerding on one Horror-Fans Love Halloween Inc.(Custom Made!)
PNEUMATIC JACK IN THE BOX!Description: This prop is for all of you circus fans out there that would like to scare the daylights out of your trick or treaters! The crank turns and unleashes the loud demonic clown hiding inside that is sure to send a shock to anyone that is a witness to the action of this prop!
*This prop can be used in professional applications as well as the standard home haunt!
*This prop has been built with all brand new parts and has been re-inforced to scare night after night!*The only one of its kind on !*This prop measures FOUR FEET TALL BY FOUR FEET WIDE!

*below is a quick preview of the inner workings of this IS INCLUDED(and pre-installed)

(1) Pre-programmed, CUSTOM ART WORK Jack in the box as shown in the video

  • Jack in the box runs off (2) pneumatic cylinders mounted on both sides of the box,
  • (1) monster guts nerve center that is capable of (6) different animations (instruction manual will be provided)
  • (1) solenoid to control air direction
  • Motion sensor


  • sound system (a simple connection to any sound system via an aux chord will connect the prop requires an air compressor capable of delivering/holding at least 80 pounds of light(OPTIONAL)
  • red light(OPTIONAL)
  • fog machine(OPTIONAL)
  • fog juice(OPTIONAL)
*SPECIAL GIFT! if item sells for over $2000, an original used tin Mattel Jack in the box from the 1970's that this prop was inspired by will be included at no extra charge!
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*Great Quality! Looks AWESOME!*Built to LAST! What it is made of
  • Made from (5) strong, re-inforced plywood panels (their is no bottom panel to reduce the overall weight)
  • (2) new double acting pneumatic cylinders
  • (1) solenoid
  • Durable BEHR red +primer paint that will be durable in any weather!

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