February Sale 2017 Sale Only Until 2.28.17 - Photo Booth Normally $6499

February Sale 2017 Sale Only Until 2.28.17  - Photo Booth Normally $6499

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February Sale 2017 Sale Only Until 2.28.17 - Photo Booth Normally $6499 :

SnapFlash Traditional Photo Booth

The Photo Booth Features:

22" Anti Glare Touch Screen Black and White, Color, Sketch, Painting, Sepia and more print choices for your clients!
Canon Digital DSLR Camera - the NEW CANON T5 Camera (option to upgrade to Canon T5i available for video)
Complete Customization of designs, templates, main screen and more
Green Screen built in the system
Full Social Media Features including Facebook, Emailing of Photos and free Ipad App to send pictures to any cell phone and mobile devices!
Remote Support - (includes emergency log into your booth at the event 7 days, 8am-3am - no additional cost*
Optical Quality Lenses
Road Tough Road Case Design - built to last!
Internal lighting for maintenance so your not fumbling around in the dark.
Fully integrated CPU Unit Air Cooled - 1.8ghz dual core, 4 GB DDR ram, 500 GB hard Drive
DNP DS RX1HS Thermal printer with the largest capacity of 1,200 strips per single roll
WIFI built in - connect to any device from your booth - hot spots, routers, Bluetooth and more
Backdrop kit included
No loose cables or flimsy cheap laptops installed here - all wiring and circuitry is fully hard wired into the booth;
ONE switch and the booth boots up - everything starts at the flick of ONE switch only!
You can receive this at 5pm one day and take it out on your first event 10 minutes later - its that simple!
All parts carry a 12 month manufacturers guarantee
We guarantee the photo booth for 12 months!
Plus you receive our lifetime exchange loan program - if any part goes wrong out of warranty we will loan you a part within 24-48 hours and all you pay is shipping so you will never have to cancel a event

**FREE website designed for your photo booth! worth over $500!
**FREE website hosting for your photo booth website on our server for 6 months! worth over

Have Questions?

Contact Us on (Toll Free) 1 888 364 2735

SnapFlash Photo Booths LLC

Dimensions of Booth:

  • Height of each case is 36 inches

  • Width of each case is 23 inches

  • Depth of top case is 11 1/2 inches

  • Depth of bottom case is 15 1/2 inches

  • When you lock both together the become one case with tip wheels and measure height @ 36 inches, Width @ 23 inches and depth @ 27 inches

Weight of the Booth:

  • Top section 45 lbs

  • Bottom Section 62 lbs

Components of the photo booth (there is no parts to fit - it is all comletely built)

  • 1 complete photo booth fully operational and licensed;

  • Top and bottom sections of the booth;

  • Brand New Idea Center CPU unit with Windows 7 fully licensed, and additional software installed;

  • Photo Booth software and help files and PDF manuals.

  • Brand New Canon T5 camera

  • Brand New Flash, hot shoe and cabling.

  • Brand new ambient lighting fixtures.

  • Brand New 22 inch touch screen monitor

  • Brand New DNP RXHS1 dye sub printer

  • All software upgrades free for life

  • Curtain surround and fittings

  • All cables fitted and secured

  • Remote Support and telephone support for life

  • Tutorials to learn the booth - 12 tutorials live connect

  • 12 Month Guarantee

***Not Included in this package***


This Photo Booth sells for over $6500 with other Photo Booth Manufacturers!

***Our components are BRAND NEW and NOT refurbished like many other photo booths on sale***

Shipped to you within 21 business days of your order

***Also note that you do not have to buy the photo booth paper from us at high prices or are locked into any contract with us for supplies unlike other photo booths manufacturers on the market that install special codes in the photo booth that makes you only buy supplies from them at outrageous prices!

*** Also note that this booth has no old fashioned arcade style push buttons like other photo booth manufacturers - we use touch screen technology only!

I GUARANTEE that you will be earning in the region of $900 to $1500 per event for four hours when you buy this photo booth!

I will guide you, help you and teach you how to make in excess of ...wait for it......$36,000.00 dollars per year with this photo booth for only a couple of days work each week!

Imagine having 3 photo booths like this and earning in excess of....$100,000.00 dollars per year! Yes 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS per year if you own three photo booths!

