Policeman Björn Eriksson Is Interviewed In Svd's "against The Wall" - Vintage Ph

Policeman Björn Eriksson Is Interviewed In Svd's

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Policeman Björn Eriksson Is Interviewed In Svd's "against The Wall" - Vintage Ph:


Policeman Björn Eriksson is interviewed in SvD's "Against the Wall" - Vintage photo

Size of photo 9.3" x 11.5"

Id: 1065335

Björn Eriksson official Björn Gustaf Eriksson, born December 7, 1945 in Stockholm, [1] is a Swedish official who, among other things, has been a national policeman and governor in Östergötland County in 1996-2009.Eriksson graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in 1968. He then served at the Ministry of Finance / Ministry of Finance, Secretary of State 1969-1976, Ministry of Education 1977-1981 and Budget Head 1981-1983. He was then General Director and Chief of Customs and Coast Guard 1983-1988 and the National Police 1988-1996. In 1988 Eriksson was appointed chairman of the World Customs Organization. Eriksson was also president of Interpol 1994-1996. After this period, he was appointed honorary president for the first time in the history of the organization and retained the title.

2018-03-09-u - 80 Björn Eriksson, Rikspolischef Sverige
2018-03-09-u - 80 1989.07.28 7/28/1989

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Policeman Björn Eriksson Is Interviewed In Svd's "against The Wall" - Vintage Ph:

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