I am SnapFlash Photo Booths CEO Kevin Colangelo.

Recent SnapFlash Photo Booth owners:

Clients who have purchased this Photo Booth:

***Denotes purchased 2 booths or more

  1. Jocelyn Brown, Berlin, New Jersey***

  2. Jeff Arnold, California

  3. Clarence Whitfield, Michigan

  4. Colette Williams, Michigan***

  5. Troy Scott, Alabama

  6. Aaron Thomas, Ohio

  7. Ron Neseth, Nebraska

  8. Fernando Gonzalez, Florida

  9. Carla McKenzie, Mississippi

  10. Edin Spahic, Brooklyn, New York

  11. Don Jewell, North Carolina

  12. Whirlin Disc DJ's, Buffalo, New York***

  13. Johnny Murillo, California

  14. Joe Avelar, Rhode Island

  15. Luis Burgos, Texas

  16. Donna James, Pennsylvania

  17. Grandslam DJs, Novato, California

  18. Ryan Stahl, Pennsylvania***

  19. Juan Garcia, Harlington, Texas

  20. James Lau, San Francisco, California

  21. Forrest Stangel, Encino, California

  22. Mark Wortman, Gustine, California

  23. Lynda Guy, Iowa***

  24. Lynne Whiddon, Georgia

  25. Marc Julian, Georgia

  26. Mark Houghten, Florida

  27. Patricia Paul, New Hampshire

  28. Ramon Alvarado, Texas

  29. Vincent Perricone, Connecticut

  30. Cesar Saldana, Texas

  31. Velma Herra, Texas

  32. Michelle Schuman, Missouri***

This is the most outstanding quality built unit I have ever come across. The actual photo box / booth is well made and designed. The components are first class and high quality.

My first impression of the curtain was minimal but after using the booth I have since decided it is excellent for transporting and is idea for handicap use. I have absolutely no complaints of the unit as a whole.

SERVICE: OUTSTANDING!!!! Kevin took the time to train my wife and I how to use the unit is a straight forward method.
I would recommend Kevin and his photobooth business to everyone. He is the real deal. I hope to order a second unit in a couple of months. I am sooooo glad I did not go with a knock off or other internet option. KEVIN is the owner and not a sales person. THIS IS SOOO EVIDENT in the product.

Ron Neseth

(308) 380-9097

Sample Strip from the SnapFlash Photo Booth advertised here! - High quality and great exposure - no darkness or blurred photos like other low quality photo booths!

This photo booth prints double copy's automatically cutting them within 10 seconds!

Reviews From Our Clients:

A few weeks ago my fiancé and I decided to check out the photo booth rental business. We scoured the internet for for a few days and found a couple we were interested in , and made some calls , we received a call from Kevin from Snapflash the next day.
When we spoke to Kevin the first time he explained to us all the pro and cons to the business , explaining how to go about setting one up and making this business thrive , he spoke to me for an hour and not once mentioned weather I wanted to buy or not , instead he told me to look around online and compare other booths to his, i felt like i was talking to a friend rather than a salesman.
The next day we ordered the booth and received it a couple weeks later, after we opened the the booth and checked out the quality of the work put into it , you could tell these are built for each customer , not just thrown together, the day we got it we called Kevin , and he responded that night and spent 3 hours on phone with me helping to set it up and run through the booth with me via the internet , he logged right in from his laptop and showed me step by step how to run the booth. Talking with Kevin I can tell that he really enjoys this business and helping people get into it.
We had our first event Sat April 27, 2013 and it was amazing , people loved the booth , especially how classy it looked .
We want to thank you Kevin for all the support from the beginning and we know you will be there for us in the future. We feel like we gained a true friend in you , and like you said " We are all brothers and sisters that just haven't met yet" .
P.S. The 3 other companies we called about booths still haven't even called us back and it's been 5 weeks !!!
Steve and Patty
Smiling Images Photo Booths
Nashua, NH

Steve Ondus
(603) 320-5822

I HIGHLY recommend SnapFlash Photobooths. My husband & I were contemplating starting our photo booth business for a little while then found Kevin. Beyond a shadow of a doubt we made the right decision by choosing SnapFlash. Kevin walks you through everything there is to know to own and operate your own photobooth business. He set up all the computer programs and even designed our website. We purchased our booth several months ago and to this day he is always there when we have a question. I feel confident you won't find anyone out there with this kind of service and support not to mention the high quality of the booths themselves. I personally know we could not do it without all Kevin's help. :)

Donna/Ed James

(570) 735-5842

My wife and I rented a photo booth for our early last summer. There is not much competition in our area and the guy we used was good, but booked up for months. I work as a tax accountant and have some free time for a side business outside tax season. I talked to my wife about going into the photo booth business and I started researching the different photo booth options online. I researched for several months and read a lot of websites. Snap Flash Photo Booths jumps out and is a great value and very high quality product. I liked all the extra features they add and the professionalism. I have had several long talks with Kevin, and he has been great in getting us started and getting our photo booth business up and running. We have had several tutorial sessions and still in the process of getting everything completed. Kevin takes you step by step to make sure you understand everything needed and to make sure you are successful. Kevin is also there to answer any questions you need. We are still very early in the process, but have not regretted our decision for one second knowing we found the best option out there for our photo booth business. Pull the trigger you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to message me.

Troy Scott

(256) 679-3894

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for going above and beyond with your assistance last night. All I was looking for was a quick tutorial on using the Photo Booth and instead what you provided was a complete install, configuration, and set up of the booth! All that’s left to do now is make money. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You saved me many hours of work. It is very refreshing to witness such acts of kindness and generosity. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Thanks again for exceeding my expectations!


Fernando Gonzalez

Miami Photo Booth Party

Tel. (305) 401-0527


I wanted to personally write and say "Thank You" for the fantastic photo booth. Our transaction was smooth, fast and simple. The end product was a high quality booth and valuable insight from you on how to operate it in a fully functional manner. Your level of customer service is unparalleled to any other company we consulted. We are so glad that we decided to invest in this business and with your expertise, we've received so many quote requests from potential clients that we're already discussing the need to hire additional staff. Wow!If you ever need a referral, send your potential client to me as I can assure you they will find this to be the easiest and best transaction for a photo booth business.
Thanks again!

Jocelyn Lewis, Event Coordinator

Phunky Sound Entertainment, LLC

811 Church Rd.

Suite 105

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002



I wanted to write and say "Thank You" for the great photo booth. I am so pleased with it from the price, to how it was shipped, and of course aesthetic and ease of use. I am now embarrassed to say that I was so nervous and guarded that this was to good of a deal to be true. From not personally seeing the booth or knowing either of you, I kept waiting to make a decision afraid the rug was going to be pulled out from me if I did. I literally talked to Kevin in September 2013 and did mass comparison and research all the way until I made my order with him in December 2013. I wish I wouldn’t of waited so long because I missed out on a corporate gig willing to pay me $800 for a couple hours of work if I had my booth all ready. The booth is super easy to use and I love that if I have any questions, that they provide their personal cell phone. This is a great booth. You will make money and I promise you that you will not regret buying from these guys.

Thank you for helping me become an entrepreneur. This may be one of the smartest things I ever did!

Jason Govier



I purchased 2 SnapFlash Model 3 photo booths and I wanted to tell everyone how fantastic this company is!

My first booth came on time and was great!, and the support after it is nothing like I have ever witnessed.

My second photo booth order was amazing to say the least - the President Kevin actually delivered himself personally because he was in Michigan at the time...wow!

He came to my home and set up the photo booth and spent about 5 hours with me...totally amazing!

Since then SnapFlash Photo Booths have done something totally unexpected and beyond what I could imagine.....they actually built a website free for me and helped me with advertising free ( I was quoted about 2000 dollars by website designers just to build a website) ......I am blessed and cannot say enough words or praise that compares or describes my experience with them...totally blown away!

Contact me via the website they built for me


Collette Williams

Michigan's Fun Photo Booths

“We are very pleased with our photo booth and the professionalism of the SnapFlash company. They were diligent it getting the photo booth to us on time for our holiday party and it was a big hit with our team members. SnapFlash is a top-notch company and we will continue to do business with them for supplies and training.”

Jeff Arnold


San Pablo Casino

13255 San Pablo Ave

San Pablo, CA 94806

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February Sale 2017 Sale Only Until 2.28.17 - Photo Booth Normally $6499 :

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